MasterChef Junior Recap 11/22/18: Special Episode “Celebrity Showdown”

MasterChef Junior Recap 11/22/18: Special Episode "Celebrity Showdown"

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef Junior continues with an all-new Thursday, November 21, 2018,  special episode called, “Celebrity Showdown,” and we have your  Masterchef Junior recap below. On tonight’s Masterchef Junior special episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Chef Gordon Ramsay and chef Aarón Sánchez invite celebrities, their kids and some fan-favorite alumni into the kitchen to show off their culinary skills.”

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MasterChef Junior (MCJ): Celebrity Showdown begins with Chef Gordon Ramsay and Chef Aaron Sanchez as hosts. Teams are Celebrities Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) and MCJ S5 Shayne against Terrence Howard (Empire) with MCJ S6 Avery. Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother) with daughter, Saty versus Lil Rel Howery REL) and his daughter, Brittni. NFL HOF Running Back Dallas Cowboys Emmitt Smith and MCJ S6 Beni vs. NFL HOF Wide Receiver San Francisco 49ers Jerry Rice and MCJ S4 Addison.

Both hosts arrive as Chef Ramsay welcomes everyone to the showdown and celebrate the holiday in a true culinary competition. Eric Stonestreet is up first, talking about the holidays is about comfort and some indulgence; remembering the family that isn’t there anymore. He is up against, Academy Award actor, Terrence Howard, who is doing this to prove to his wife he can win something cooking something. Eric’s charity if the University of Kansas Hospital and Terrence is playing for the University of Science and Philosophy. Shayne has been busy with school and football, as well as FFA; he admits he raised a pig named Ramsey but he ate it. Terrence is excited to learn Avery is his partner, who says she is thrilled to work with the guy who was in “Iron Man.”

In the kitchen, they receive the Mystery Box challenge, to create a festive dish worthy of this show; its a box full of nuts. On the nuttiest battle of them all, they have 60 minutes to create their dish. Shayne and Eric are making a fried chicken, to mixed the crushed nuts with the almond milk. Ramsay loves that he is back. Terrence and Avery are making a nut encrusted pork tenderloin, with smashed fried potatoes; then stuff it with peppers, pears, and apples. Terrence has no idea what blanching means but is sure they can win.

Aaron worries there could be a lot of pitfalls in Terrence and Avery’s dish but she is definitely quarterbacking their team and Terrence is the one feeling the pressure. Meanwhile, Eric and Shayne continue to joke around as their chopping skills are incredible. Chef Ramsay feels it looks like they have been cooking for years together. Avery puts the loin in the oven as Shayne begins to drop the chicken into the oil. Avery tells Terrence to give the potatoes and whip the sauce; he asks if there is anything else “Miss Daisy” needs. He doesn’t listen to her when he puts all the potatoes in the oil, and she worries there are too many in there.

Aaron comes to see Eric, saying it will either make or break it. Terrence admits he is scared as Chef Ramsay says he warned him about her. Eric taunts them. Eric removes the chicken from the oil and they put it in the oven because it got too much color rather than cooking inside; they have less than 20 minutes to go. Avery yells takes the pork out of the oven, but it isn’t ready. She begins to cry. Chef Ramsay rushes over, telling her they have plenty of time and she continues to reassure herself that they have this.

Avery removes the pork and cuts it, raising her arm and celebrating. Shayne cuts it close with 2 minutes to go and decides to pull it out of the oven. With 60 seconds to go, they arrange their plates and get them to the front on time. Eric and Shayne are confident but Terrence feels it was a rough couple rounds but he is amazed at what she did. Eric and Shayne bring their dish up of Almond Crusted Fried Chicken and Chef Gordon Ramsay cuts into it first and the chicken is still raw. Eric tells the crowd to stop “Ooowwwing”. He knows it is done with love and the cornbread with bacon is amazing. Aaron says the leg is “spot on”, and since he lives in New Orleans he knows good chicken and cornbread and they should be happy with the look and taste.

Avery and Terrence present their dish of Pecan Crusted Pork Tenderloin. Terrence is thrilled with it and loves the color. Chef Ramsay cuts into it, saying the pork is beautiful, even taking a second bite and doesn’t want to leave any for Aaron, worrying about his waistline. Aaron feels it was an incredible feat for them to do this pork loin. He feels there is a lot of memorable moments with the pear and peppers with the tenderloin, but they mastered the texture and overall it is beautiful and a good job. Both are giving at least $15,000 to their charities but the winner will give a $25,000 donation – WINNERS: Terrence and Avery!

Next up is Celebrity Alyson Hannigan who will be cooking with her daughter, Saty; they will be competing against Lil Rel Howery and his daughter, Brittni. Alyson’s charity is Oceana, which is an organization that supports as a healthy ocean. Lil Rel is playing for Social Works, an organization started by Chance the Rapper in Chicago that supports the arts. This family showdown is the holiday, party platter consisting of bacon-wrapped scallops, coconut shrimp, beef skewers, pigs in a blanket, latkes with smoked salmon and tuna sliders. They have 60 minutes to make this entire platter, but it is also a tag-team challenge; starting with the parents.

The teams take their positions and the challenge begins; both 9-yr-old daughters are pushing and shouting, controlling the situation. Alyson put the wasabi mayo into her potato pancakes but it was meant for the tuna sliders; her daughter Saty is frustrated. Chef Ramsay tells Lil Rel to get into first gear but he insists they are a chill family, but if it wasn’t for Brittni there is no way things would get done. Chef Aaron encourages Alyson and Lil Rey, saying they can do this as Saty tells her mom to set her up for success just before their switch.

