Quantico Recap 5/10/18: Season 3 Episode 3 “Hell’s Gate”

Quantico Recap 5/10/18: Season 3 Episode 3 "Hell's Gate"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Quantico airs with an all-new Thursday, May 10, 2018, season 3 episode 3  and we have your Quantico recap below. On tonight’s Quantico, Season 3 episode 3 as per the ABC synopsis, “The team must protect an ex-CIA agent to take down a cartel kingpin, an assignment that puts all of their lives in danger.”

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Ryan and Shelby are cooking. Alex comes in. They talk about her settling into her new place. Shelby asks her if she misses Italy. Ryan gives her a look. Shelby runs out for coffee. Ryan asks Alex not to tell Shelby that he kissed her. Alex is disappointed. She doesn’t want to be out in a situation where she would lie.

A big cartel leader is on trial. The star witness has jumped to his death. They have a new witness. The authorities come to Owen and the team to protect him. The team meets to talk about their new case. After Harry asks Ryan how Shelby took the news. Ryan admits he didn’t tell her.

Owen and the team go to pick up Charlie, the witness. He doesn’t want to go. Alex asks him if he wants to see Culebra go down or not? He did spend two years undercover. He grabs his bags. On their way traffic comes to a stop. Men on street bikes come out of nowhere and start shooting. They all get out and fire. Alex grabs Charlie and hops on one of the dead guy’s bikes and leaves.

The team all meet near a carnival. They need to change up their plans. Charlie gives them an idea – an old safe house with a stocked bar. Someone on the inside is dirty. Jagdeep, Celine, and Jocelyn do some research. They find a suspect who could have leaked information about the case and Charlie. They track him down and bring him into the office. He finally breaks and admits the cartel threatened his family.

At the safe house, Charlie finds a bottle. Mike is ready for a sip. Alex tells him no. Shelby asks her why she is on edge. She tells her she isn’t. Meanwhile, Owen and Jocelyn talk. He is sad to see Charlie. He is older, grey and not the same man he was.

Charlie asks Alex what she is hiding from Shelby. A camera goes on the fritz. They all stand. Charlie warns them that someone is coming. They ready their guns. Charlie knows about a trap door. They run. The men come in. The gang leaves the safe house, blowing it up behind them.

They head to Alex’s. They get word from Jocelyn that they have a mole who says a man named Dolfo is behind the leaks. They ask Charlie if he knows a man named Dolfo. He does. Owen and the others need to find Dolfo so the leaks stop. They realize he likes the gay dating online circuit.

Charlie is fixing one of Alex’s clocks. She comes in. They talk. He asks her what she is hiding from Shelby who is secretly standing outside the room. She changes the subject. She talks about missing Andrea and his daughter. He eats as they talk. He begins to have trouble breathing. He is allergic to nuts. They rush to get his epi pen.

Celine tells Owen and Jagdeep that they have used their shirtless profiles to lure Dolfo. They head to an underground club where he hangs out. Ryan goes in. He gets hit on. Owen and Harry laugh on the outside as they listen in.

Shelby gets Alex alone and asks her what she is keeping from her. She tells her nothing. Alex admits that things are weird for the 3 of them right now but the two of them will always be friends. They hug.

Ryan attracts Dolfo. They head outside. Ryan tells him to wait when he comes on to him. Ryan tells him he has an apartment down the start. Dolfo starts to wonder who he is. He stabs him and runs. Owen and Harry come after him. They stop him with guns aimed and try to talk to him. Shots are fired from somewhere. Dolfo goes down.

Mike and Alex say goodbye to Charlie as he leaves with Shelby in a truck. Something Charlie says to Alex about her clock gets her thinking. They head to her apartment. She checks the back of the clock. There is a zip drive in there. Charlie was lovers with the cartel leader’s sister who was killed by her brother. They see Dolfo in some photos and a man, Aker. Charlie wants revenge. They race to the courthouse. Charlie is going to kill the cartel leader. They alert the team.

Charlie takes the stand. An FBI agent, Aker, sets up a sniper rifle on the roof. Mike comes out. The agent comes at him from behind. Alex shoots the agent. Inside the courtroom, Charlie has rigged his epi-pen to shoot at the cartel leader. Owen comes in last minute and shoots at Charlie.

Alex goes to see Charlie in jail. Shelby picks Ryan up at the hospital.


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