Masterchef Junior Recap 3/9/18: Season 6 Episode 3 “Culinary ABC’s”

Masterchef Junior Recap 3/9/18: Season 6 Episode 3 "Culinary ABC's"

Tonight on FOX Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef Junior continues with an all-new Friday, March 2, 2018,  season 6 episode 3 called “Culinary ABC’s,” and we have your weekly Masterchef Junior recap below. On tonight’s Masterchef Junior episode as per the FOX synopsis, “The Top 24 face their first mystery box challenge of the season, during which they must cook dishes using ingredients that start with each letter of the alphabet. The winner receives a huge advantage in the elimination challenge. Later in the MASTERCHEF kitchen, the contestants must prove their technical skills as they are tasked with crafting a French classic – fruit tart.”

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Tonight’s episode begins with the iconic Mystery Box Challenge. Cooks will have to use whatever they find in those boxes to make one amazing Master Chef worthy dish. Whoever has the best dish of the night will be given a huge advantage in the next challenge.

In the Mystery Box there are 26 ingredients from A to Z. Cooks also have access to the Master Chef Staple pantry box. They have one hour to make an amazing dish. The judges decide that they want to take a closer look at what they believe are three of the top dishes for the night.

The first dish that they would like to see is Remy, she made Lamb Chops with roasted eggplant puree and cheese biscuits. Gordon says the lamb is cooked with finesse, most, crisp, absolutely lovely – well done. Joe also loved the dish, he said it was beautiful and astonishing.

Next up is Beni, she made Herb Crusted Steak with ginger quinoa, sautéed kale and dill-yogurt sauce. Christina loves the dish, overall she says it is a nice job. Gordon says OMG, the dish is really beautiful and the meat is incredible and she is one girl to watch in this competition.

The third and final dish that they want to take a closer look it Henry, he made Grilled Lamb Chop with tzatsiki, quinoa and zucchini. Joe says the lamb is cooked perfectly and he did a good job. Christina loves the dish but feels it needed more zest, she is excited thought to see what more he has to offer. Three outstanding dishes, but there can only be one winner, and this is Remy.

The next challenge is a desert, the cooks have to make a classic European one called a fruit tart. The way a fruit tart looks is as important as how it tastes. The cooks have one hour to make a beautiful fruit tart. Some of the cooks hit this way out of the park, but first the judges walk around to look at the tarts. The ones who are safe and can head up to the balcony are; Arianna, Beni, Olivia, Evan, Emily, Sophia, Anthony, Henry and Maria.

The rest of the tarts did not do as well and must to pass a taste test. Zia is first, she made a Berry Tart with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and apricot glaze. Gordon can’t cut the tart, the crust is too thick and stuck to the pan – the only saving grace is that the custard was good.

Lindsay is next, she made Lime Curd Tart with strawberries. Christina really likes the pastry cream but the visual doesn’t pass.

Avery made a Mint Fruit Tart with blackberries, oranges, raspberries and peaches. Joe says that leaving the peel on the oranges and the skin on the peaches was a mistake, although he liked the pastry cream.

Quani made Hawaiian Fruit Tart with strawberries, kiwi, blueberries and mango pastry cream. Gordon loves the flavor, but the fruit on top was messy and the crust wasn’t good.

Juelz made a Vanilla Fruit Tart with strawberries, pineapple and kiwi. Christina sees a lot of technique issues, the fruit should have been cut thinner and pineapple doesn’t belong on a fruit tart.

Last up is Ben. he made a White Chocolate Fruit Tart with raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Joe likes the flavor, but the look of the tart was a mess and if in a restaurant, he would have sent it back. The remaining cooks are called to the front.

Tonight they are saying goodbye to two cooks. Avery and Lindsay are safe, they head off to the balcony. Quani and Ben head up to the balcony. Zia and Juelz lost the challenge and are sent home.