How to Get Away With Murder Winter Finale Recap 11/15/18: Season 5 Episode 8 “I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die”

How to Get Away With Murder Winter Finale Recap 11/15/18: Season 5 Episode 8 "I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM)  airs with an all-new Thursday, November 15, 2018, episode and we have you How To Get Away With Murder recap below!  On tonight’s HTGAWM season 5 episode 8 “I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die,” as per the ABC synopsis “In the winter finale, Connor and Oliver’s big wedding day has arrived, but there’s murder in the air; and the mystery of who the unlucky victim is will be revealed.

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How to Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) begins with blood dropping into the pure white snow outside the wedding tent as someone struggles to breathe.

Gabriel (Rome Flynn) cuts himself shaving and then irons his clothes while both Laurel (Karla Souza) and Frank (Charlie Weber) explain to Bonnie (Liza Weil) what is going on. Laurel refuses to allow Michaela (Aja Naomi King) get played by Gabriel and bring him to Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver’s (Conrad Ricamora) wedding. Bonnie warns Laurel that she is putting everyone in danger if she reveals who Gabriel really is, reassuring her that Frank will do whatever he needs to protect everyone. She promises not to tell Annalise (Viola Davis) or anyone else.

Oliver’s mother, Joanna gives a toast to the couple telling Connor to take care of her boy. Connor’s dad, Jeff does a speech, saying he couldn’t be more proud of the man Connor has become and thanks them for including him and Ted in this special occasion. He makes a comment about Connor’s face and it not being photo worthy. Connor’s mom interrupts, saying she hopes Oliver has a much happier marriage than she ever did, thinking she was funny. Connor says neither of them was funny, thanking everyone for coming.

Laurel comes to the party and lectures Michaela for being on the phone instead of watching her son, Christopher. Connor’s mom notices how Asher (Matt McGorry) eyes Michaela and promises they will watch out for each other. He knows it must be tough for her to see Jeff with Ted; Asher tells her she is a queen and any man would be lucky to have her.

The kids ask Oliver’s father isn’t there and he says he is away in the Middle East when Jeff comes in the room, Oliver leaves. Jeff confronts Connor about it, who defends Oliver saying who can blame him and just because he is throwing money around doesn’t mean he can make this wedding about him.

Bonnie comes to see Annalise, walking into the kitchen and finding Nate (Billy Brown) there. They are set on destroying the government and need Bonnie’s help to ask DA Miller (John Hensley) who his contact was to get Nate’s father into the hospital; Nate reveals he can’t get the information as he resigned from the DA’s office. Bonnie demands to know if Nate knows she is drinking again, but she simply begs Annalise to be on her side. Bonnie refuses to talk to Nate, only telling him that Annalise is drinking again thanks to his dad’s case and if they keep digging they are going to get them all killed.

Oliver has a nightmare about the wedding and as he is talking to Connor about it, Michaela barges needing Oliver’s hacking help for Nate Sr’s case. Oliver helps him, but when they find out Annalise says she is too sick to come to their wedding, Connor goes to see her. Both admit they are no good at weddings, Annalise says her and Sam got married at the courthouse; that is how much she hated weddings. He tells her that if it wasn’t for her, he never would have met Oliver and he doesn’t regret that for a second.

Michaela reveals everything to Nate what she has learned; he orders her to stop and to let him handle it, pushing her out the door. Nate gives the call list to someone, asking her to trace the number and she will call as soon as she finds anything. Annalise calls Nate, inviting him to a wedding. Bonnie is busy getting ready for the wedding when Frank comes to talk to her. While they are at the wedding, Frank plans to search Gabriel’s place; he declines a call, saying he will search the place and together they will make a decision if he finds anything.

Bonnie tells Ron about talking to Annalise; he feels like he is in a love triangle with her and Annalise. He wants her to pick herself and that Annalise is taking advantage of her and her issues; Bonnie takes deep offense to him saying the word “issues.”

Michaela wipes the sweat off Connor, reminding him that marrying Oliver is going to make him a better person and he can’t be a runaway bride because if he does she will tackle him. Michaela greets Gabriel at the door and Asher helps her with the zipper on the back of her dress. He reveals that he knows she kissed Gabriel but it just sucks knowing he was never good enough for her. Joanna tells everyone to take their places and Pam is going to get Connor.

