Love & Hip Hop Miami Premiere Recap 1/1/18: Season 1 Episode 1 “Welcome to Miami”

Love & Hip Hop Miami Premiere Recap 1/1/18: Season 1 Episode 1 "Welcome to Miami"

Tonight on VH1’s hit series Love & Hip Hop Miami premiere with an all-new Monday, January 1, 2018, episode and we have your Love & Hip Hop Miami recap below for you.  On tonight’s season 1 episode 1, “Welcome to Miami,” as per the VH1 synopsis, “In the series premiere, Trick Daddy and Trina reunite for a long-awaited album; Amara La Negra has big dreams of crossing over into the American music market; and Gunplay is back in Miami, ready to face demons from his past.”

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Love and Hip Hop is moving to a whole different coast and a brand new zip code. It’s bringing all the excitement and drama to the beaches and clubs of Miami.

This week on the series premiere of Love and Hip Hop Miami we are introduced to Amaira who is a Latina artist looking to cross over. Ameria is worried because she doesn’t look like the typical musician, She is friends with Latina artist Veronica Vega. She has a meeting with music producer Young Hollywood. When Amaira shows up Young Hollywood is surprised that she has her mom with her. He says “I thought this was supposed to be a business meeting.” Ameira says “I take my mom everywhere with me. He can take it or leave it.”

GunPlay is a producer who is a native of Miami and he and his girlfriend Kiara are moving back after spending some time in Atlanta. The first connection GunPlay makes when he returns is with Trick Daddy, He tells him “It would be an honor if I could get you on my album.” Trick tells him “I don’t do music with just anybody. I’m working on the Trick and Trina album and I want you to be on that.” GunPlay is very excited about working with Trick.

Shay Johnson is also in Miami. She has moved down there to be with her man Pleasure P who is a former member of Pretty Ricky. They are both excited to be living together in Miami. Shay asks him “What’s been going on on the road?” Pleasure P tells her “I have been working on putting Pretty Ricky back together.” Shay is not happy to hear this. She asks “Why are you getting back together with them?” Pleasure tells her “Time heals all wounds and I think it’s time to work things out with the guys.” Shay is not happy to hear that. Pleasure tells her “If I’m positive then you should be positive too.” Shay responds “I am positive. I just don’t understand why you want to deal with guys who trashed your reputation.”

Bobby Lytes is a gay recording artist working in the studio. He is an openly gay rapper determined to make his own statement.

Trina is performing in the club with Trick Daddy in the club and the fans are loving it. They are promoting the new collaboration that they are working on. Bobby Lytes shows up at the club trying to get into the club only to find out that he isn’t on the list to get into the VIP. When Trina comes out to greet him she is not happy to see him. He tells her “I feel like as a family member I should’ve gotten a better invitation.” Trina is not having it though and has him escorted out.

Pleasure P meets up with the rest of the members of Pretty Ricky. They quickly break down into arguing about past issues and strife that tore the group apart such as who put in more studio time or who worked harder and deserved more credit.

Finally, the argument cools down and Pleasure tells them “Listen we agreed that we are going to do this one last album for the fans. We have our first concert here in Miami.” Everyone agrees.

Hollywood is a little frustrated with Amaira’s way of handling business. He is very hands-on and wants to change the way she looks. He tells her “We need to change the way you look. You need to think a little more Beyonce and a little less Macy Grey. You need to lose the afro.” Amaira gets very upset and asks him “Does that mean that you don’t think a woman can be sext with an afro? In case you didn’t know I am also part black. “ Hollywood backs off quickly after realizing that he offended her. He tells her “I apologize my African queen. You can still be sexy with an afro.” Amaira is angry. She says “I wanted a producer I could work with and do business with.”

Kiara and GunPlay are having lunch and Kiara expresses her concerns to her man. She tells him “I feel like all the things we tried to get away from is what we came back to. We still have disrespectful women.” While they are talking Gun’s phone rings. She asks him “Who’s that.” He tells her without revealing that the woman calling was a woman he had been with.

Pretty Ricky is rehearsing and they are backstage taking pictures with fans when Shay shows up backstage. She tells them “I’m here to support my man who is going to jump start ya’lls nonexistent careers.” Everyone is standing around watching as Shay continues to berate the other members of the group. Finally, someone speaks up and Shay gets pissed when Pleasure doesn’t come to her defense. She tells them “I’m gonna give ya’ll my ass to kiss.” Then she walks away.

Bobby is tagging along with his best friend to Styx in South Beach to have lunch with Trina. He just wants Trina to hear his side of things. Trina is not happy when Tiff shows up with Bobby in tow. She says “I’m surprised to see you here Bobby.” Trina’s assistant Alvin is there and the two immediately start throwing words. Tiff is not willing to let anything get in the way of Trina supporting her music. Alvin says “Bobby you’re the problem. You’re a leech and you always will be.” This causes Bobby to leap across the table and try to snatch Alvin up. Security has to get between the two men. He asks “Why is it Trina that every time I come around you have your minions disrespect me?” Bobby says “I’m your family. I’m not one of your minions. You can’t train me.” Trina just tells him ok. Bobby tells her “My music is going to get done with or without you.” Then he storms off.


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