Ray Donovan Recap 11/25/18: Season 6 Episode 5 “Ellis Island”

Ray Donovan Recap 11/25/18: Season 6 Episode 5 "Ellis Island"

Tonight on Showtime Emmy Award-winning drama Ray Donovan airs with an all-new Sunday, November 25, 2018, episode and we have your Ray Donovan recap down below.  On tonight’s Ray Donovan season 6 episode 5 called,  “Ellis Island,” as per the Showtime synopsis, “Hoping to make up for lost time, Ray plans a day with Conor in New York before he ships out overseas with the Marines. Sam and Ray put together a fix to give Anita a bump in popularity. Sam tries to strike a deal with Mayor Ferrati. Mickey devises a radical plan to recoup his losses. Bunchy asks Terry for a favor.

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Ray Donovan begins tonight with Chalky Silver (Mason Alban) getting cleaned up after the beating he took from Ray (Liev Schreiber) and Smitty (Graham Rogers); just as he attempts to calm down his son, the police barge in with Mac (Domenick Lombardozzi) arresting him. Ray and Smitty talk about Ellis Island, Smitty revealing a trip he took to the Statue of Liberty with his father; as they get to Smitty’s place, Ray tells him only tell Bridget (Kerris Dorsey) that he was out drinking with his buddies.

Ray reassures Smitty that Chalky will not come after him, but before he can go in and lie to her; she spots them in the car and confronts them demanding to know if they killed someone. She spots the blood and shouts for Ray to get out of their lives as he reminds her that Conor’s (Devon Bagby) flight gets in at 10; Smitty says he needs to get inside as she is really pissed. Terry (Eddie Marsan) calls Ray, saying the need to talk about Bunchy (Dash Mihok).

Mickey (Jon Voight) tells Bunchy this is only a bump in the road, with Sandy stealing all the money; telling Bunchy to think positive. Mickey breaks into a car outside as Bunchy holds onto Maria, looking from inside. Ray goes to see Terry, cleaning the blood off himself and noticing the garbage being collected.

Sam Winslow (Susan Sarandon) deals with her son, George (Keir O’Donnell) who is upset that Lacy is not getting a call back for a role. Sam tells him that Lacy is not movie star material and him telling her this is what started the cycle. She insists he needs to go back to in-patient treatment and they can revisit this conversation in 28-days; he leaves angry. Sam calls Ed (Zach Grenier), agreeing to meet him in the morning.

Terry is shocked that Ray was unable to talk any sense into Bunchy, but Ray wants to know what happened to Terry’s face and learns he took a fight. Ray reminds him that he had brain surgery; Terry says they are all going to die so it makes no difference, but feels Ray should have brought him to Bunch as he could have made the difference because he isn’t afraid of Terry like he is of Ray. Mickey, Bunchy, and Maria drive to a motel, where Mickey checks in as Mr. Johnson.

Mac sits in court with another officer who talks to him about his wife coming back to him. Rad feels that if his wife cheated on him he would make her beg and do obscene things before he took her back; Chalky is called up next by the judge.

Ray watches as couples unite at the airport, happy to see Conor until he notices that he has been drinking. Conor gets defensive, saying they just finished basic training and ship off to Europe in a few days, feeling he could handle a few beers; Conor accuses Ray of drinking all the time, doesn’t want to go out to eat, only go back to Ray’s and sleep. Mickey turns off the TV and shows Bunchy a bus schedule, saying it is a field trip and takes Maria.

Mac and the other NYPD officer are told they have to go see Sgt Mikey “Rad” Radulovic (Tony Curran). Meanwhile, Chalky is being transported by a Corrections’ bus.

Sam arrives to meet with Ed, saying she wants him to support her bid to buy Arthur Kell and in exchange, she will withdraw her support for Anita Novak (Lola Glaudini). He wants to know who she paid off to get the garbage men working again; she insists he can’t change his past and demands Arthur Kell and if he doesn’t she will put his face on everything she owns. He doesn’t want to be associated with her. She thanks him for the coffee, but as she leaves he warns her if she keeps up the BS, he will match her move for move! She tells him to enjoy the remainder of his term.

