Knightfall Recap 1/10/18: Season 1 Episode 6 “The Pilgrimage of Chains”

Knightfall Recap 1/10/18: Season 1 Episode 6 "The Pilgrimage of Chains"

Tonight on HISTORY their new drama series Knightfall premieres with an all-new Wednesday, January 10th, 2018, episode and we have your Knightfall recap below.  On tonight’s season, 1 episode 6 called, “The Pilgrimage of Chains,” “Landry is kidnapped and tortured by a mysterious group; a Knight is expelled from the Templars; De Nogaret builds an army; Princess Isabella discovers who betrayed her.

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Adelina (Sarah-Sofie Boussnina) has found Roland (Cengiz Dervis) but he discovered her following him and is beating her up as she tried to attack him, ordering him to leave her people alone. She hears the bells, meaning it is the changing of the guards and is able to shove him out the window, where she reveals that the Temple of the Templars are looking for this man.

Parsifal (Bobby Schofield) watches as Roland) is escorted into the city. Gawain (Padraic Delaney) reminds him to remain in control, unfortunately, he finds a beaten Adelina in the cart too. She is brought to the infirmary and Roland to the dungeon. Draper (Nasser Memarzia) informs Gawain that Master Landry (Tom Cullen) didn’t sleep in his bed last night; Gawain informs the knights to find their master but Draper says if they don’t find him, it was the Brotherhood of Light!

Gawain goes to see Tancrede (Simon Merrells) who is chained to the cross in the dungeon and informs him that Landry is missing and hasn’t been seen since last night. Tancrede says Landry wanted to talk to the Brotherhood of Light, so either he is talking to them or he is probably dead.

Outside, King Philip (Ed Stoppard), Queen Joan (Olivia Ross) and Princess Isabella (Sabrina Bartlett) are watching as two men are being escorted to their nooses to be executed. William De Nogaret (Julian Ovenden) is being praised for saving his wife and possibly the entire court. He says it is gratifying to know that the King of England has already sent letters agreeing to friendly relations. Isabella is horrified watching the hangings as Philip offers a new estate to De Nogaret and a new title for his heroic acts. He even wants him to call him Philip instead of King or “Your Grace”.

Joan chases after her daughter, De Nogaret listens as Isabella almost confesses to what she and De Nogaret did to Prince Lluis. Nicholas (Edward Bourne) brings in the most dangerous man of France. They talk about the Templar Knights and how Philip doesn’t see them as an army and will not do what needs to be done, but it falls De Nogaret. He says that Pope Boniface VIII (Jim Carter) needs to be dealt with and they have to recover the Grail for themselves. He says, “Strong words, Nephew!”

The gate is opened to the temple and Landry collapses in Gawain’s arms. His chains are broken off but he isn’t really talking. Gawain kneels down beside him and informs him that Godfrey’s (Sam Hazeldine) killer has been found and under lock and key in the dungeon. Landy orders them to open the cell and orders Roland to stand up. As soon as he stands Landry hits him, demanding to know where the Grail is. Gawain says he will kill him as he wraps the chain around his neck it takes Gawain and Draper to pull him off.

Landry goes to see Tancrede, who is surprised they let him live. He tells Tancrede time for repentance has passed, orders him to take his armor and report to the blacksmith. He says all that is left is God’s final judgment and he is expelled from the temple.

De Nogaret is told he will have an army of 2,000 trained men. He says he will always be grateful for taking him in when no one else would and his uncle says maybe he was hard on him because he was beautiful like his brother, whom they burned. He reminds him that he came with him with this plot, so he better have the courage to see it through; De Nogaret assures him nothing stands in his way. He walks with Isabella, reminding her that she will always have him, she hugs him and thanks him for watching over her. His uncle, Malaraux (Jack Sandle) interrupts them, saying he is his assistant and says they have much work to do.

Tancrede brings his armor to the blacksmith, Gawain says by Templar rule, his armor will be made into chains, and he will wear the chains around his neck for one year and one day. Landry says he won’t as this has changed, Tancrede has been expelled. He is allowed to take what he came there with and he is to go; as Gawain escorts him out, Tancrede pleads with Gawain to watch over him as something is wrong.

15 hours earlier, Landry woke up in a crate, chained up and filling with water. He begins to pray to God but panics as he goes under the water. Suddenly the water recedes and Rashid (Akin Gazi) uses an ax to open the box. He asks Landry questions that he refuses to answer. The crate Landry is in is placed over a fire. Rashid tells Landry he was a friend of Godfrey’s and he knows what is written on the scroll and there is a question only Landry can answer; he demands to know what was the name of Landry’s mother. Landry says he would rather die than help Rashid. He raises the flames, saying Landry controls his own pain.

