Legacies Recap 11/29/18: Season 1 Episode 5 “Malivore”

Legacies Recap 11/29/18: Season 1 Episode 5 "Malivore"

Tonight on the CW their new supernatural series Legacies air with an all-new Thursday, November 29, 2018 episode and we have your Legacies recap below.  On tonight’s Legacies season, 1 episode 5 called, “Malivore,” as per the CW synopsis, “Tensions rise among the students after Alaric decides to give the students a bigger voice by forming an honor council. Determined to find out more about Landon’s past, Hope does a series of magical tests on him. Meanwhile, Alaric and Dorian take on the next creature to try and find out what they want and where they are coming from.

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Legacies begins with vines opening a cabin with a Dryad walking into an abandoned cabin and trying to retrieve the knife. She is unable to touch it as Dorian (Demetrius Bridges) tells Alaric (Matthew Davis) that he has one that can talk; as he seals the circle and her inside it.

Alaric tells the students at Salvatore School that he is forming an honor council that consists of one Vampire, one Witch and one Werewolf, along with Emma (Karen Tig), the school counselor who will represent the younger students; he advises them all to vote wisely. He is stopped by Rafael (Peyton “Alex” Smith) who is wondering if Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) is saying, suggesting they let the honor council decides.

MG (Quincy Fouse) stops him, worried that it was his big mouth that got Kaleb (Chris De’Sean Lee) locked up, but Alaric assures him he is only locked up because he needs to dry up. He wants Alaric to show him some leniency so the Vamps will go easy on him. Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) slams the car door, knowing where Alaric is headed; he has left Hope instructions in his office and tells her to try not to kill Landon.

Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) tries on various outfits, telling her sister Josie (Kaylee Bryant) that she isn’t worried about winning the election, she is worried about what to wear to the victory rally. Josie suggests she finds something that shows she will take the job seriously.

Landon finds Hope in Alaric’s office, refusing to put his future in her hands; she also says she would not choose to spend her day like this but they both want to know who and what he is so they should just get through this. Josie confronts Penelope (Lulu Antariksa) for running against Lizzie out of spitefulness; Josie orders her to bow out now or she will crush her, but Penelope mocks her.

Alaric arrives to talk to the Dryad, saying humans are not their enemy and are only there for answers. She says there is a man named Oliver that she cherished and if they bring him to her, she will believe they are trustworthy and give them answers. Alaric is willing to help as she gives him a ring to give to prove to Oliver who she is; she reminds them that trees are patient, humans are not!

Back at SS, Jed (Ben Levin) has Rafael do his Medieval history paper but only if he will do what he can to keep Landon there; Jed says he will make sure he is removed as punishment for not listening to him when he got there and he is Alpha and he says Landon goes!

Alaric refuses to give into the Dryad at all, saying that in the human world, sometimes telling the truth can do more harm than good. Dorian searches for Oliver, who she says never cut down trees, played music and they fell in love. She reveals that Oliver became a vampire, so they could stay together forever and be supposed to meet at the quarry but something got in the way. Alaric reveals that he suffered many losses, but he sees the mother of his children in the smile of his children. Dorian returns with Oliver, who has no idea who the Dryad is.

Hope continues with her tests on Landon. He has no supernatural strengths. Emma walks up as Hope sends him off running. She says most humans have some sort of magic in their bloodline and they need to learn more of Landon’s past. Hope takes him to the lake, where she asks him questions and a supernatural lie detector test proves if he is telling the truth or not. Everything he is saying is the truth, but she tells him the answers are not good enough because if they can’t figure it out, he can’t stay at the school.

Lizzie continues to practice her victory speech as Josie makes requests from various covens. Rafael walks in, begging Lizzie to vote for Landon to stay; Lizzie agrees if he will be her date to her birthday on Friday. Josie drops her books as Rafael wonders if she is blackmailing him, Josie looks disappointed as he agrees to go.

MG visits Kaleb in his cage, offering him some blood and telling him about the honor council and how he wants to win. Kaleb tells him to bring the vamps his way and he will get them in line; it’s clear he is lying by his smirk.

Rafael returns to talk to Jed, hoping he can count on his own pack to vote for Landon; but Jed says they are not his pack, they are Jed’s pack. Rafael throws down his bag and informs him that he read his books and he insists on a fight and if what the Alpha says goes; then he has to be Alpha. The battle begins with the campaigning between the students as Rafael beats Jed down, announcing the poll is now open!

Emma announces that voting has now closed and she reveals the Werewolf representative as Rafael. The Vampire representative will be Kaleb. The Witch representative will be Josie; which infuriates Lizzie as Penelope smiles and winks at Josie.