Conor likes Ray’s new apartment. Ray suggests they go out to Ellis Island today, reminding him that their family came in through there. Conor isn’t interested, he’d rather have a selfie with a movie star than spend time with his father. Sam interrupts them with her phone call, saying he needs to meet her now and it cannot wait.

Mickey and Bunchy are on the bus as Mickey takes notes of the people on the bus; whispering to Bunchy how one woman’s earring could get them to Canada.

Ray calls Lena (Katherine Moennig), who informs him the money is heading North. He inquires about Justine (Alexandra Turshen); Lena says they cannot get her to screw another man but he says he will text her the details and see what Justine says.

Sam shows Ray that the garbage strike is over and Riley was behind it. Ray admits he met with Anita the previous night but doesn’t want to tell her about it. She tells him whatever it is, she needs it to happen today and dismisses him when she takes another call.

On the “Mister Lucky” set, Ray brings Conor who runs into Stu (Josh Pais); learning that his brother, Daryll (Pooch Hall) has been banished from the set because for some strange reason Jay (Brian White) won’t work if Daryll is on set, so now Stu is stuck working on this “piece of horse crap!” They are asked to leave the set as well so Ray calls Daryll saying Conor wants to see him. Ray tells him to sober up and meet him at his office; he has a job for him and if he does it, he will get him back working on the movie. Conor is pissed off and decides he just wants to hang out with Bridget; but Ray once again, wants to go to Ellis Island, giving him a time to meet for the Ferry.

Mickey tells Bunchy that tomorrow is Friday and that means it will be the richest day in New York, explaining his plan on how to rob the bus at gunpoint. Bunchy thinks Mickey is out of his mind, but Mickey disagrees saying this is their best bet at getting cash. Bunchy brings Maria to the ice cream vendor and sits with her in the park, obviously very conflicted.

Lena throws some ripped clothes at Justine, saying she needs her to be at the North woods bridge at 1 pm for another job; promising to help her brother afterward. She puts on the ripped clothes and after they kiss, Lena says she needs to make her look bad and beats her. Ray calls Sam, saying he is going to have his brother help him and when they get it done she needs to consider giving him his job back; she agrees if he gets the numbers going in the right direction.

Ray watches as Anita is jogging and “witnesses” Justine get beaten under the bridge; as everyone watches the one side, Ray watches as Daryll takes off with Lena. Anita comforts Justine as people record everything and they wait for help to arrive. Ray is at the docks, calling Conor who is out drinking with Smitty and Bridget. Conor prefers to stay at the bar and Ray decides to go to the Island anyway. A stranger, Annie (Gillian Saker) sits beside him after she overhears he was stood up; he learns she is from Ireland and she mocks him that he looks like his dog just died.

He runs into her on the island again, reciting a poem, saying it could do wonders for a man of such little words. Ray says he does security, talking about protecting blankets. He reveals that Conor is 18 but is a Marine. He points out his family member on the wall but he didn’t know him. Annie says poor bastard comes to the US only to go back to die; he says that is a thing in his family; she wonders if he was bringing Conor there to scare him off of being a soldier, suggesting he take a picture of the wall and show it to Conor. Ray takes a photo, but when he looks up, Annie is nowhere to be found.

Bunchy takes Maria to Terry’s Boxing Club, revealing Mickey lost the money. He tells Terry to take Maria and if he isn’t back in 48 hours he needs to call Theresa. Terry wants to get him out of this but Bunchy says watch Maria, that is how he helps.

Conor is at home with Smitty and Bridget when Ray arrives, wondering if Conor is ready. Ray tells him to get changed as he doesn’t want to miss his flight. Smitty doesn’t want to offer Ray a hit assuming he doesn’t get high, although Bridget feels her dad should. Smitty reveals that he heard the cops got Chalky and wants to know if Ray made it happen. Ray doesn’t answer, saying him and Conor need to go.

Back at the airport, Ray offers to park in short-term and will go in with Conor, saying he doesn’t need to be a Marine as he can be good at a lot of things and doesn’t want him to do anything stupid because he is mad at him. Ray doesn’t want him to make a choice for the wrong reasons, