How to Get Away With Murder Recap 10/04/18: Season 5 Episode 2 “Whose Blood is That?”

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday, October 4, 2018, episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 5 episode 2 “Whose Blood is That?,” as per the ABC synopsis,  “Annalise preps to defend her first class-action plaintiff and adjusts to the politics of the new job. Meanwhile, Frank is suspicious of Gabriel and does some investigating of his own, and Asher complicates Bonnie’s new life away from Annalise.”

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How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM) begins tonight with everyone dancing at Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) and Oliver Hampton’s (Conrad Ricamora) wedding and Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil) carrying a baby in the chilly snow; just as Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) slaps Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) in the coat room.

2 ½ months earlier, Bonnie is busy packing up Christopher’s nursery, when Frank walks in. He admits he is sad and lonely. He misses the little guy, saying he needs to get out and make new friends. It’s moving day for Annalise as well, who excitedly confesses she earned this. Oliver attempts to feed the baby, who only wants his mom, Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza). She promises Oliver she will have a childcare this week.

Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) yells at Oliver for putting his work shirt in with her laundry and now owes her a new blouse. Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) sarcastically tells Michaela to hurry up so she’s not late for class, she bites back about the class he didn’t get into. He insists he is over it, as he has a plan B that will make them all jealous.

Nate Lahey (Billy Brown) learns the DNA sample comes from DC and the US Organization for Missing Children. He goes there to investigate. Meanwhile, Frank continues to meet Gabriel Maddox (Rome Flynn) to play basketball; he pretends to grab some water but is unable to clone the phone because he has the wrong cord. Gabriel leaves before he can come up with an alternative plan.

Emmett Crawford (Timothy Hutton) is at Annalise’s class to keep an eye on the firm’s investment. She reveals who their enemies are for the lawsuit, including the Governor and each other, as they fight for the top prize of the class; pointing out who Mr. Crawford is. The students each take turns reveals who their clients are, and why they are in prison. She wants them to know what their strategies would be, trying to see which one has the best one. Michaela feels that Annalise picked her because of what she did to Simon but Annalise says this is actually a death penalty case – but no pressure!

Jillian (Deborah Geffner) hands Nate paperwork, saying without a signature from the acting district attorney, he will not get the file.

Frank arrives, Oliver tells him he is just in time for patty-cake. Oliver wants him to take over but Frank wants him to show him how to clone a flip phone; he informs him it is impossible. While Michaela is working on her take down; Laurel learns Christopher got rejected from another daycare, Connor advises her to reconsider marrying Frank.

No one volunteers to help Michaela as they all want to win the money; except Gabriel who says this isn’t about money, this is about genocide and people are messed up if they are worried about the prize right now. Tegan Price (Amirah Vann) walks in the room, but quickly exits when Michaela calls her by her first name. She storms into Annalise’s office saying it is bad enough she let Michaela back into the building, but Laurel Castillo?

Annalise suggests they are grown ass women and they should stop killing each other and work well together. Laurel comes in and thanks her, but Tegan calls her stupid and orders her never to speak to her again. Annalise tells her to not worry as Tegan hates her too. Laurel asks Annalise if she can ask Emmett if Christopher can go to the firm’s daycare? She tells her to figure it out on her own.

DA Miller asks Bonnie out on a date, she declines using the excuse that he is auditioning for Denver’s position. Asher walks in, asking for an internship; Bonnie tells him to stop acting so entitled by asking a friend for a help and get a job.

Annalise and her team help their first client with her appeal. Annalise tells Michaela not to get cocky as she questions their client’s former lawyer Mr Donaldson. The prosecution brings up evidence that proves Ms Sharep was straight and knew her gay marriage was a fraud; both Michaela and Annalise look at their client, shocked that she hid her previous marriage from them. Annalise angrily confronts her about hiding that she was married to a man and now the judge thinks she is a liar.

Michaela demands the truth and she reveals that at first it was a marriage of convenience, but it did become real. She says her marriage was the most real thing she has ever known. Annalise wants to change the strategy, but Michaela says it is her case insisting she isn’t Bonnie and Annalie can’t bully her and bullying is the reason everyone leaves her. Gabriel asks Connor and Laurel who Bonnie is. Oliver suddenly appears and Laurel wants to know who is with the baby?

Frank pretends Christopher is his kid when a woman comes outside, and says his ex left him with the kid and needs help with the stroller. Miller wants to know about Annalise from Bonnie, saying he knows all about Bonnie, and she already makes him really comfortable. He likes her face a lot. Bonnie leans in and kisses him.

Emmett asks about her case and gives her the first C&G case, its a psychopath CEO. She puts down the file, saying it is not a good case for her, but Emmett disagrees. He reveals the Governor’s aide called him and he took her side so now its her turn to take his side. She said in order for her to succeed, she needs to take cases she cares about.