Oliver isn’t sure what is going on, sure he has never met the Dryad before. He talks about the clearing by the waterfall and that is where he proposed to his wife. She tears up, apologizing saying she thought he was someone else.

Landon confronts Hope, sorry for taking the knife. He is holding the ball, which reveals she is lying when she says she isn’t mad. She says when she lets her guard down, she is scared people will disappoint her. Landon talks about actually wanting to be at SS. He is sorry he broke her trust and doesn’t want to do it again, but if this goes the wrong way; he doesn’t want Rafael to follow him because at least he deserves to have a home and he won’t take that from him.

Landon runs into Jed who is angry Landon doesn’t belong there and they begin to fight. Jed throws him down a hill and beats him bloody. Rafael wants to rip Jed apart, but Hope tells him to go to the garden and get some Hazelwood root, an excuse to get him to cool off. Hope is sorry this happened to him, but this school is full of people like Jed and all of them are capable of what he did. Landon still believes he is safe there.

Lizzie sits in their room, trying to rise above everything. Josie doesn’t know why Penelope did this to them and suggests she turns it down, but Lizzie is upset because she wasn’t the runner-up either. Kaleb talks to MG, learning he won fair and square, except where he stabbed him in the back. MG releases him from the cell, saying he only wanted to be elected so he could fix things between them; Kaleb says he did.

Hope learns from Alaric that whatever happened to these creatures it erased all memory of them like they never existed. Hope informs him that she wants to be on the council as she is a Tribrid and no one can protect her kind but her. He trusts she will make the right call, even if this is about Landon. Alaaric returns to the cabin, where Dorian feels she isn’t going to tell them anything. Alaric opens the window, apologizing for what she has lost today. She tells him she will honor their deal and talk.

Hope enters the council meeting, as Emma calls the meeting to order and they are to vote if Landon is to stay. Emma votes for him to stay, for all the younger students who want inclusion. Hope immediately says Landon has to go with Kaleb agreeing. Rafael feels Landon is his brother, and he can’t go back to the regular world knowing dragons and demons exist; he chooses for him to stay. Hope reminds Rafael about what one bad wolf did to him. She reveals how Landon said he felt safe being there but the ball was red, proving he was lying. He wants them all to wonder if they can handle that kind of responsibility and votes for him to go; the final vote is left on Josie.

The Dryad talks about her final night with Oliver and the urge to possess that knife. She says there is something inside her pressing for her to take it to a dark pit deep within the Earth, locked away. She can see it and feel it. If she brings it there, she will find peace; she has been trying to fight it but cannot. A breeze comes through, breaking the circle as Dorian warns Alaric. She entwines them, but Dorian shoots her with an arrow before she can take the knife. She pleads with Alaric to take her home.

Josie looks back and forth as she picks up her rune to vote. She says they don’t know if Landon is dangerous or not; nor is it about who is friends with whom. They cannot say who they like or who is family; she refuses to put her family in danger again. Rafael angrily gets up, saying he is done with both of them and storms out of the room as she votes for Landon to leave.

Dorian brings the Dryad out to the grass. She says she was wrong about him and he admits that not all monsters are bad. She remembers that the black pit is called Malivore. He is sorry this happened to her, as she draws her last breath. He is about to dig up a spot for him in the ground but she begins to take root and grows into a massive weeping willow, right before his eyes.

Landon is looking at his wounds when he looks at a photo of him and Seylah, his mother. Rafael returns to their room shaking his head. Lizzie is busy hitting the punching bag as Penelope says it was all the witches who knew she would be bad at the job; she says it is not about Lizzie but about the way she treats Josie. Josie spends all her time focusing on Lizzie, who is a black hole of time and energy; sucking it all up. She will never bring Lizzie’s world down so Penelope will do it for Josie. Lizzie uses magic and makes the bag explode in anger.

Hope walks Landon to the bus stop, revealing she voted for him not to stay and she did it because she might be a little biased. She gives him a bus ticket to New Orleans and tells him a family friend is expecting him, who will help him find his birth mother. She did what she can, including a bracelet, that if he presses it will bring her directly to him. The bus is approaching and she tells him she needs to go, he presses the button, she turns and smiles as she says he wanted to see if it worked. He runs into the street and kisses her as the bus stops waiting for him.

Rafael finds Lizzie crying in the gym. She is sorry Josie didn’t vote for him and he doesn’t have to be her date. He says she isn’t the one who broke their deal. Lizzie grabs him and kisses him, undressing herself and him, telling him to not think about it. Landon looks at the photo of him and Seylah as he travels by bus, she is wearing the same symbol the Dryad was drawing in the ash at the cabin; the awful place called Malivore.


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