30 minutes remaining and Brittni is doing alright. Chef Ramsay helps Saty with her pigs in the blanket and helps Brittni put the items on the skewers; both chefs comment on the calm mentality of the girls. Chef Aaron laughs as Lil Rel says they got this when it comes to the shrimp and scallops; a countdown happens and all 4 are allowed in the kitchen. Alyson swears and Chef Ramsay reminds her about her language. When he sees Lil Rel’s side, he tells Brittni to get her father to wake up; with 60 seconds to go, they begin plating and present their platters.

Alyson and Saty are up first. Visually it is attractive and MasterChef worthy. Chef Aaron cuts the tuna slider, liking the flavors but it’s a little dry; but when he tries the potato pancakes, he says sometimes accidents have beautiful results, talking about her using the wasabi mayo. He takes a bite and says it is too starchy, praying for a Zantac. The beef stew is given props, saying it is “Dynamite!” Chef Ramsay tastes the scallops and he says they are cooked beautifully but tastes terrible as she used honey to sauce it. Saty did the pigs in a blanket and she absolutely nailed it.

Lil Rel and Brittni to bring up their dish, it is a very pretty dish but it’s all about the taste. The shrimp isn’t bad, but not good either. Aaron thinks the tuna sliders look good, but they are way overcooked, Aaron jokes that he needs a gallon of milk to get this down. The potato pancake is wonderful and perfect. Chef Aaron says there can only be one winner and they need to discuss it. WINNERS: Alison and Saty

Chef Ramsay and Chef Aaron talk about their next challenge as they debate whether a sport is called “football” and which one is called “soccer!” To fight it out in MasterChef Kitchen is NFL Hall of Famer, Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith who is paired with MCJ winner, Beni; they will be competing against NFL Hall of Famer, San Francisco 49ers Jerry Rice, who will be partnered with MCJ S4 winner, Addison.

Jerry is playing for the 49er Foundation, and their mission is to educate and helps kids. Emmitt’s charity provides for underserved youth and how they can fit into the world. Beni and Allison are two of the most talented Junior MasterChefs and they know what its like to be champions. The challenge they will be facing is tonight they will be feeding a restaurant full of doctors, nurses, and first responders.

They deserve the most epic meal ever, but they only have 60 minutes to get it done and since they are not professional cooks, they will get a couple Master Chef HOF’s working with them – Chef Ramsay and Chef Aaron joining them – Gordon with Jerry and Allison and Aaron with Emmitt and Beni. Since they are cooking, they cannot judge this round; the diners will along with special guest judge Lidia Bastianich, the only person Chef Gordon Ramsay is afraid of.

Allison and Jerry are tossing ingredients to each other, no problem while Emmitt and Beni worked together in the pantry; two completely different ways the teams are working. Aaron joins the team, finding out what the meal is and what they are making; Emmitt admits he never cooked on Thanksgiving as he was usually playing football that day. Gordon pushes Jerry to use 4 instead of 2, but he says if Gordon pushes him he might have to tackle him. It seems that Aaron and Gordon like to taunt each other as Aaron says that you can’t trust a skinny chef; everyone laughs as Chef Ramsay says there are 45 minutes to go.

Chef Ramsay stops Jerry from flipping the meat, repeating that if there is no color, no flavor. Meanwhile, Lidia speaks to several of the dining guests about what they miss during the holidays. The shenanigans continue in the kitchen when Gordon throws flour in Aaron’s face. Beni is flambeing something and Chef Ramsay rushes over to blow it out as Aaron tells him to stay on his own side of the kitchen. Jerry yells at him not to leave him alone; Chef Ramsay asks him for the Whiskey and takes a swig, Jerry copies him before they pour it on their food.

Ramsay goes to the silver kitchen, saying their potatoes are done, but their pork is raw. Jerry wipes the sweat off Emmitt’s head and he thanks him. Lidia tells them they have 30 minutes left. Lidia learns from Emmitt this isn’t better than running on the field, but its better than getting hit. Meanwhile, Allison continues to run her kitchen and Jerry explains their dish, saying it is the “Jerry Rice.” Lidia likes their sauce, saying they have 20 minutes to go.

Aaron makes fun of Gordon, saying he is slowing down and Jerry checks him while he walks past him. In the middle of cutting the meat, Allison cuts her finger and Ramsay calls for a medic, even though she doesn’t want it. They put a glove on with ten minutes to go, Beni says they are concentrating right now and have a room full of heroes to feed; Emmitt feels that Jerry cannot intimidate him. Jerry goes around the room, greeting the fans and with 2 minutes to go, they are in a frenzy to plate all their food; both teams able to complete the challenge. Lidia tells Emmitt he isn’t as fast in the kitchen as he is in the field; servers arrive to serve their dishes.

Silver Team made Pork Chop with braised cabbage and sweet potato casserole; while the Gold Team made Filet of beef with truffled mac & cheese, garlic spinach and glazed carrots. Lidia talks to the diners and their reviews seem to be pretty split, especially when they have HOF football players cooking for them.

Lidia collects the votes as Chef Ramsay and Chef Aaron thanks everyone; but there can only be one winning team. Emmitt, Beni, Jerry, and Allison come to the front with all the diners. The team that wins get $25,000 for their charity, and the losing team still gets $15,000 to their charity. WINNER: Emmitt, Beni, and Aaron!!

Don’t forget that MasterChef Junior returns to FOX Network in February 2019.


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