Laurel is grateful for Frank taking Christopher and promises she will have daycare soon. The stranger woman, Elise comes down the stairs saying Laurel’s baby is so cute. Frank tells Laurel she doesn’t get to be mad that he is banging some stranger while her baby is in the house since they did it all the time. Laurel storms off.

Annalise calls Bonnie, who is attempting to get dressed after her and Miller have sex; the two agree to meet for dinner tomorrow. Michaela is trying to get the group to focus as Connor and Oliver wonder if their client is bisexual. Gabriel finds this all interesting, especially learning that Michaela was engaged to a bisexual man; but won’t share anything about himself. Conner begins to call Gabriel “Gayby”. Michaela hopes Oliver found something against Josh and Hannah. He says he hasn’t and is going to find a snack, revealing he has the right to be petty after the case they are working on – a gay immigrant.

Asher chases DA Miller for a job, who feels he is a stalker. He looks for “Summertop” who isn’t in the office and leaves. Asher spots his speech about Interim DA. Nate reads Bonnie’s testimony about being abuse from the councilman and the baby supposedly being dead after being in labor. Bonnie comes into his office and reveals she slept with miller. She admits she likes him but Annalise will think she is such an idiot; he questions whether it will be Annalise or her who thinks that?

Oliver finds Josh made monthly payments to an all-white racist group. Michaela wants to put him on the stand and make him crack; Annalise agrees with Michaela as this has just turned into a murder trial. Annalise leaves it in Michaela’s hands and she ultimately gives first chair to Annalise, who calls Josh to the stand.

Laurel sits with Christopher, saying she would ask Uncle Frank to babysit but not if he would sleep with strange ladies. She doesn’t want to use him as a shoulder to cry on. Laurel messages Oliver, promising this is the last time she needs him to watch the baby.

Annalise questions Josh about the website and barfly22; whom he insists he doesn’t know. He says they have freedom of speech, so it doesn’t matter. She wants him to verify that his cellphone, GPS and cameras will prove he was nowhere near the site where his mother was ran over with the car. He suddenly changes his tone saying the Public Defender was right about her and she is a stain on this country, just like her – pointing at Ms Sharep.

Outside the courtroom, Gabriel says that was epic. Oliver comments that Gabriel is a sports fan and definitely straight. Gabriel gets a call, learning his roommate is kicking him out. Oliver suggests they can kick Michaela out and he can move in. Conner says he has taken enough time being vindictive and walks off.

Annalise informs their client that Josh is being charged with first degree murder and she is being released with her green card being reinstated. She thanks God and Annalise, hugging her. Annalise says it was a team effort. Annalise says she doesn’t owe Hannah anything but she says she is alone too. Hannah says “Mom would be so ashamed.” She reassures her that she would be of Josh, not her.

Annalise tells Michaela that she did good, knowing what she didn’t know and that is what grown ups do. Asher tells DA Miller his speech is going to tank as he sounds like Denver’s bitch boy. He has to distance himself from Denver and show himself as his own man. He hires Asher on a trial basis and Asher tells Bonnie, “Not bad for a Millenial, huh?”

Emmett asks Tegan if she knew that Jorge’s daughter was working there. She pretends she didn’t as he says that Laurel knows who ratted out her father; Laurel smirks at Tegan through the window. She tells her it was her mother, saying she is probably in witness protection and would hate if her family were to ruin another person’s life.

Laurel comes home to the group where she tells everyone that Tegan got Christopher into the C&G daycare, suggesting that Tegan likes her. Oliver admits to Michaela that he put his purple shirt in with her whites on purpose and they want her to be their other best person. She agrees only if she can pick her own outfit.

Nate meets with DA Miller, who signs papers. He distracts him from the last form by telling him that Bonnie really likes him, but be sure to be a good guy because she deserves it.

Annalise smiles as she is happy she won her first appeal. Emmett reminds her that he is the boss and from now on she is to tell him everything, including who is working there. She is going to do any and all cases he assigns. She is going to put the do-gooder crap aside and make the firm some cash.

Asher walks up the stairs to Apartment 3 and finds Christopher moving in across the hall. Frank watches him on camera. Its revealed that Elise was Gabriel’s roommate and Frank paid her to tell him to move out. He found a way to get into the kid’s head.

Annalise feels stupid that things could work between her and Bonnie as they eat dinner at home. Bonnie reveals what is going on with Miller, and things have changed. Annalise says she doesn’t need to tell her how stupid this is. She says it is okay to want things, reminding her there is the mess life gives you and the mess that you make! Denver was Miller’s mentor and this reminds her about Sam; Bonnie swears this is nothing like Sam and Miller is falling for her because if he saw what was in her file, he would want nothing to do with her. Both women tear up, holding hands, heartbroken.

Jillian gives the file to Nate, who sees the photo of the suspect who kidnapped the baby boy 20 plus years ago. Bonnie is seen cleaning up Christopher at the wedding, Laurel comes and quickly takes her son off to dance with him. Michaela demands to know whose blood is running down her legs; right after she asked her if she talked to Nate. Bonnie just stares at her!


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