A new form of torture continues, as Rashid says his defiance proves he has no idea what the Grail is and what it can do and why it must be protected. Rashid says one answer and all his suffering will end as Landry’s neck is in a noose and his toes are on a rock. Rashid knows about the Queen pregnant with his child.

De Nogaret returns to his room, telling Malraux to hurry up and go as he is about to be knighted by the King. Malraux says it makes sense now, it was De Nogaret who killed the Earl of Oxford and poisoned himself to frame him. Malraux assures him he will get him the army but reminds him to think with his head when he does.

Landry enters the chapel, kneels as he remembers what Joan said to him. One of the Brothers has cut him down and tells him he is helping him because when he was a boy, him and Godfrey helped him in the dunes.

Back in France, King Philip knights Sir William, who is thrilled. Queen Joan congratulates him and thanks him for saving her, giving her sincere gratitude. Princess Isabella thanks him for saving her from making a terrible mistake. She asks him to meet her after as she has something for him. She is setting up a paper and discovers a breeze from one of the walls and finds a hidden passage way; she follows it and finds peepholes that lead to various rooms in the palace including her own bed chambers, realizing it was De Nogaret that saw her and Prince Lluis having sex.

Isabella angrily returns to the main hall, and tells everyone that De Nogaret is fooling them all and accuses him of killing Lluis. When everyone leaves the room, Isabella tells the entire story and King Philip is shocked. De Nogaret says King Philip makes weak choices, asking if he made the choice for France or to appease his wife. Philip begins to beat him, then orders his guards to remove him.

Landry remembers what Khalil (Vikash Bhai) said to him after he rescued him. He says Godfrey meant for him and him alone to find the Grail; Godfrey loved him. Khalil says the Brotherhood of Light are Saracens, Christians and Jews with one goal, to protect the Grail. He reminds him of his courage as a boy trying to protect the Grail. Landry feels Khalil is tricking him and calls out for Rashid, he is right as the Brotherhood of Light comes out from the darkness and Rashid pulls out his sword saying he should have killed Landry 15 years earlier.

Isabella comes to see De Nogaret in the cell, demanding answers. He says she is the only one who can be a true ruler but only with him at her side. She informs him that he will hang tomorrow and she will have a peaceful night’s sleep knowing no one is watching.

Rashid holds a sword at Landry’s neck, saying he needs to find the Grail telling him the men who killed Godfrey weren’t just Highwaymen, they were looking for the Grail. Rashid says he cannot trust him but Landry swears he will protect the Grail-like Godfrey did; the Brotherhood say Landry must prove himself to them. Landry learns that Godfrey was a traitor to the Temple in order to protect the Grail, he is devastated. Rashid says he let those thousands die in order to save the millions that would die if the Grail fell into the wrong hands. Rashid says Landry has to be willing to make a sacrifice.

Landry wants to know what kind of sacrifice and Rashid says the one who murdered his son; do that and he will tell him how to find the Grail. Landry cries at the chapel, envisioning Joan, saying for him to give him up. Gawain sees Landry leaning on his sword crying, saying he cannot give him up. Gawain approaches him, giving him an orange. Landry says the Brotherhood of Light is waiting and tells him that he had to give up Tancrede in exchange for what is written on the scroll. Landry says he is the temple master and this is something he must do and leaves alone.

Parsifal finds Adelina outside, wanting to say goodbye to her. He hands her a pouch of coins, she says as good as the money is, the last time she had money and tried to leave it almost got them killed. She hugs him and almost kisses him. He tries to stop her, she hands him a scroll, saying he might be able to understand the message and figure out who Roland is working for.

Landry meets Rashid outside, saying he isn’t a traitor. Rashid says then the Grail is lost to them all. Tancrede comes out of the shadows and says that he killed his son and believes the Grail should not be found, and it is not his place to act on God’s behalf, even though he believes God doesn’t want it to be found. Landry tells Tancrede that they will make him suffer; he is willing to accept the consequences as Tancrede says he repents his sins to the temple and Landry accepts and forgives him. Tancrede walks to the Brotherhood.

Rashid walks to Landry and tells him to go back to the place where he first met Godfrey, and there he will find what he seeks. There is much to do, once he finds the Grail. Rashid says they will be ready to serve him, and bows to Landry. They leave, taking Tancrede with them.

De Nogaret is taken to the hanging block. He is guilty of treason and murder, given a chance to say anything. He says all he has done was for France and for the benefit of the crown. King Philip approaches him saying he shall be hung until death takes him. Isabella and Joan watch as a noose is placed around his neck, Philip gives nod and De Nogaret is lifted high in the air; his uncle, Malraux cuts him down and says, “I told you that girl was trouble!” and they both escape on the other side of the block as King Philip shouts after him.


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