NCIS Recap 10/30/18: Season 16 Episode 6 “Beneath the Surface”

NCIS Recap 10/30/18: Season 16 Episode 6 "Beneath the Surface"

Tonight on CBS NCIS returns with an all-new Tuesday, October 30, 2018, season 16 episode 6 called, “Beneath the Surface” and we have your weekly NCIS recap below. On tonight’s NCIS season 16 episode 6, as per the CBS synopsis, “Torres recognizes the victim of a Halloween crime scene as a friend from a training.”

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A couple of bodies were found at a gas station bathroom on tonight’s all new episode of “NCIS”. One of them victims was identified as Petty Officer Tim Buckley. His wallet and ID card had still been on his persons and so identifying him hadn’t been that difficult, but the second victim’s wallet hadn’t been found with anywhere near the scene. They had had to run his DNA to get his name and he was identified as Anderson Kohl. Kohl had gone to the Academy the same time as Torres and so Torres explained what he was like. He was apparently an ace cadet because there was nothing he couldn’t do if he put his mind to it and so him flunking out wasn’t because he was a poor student. It happened because Kohl had had a problem with authority.

Torres also added that he soon lost contact with Kohl after Kohl flunked out. Therefore, he had no idea what happened to Kohl afterwards and that’s where Bishop took over. She found out that Kohl didn’t have a career on file nor were his taxes mentioning how he afforded his lavish lifestyle. Bishop and Torres went to Kohl’s apartment and he was in a luxurious condo filled with expensive things. There was even a real dinosaur head in the condo and a bunch of expensive cars. The agents had thought some of the cars belonged to other tenants and it turns out there were all Kohl. Kohl also had a secret room in his condo and Bishop found money as well as several passports with different names though they all had Kohl’s face on them.

Whatever Kohl was involved in was nefarious to say the least. Torres thought his former friend might have been involved in smuggling. It would explain the different sort of currency they found and the passports yet Gibbs told them if they didn’t know then they should go out and look for evidence. The team tried to find out what Kohl was involved in and they ruled out everything. It wasn’t smuggling and he hadn’t been involved in with any Intelligence Agency. The team couldn’t figure out what he was and so they asked Kasie to look through his things. She later believed she came across his birthday list until she realized that his list coincided with trips out on the country and that someone always died.

The birthday list was in fact a hit list, Kohl was a hitman and once they figured out his list they knew what type of people he was being paid to kill. The victims were drug dealers, cartel members, and several of them had been in the mafia. The only one that hadn’t seemed like the others was Jenny Wayfair. She was the girlfriend of a pawnshop owner and it was the boyfriend that was accused of racketeering as well as money laundering. He fit the victim type and so Jenny stood out. The team wondered if someone would want revenge for her and so they spoke to the boyfriend. He recently had bypass surgery and so he could never have snuck in that bathroom via a vent much less kill two trained men in their prime. And so the boyfriend was in the clear, but the team still had other avenues to pursue.

The found out who was selling guns to Kohl. The guy was a friend of Kohl’s and he knew what Kohl did although finding out that Kohl was new. He had been so freaked out by it because he wanted to know if these people had his name and, when NCIS couldn’t answer him, he decided to stop talking. He didn’t believe that the team could keep him safe and so he only revealed what couldn’t be connected to him. He told them that Kohl died because of someone he refused to kill. The team needed help figuring who this person was because they were still in danger and so they went back to an old source. They found out there had been a witness to Jenny’s death and this witness revealed that someone told her to change her story. She said she was threatened by the son of Jenny’s boyfriend.

The son was the one that was laundering money. He had been hiding it from everyone when Jenny found out and so he called a number that some of his contacts had given him. The son claimed that he thought Jenny was just going to be threatened to back off, only no one wanted to hear his excuses and so they asked for the name that went with the number. He gave the property manager. The same property manager that the team had met earlier. Rachel Brentwood had been the one that let them into Kohl’s condo and the whole time she was actually Kohl’s handler. She forced the team to kill her when they came to arrest her and so the team still hadn’t found out who was the hit that Kohl turned down.

All they had from Brentwood before she died was that Kohl refused to kill military. Luckily, she had another burner phone in her apartment and there was a new kill list on it. It had Navy Lieutenant Connor Reese’s name on it and the team secured him. They also were able to arrest their hitman and so the killing for hire business was shut down with the handler out of commission, but the team didn’t know why the hitmen were going after the servicemen until they learned that he was on the jury of a drug trafficking case. The case has now been upgraded to attempted murder and so no one else would be putting a hit on Reese anytime soon.

The team handed were going to get answers from hitman before they hand him over to the CIA because the CIA had an ongoing case against this mysterious syndicate however they noticed that the CIA Officer sent to work with them was more interested in the team than he was in solving a case.


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