Everyone rises as Oliver walks in with his mother, kissing her. Connor walks up the aisle with his mom but isn’t smiling at all until he sees Oliver beaming and he can’t help but grin. They are there to celebrate love and the minister feels there is no better way to spend a Saturday. Bonnie arrives late, rushing to her seat beside Annalise, saying her boyfriend had to go to work, last minute. Oliver and Connor exchange loving vows. Connor tells him he wants to love Oliver until the day he dies, he wants the long, boring life with him as he is everything to him. Annalise bolts from the church, drinking in the bathroom stall. They exchange rings and kiss as everyone claps and cheers for them.

he reception is in full swing as Connor’s parents introduce themselves. Annalise brushes off his father, Jeff and Pam say she really likes her! Laurel stands next to Bonnie, saying this is the perfect alibi, Frank can take out Gabriel and everyone would see them there. Bonnie begins to cry, running off as Laurel fumes watching Gabriel dancing with Michaela.

Frank breaks into Gabriel’s room, finds a key and opens a box finding some interesting documents. Meanwhile, Annalise sits in the empty church drinking. Gabriel finds her, confronting her on drinking vodka. He tries to stop her, seeing her flask in her purse. He won’t tell anyone, saying his mom waited far too long and tells her to ask him if she needs anything; she walks out of the church.

Annalise grabs everyone and starts dancing; Bonnie tells Nate again that she has been drinking. Michaela asks Nate if he found out where the call came from, causing Bonnie to question them. Nate gets the call he was waiting for, telling them both to remain quiet until he comes back. He finds out it came from a payphone and should check his email.

Jeff wants to dance with Oliver, who isn’t interested; but he apologizes for interfering in their relationship. He says Connor has been rebellious and a troublemaker his whole life and that is why he requires a strong hand in a partner. He asks Oliver to protect Connor from his own worst instincts, asking Oliver if he can handle that. Oliver excuses himself when he gets a call from his own father, leaving the tent to talk. Laurel leaves the baby with Joanna to go to the bathroom but she also notices something is wrong with Bonnie, who is rocking herself.

Annalise is cutting loose on the dancefloor when she spots a solemn Frank. She walks to the coat room, asking him why he looks why someone just died, demanding he open his mouth and slaps him. He swears he isn’t lying and wasn’t sure why Gabriel was here until he searched his apartment, showing her his birth certificate. Annalise throws on her coat and takes off. Laurel returns to Mrs. Hampton, learning she gave Christopher to the “nice blond lady”. You can hear Christopher crying outside as he is sitting in the snow with the blood in front of him. Bonnie walks over to Ron’s bloody face and covers it with her hands as he gasps for air.

Bonnie argues with Ron, who doesn’t trust Annalise saying she isn’t a good person. She also hears Annalise saying that she doesn’t trust Ron, feeling he is playing Bonnie. She remembers how Nate told her Ron made a call to have his dad moved and then he died; all wondering if Ron is involved the cover up. Bonnie recalls that Ron has a friend in the Governor’s office.

Bonnie tells Ron she doesn’t want to go to the wedding with him as he just attacked the person who means the most to her. She does not want to go public with him and doesn’t believe she means the most to him. Bonnie questions Michaela about the Warden and what is going on, but she tells her to talk to Nate; meanwhile, Ron tells her he is outside and wants to talk to her. He is in the car with an engagement ring. She comes out, ordering him to go home as he tells her that he loves her. She confronts him about having Nate’s dad killed, but he says she is making up stories and that she has to believe him.

He gets back in his car, but quickly gets back out. Nate stops him, showing him the photo of him being at the phone booth and demands to know why he called the Warden that day. Bonnie is holding baby Christopher when Asher reveals that Ron is outside with Nate. Nate knows he paid for the guards, telling him to own what he did to a defenseless old man; Ron swears he was putting those guards away but Nate doesn’t want to hear it and begins beating him, telling him to feel that pain.

Bonnie walks through the woods and snow with Christopher following the trail of blood; putting Christopher in the snow. Nate reveals himself among the trees, saying it was Ron who called the Warden, showing her the picture and he murdered his Pops. All he can say is that “He called the Warden.” Bonnie walks over to Ron, kneels down in the snow and covers his mouth, plugging his nose as she cries.

Connor comes out looking for Oliver but finds Asher making out with his mother. He returns to the tent where Oliver has a grand gesture for him. Oliver sings “All of Me” by John Legend for Connor. Bonnie returns to the reception as Nate takes the body, seeing the engagement ring. Michaela asks if something is wrong, but Bonnie says nothing is wrong. Asher looks at Connor who is simply enjoying Oliver’s song. Annalise goes home and crashes on the floor, completely broken.

When the song is done, Laurel asks Michaela where Gabriel is. Suddenly there is a noise in Annalise’s apartment and she comes face to face with Gabriel who says she left her keys at the church and he was worried about her. We learn that Gabriel is Sam’s son with his first wife, Vivian Maddox, and Annalise was the other woman who broke up that marriage.


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