NCIS Recap 3/13/18: Season 15 Episode 17 “One Man’s Trash”

NCIS Recap 3/13/18: Season 15 Episode 17 "One Man's Trash"

Tonight on CBS NCIS returns with an all-new Tuesday, March 13, 2018, season 15 episode 17 called, “One Man’s Trash” and we have your weekly NCIS recap below. On tonight’s NCIS season 15 episode 17, as per the CBS synopsis, “Gibbs and Ducky see an antique war stick on television that could be the missing murder weapon to a 16-year-old cold case.”

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Ducky was back in town and his mind was sharp as ever when he saw a murder weapon on sale on tonight’s all new episode of “NCIS”

Ducky it seems has never missed an episode of “American Pickers”. He even watches when he’s supposed to be working and so that how come he saw the antique war stick. The War stick dates back to Vikings’ time and the reason Ducky had gotten so caught up on it was because he realized it might be a murder weapon. He remembered working a case few years ago that involved a petty officer being bludgeoned by a stick of some sort and it had always puzzled both him and Gibbs that they never found the murder weapon. They knew the victim had been killed by a stick of some sort and so they couldn’t understand why anyone would take it with them when they left rather than just wiping down.

The murderer could have easily wiped the murder weapon down or clean it using bleach. They instead took the weapon with them and so Ducky had investigated what the weapon could be. He had found a small wooden spike that had been embedded in the victim’s skull and that coupled with the evidence of the victim dying from a blunt force object, had made him realize he was looking for a Vikings War stick and so the team at the time had made a conclusion based on what they knew. They had known at the time that the stick could have belonged to someone from Esteemed Order of the Blue Guard and that was an old fraternity that tended to hoard such items, but they hadn’t gotten any new leads at the time and were eventually forced into benching the case.

That is, until now! Both Ducky and Gibbs were watching the show when they saw the weapon and realized how important it could be. So they tracked down the woman that used to own it and they talked to Mrs. Keogh about how she got such a rare find. She told them that she had bought at a flee market a decade ago and that she hadn’t remembered the name of the man that sold it to her. Mrs. Keogh said his name could have Earl or something and so she promised to look through the many cards she had collected over the years until she found the guy. In the meantime, the team tracked down the weapon because it had been sold to Mike Wolfe from the show “American Pickers” and they had talked to him about the weapon.

Mike Wolfe had recognized what a find it was when he had bought the war stick and he told them that there were collectors out there that would never have let such a valuable item out of his sights. He was actually talking to the agents about how strange collectors could get when they heard back from Mrs. Keogh and found out it had been Roy Baxter that had sold her the item. Wolfe had recognized the name and had told the team that Baxter worked his way up to becoming antique’s dealer. The man had apparently run a shop not far from their location and so after they got the war stick from Wolfe they had proceeded to head over to Baxter’s shop. And unfortunately when they got there, they found Baxter bludgeoned to death by the dumpsters.

They believed that whoever had attacked had waited for him to take out the garbage out back and had then jumped him before he even knew what was happening though the fact he had been killed just like Petty Officer Marvin Finn had been had made them question if that was the killer’s MO. The person they were looking for had killed the petty office sixteen years ago and had then gone seemingly underground when they killed Baxter. Baxter therefore had been the key. He must have gotten the murder weapon from the killer and, when they killer found out that Baxter had sold it, they had then killed Baxter to stop him from revealing where he bought the item. So they checked Baxter’s security system and all they found was an avid collector.

The collector had bought a gun that belonged to General Patton and hadn’t cared about a war stick. He said that unless they could connect it to someone famous that he wouldn’t have cared about it and so the team no loner viewed him as a suspect. They just handed over the war stick to Abby and had hoped she would find some answers and she hadn’t. Abby couldn’t find anything on the weapon and so the person that had ended up helping them was Kasie Hines. Hines was the Graduate Assistant that was helping Ducky with his book and she had been hanging around while the others investigated the case. And when she found out about this war stick, she had asked her friends to help her research the item. Her friends got back to her when they found something interesting.

Hines’s friends told her that a whole host of items from the Esteemed Order of the Blue Guard had been on display at the museum until eventually they were placed in storage and amongst the items that had been listed was a one-of-a-kind war stick. The stick was even listed as still being in storage and so a couple of agents went over there to check out this storage facility. They had noticed that everything had appeared to be undisturbed and so they hadn’t noticed anything wrong until they opened the crate holding allegedly holding the war stick. The war stick had been gone from crate and the agents had seen blood splatter. The blood was tested and it had belonged to their petty officer, so they found the initial crime scene.

The petty office had been killed in the crate and that hadn’t made any sense to the team because the guy had supposedly been out having a beer with his best friend Bill Lester. Lester however had later admitted that he lied when he said they had been out to drinks because his friend had taken his place on duty with driving some antiques from the Naval Museum. Lester on the other hand had been having an affair with his Commanding Officer’s wife and so that’s why he had lied that night. He said he hadn’t made a connection between the Naval Museum and his friend’s death because his friend had been found twenty miles away in a bad neighbourhood. If he had known differently, he said he would have come forward and so the team were able to connect their victim to the scene.

What they couldn’t figure out was who killed them and so they looked into everyone that had been involved with the antiques’ removal. That’s how they learned that the billionaire they had spoken to, Clarence Wyatt, had lied to them. He said he had bought General Patton’s gun and it turns out the gun hadn’t belonged to Patton. It had merely been a gun from WWII and so he had made fifteen thousand dollars for it because that had been his way of bribing Baxter. Baxter had agreed to sale therefore he had been willing to accept the bribe and so the only thing that had changed had been Wyatt. Wyatt hadn’t been sure of Baxter and that’s why he later killed. And he killed him because sixteen years ago he had killed the petty officer.

Wyatt hadn’t made his money by then and so he had worked a driver. He drove the antiques to the new museum and had accidentally left behind his DNA at the crime scene in the crate because he stole an item. The item was known to be a good luck totem and so that’s why Wyatt had held onto it for so long, but he had had to kill the petty officer to get the thing and had thought he was so smart when he dumped Flynn’s body in a bad neighbourhood because no one would suspected a seemingly upstanding citizen. Only this case they had and connecting him to the scene of the crime had forced him to make a full confession.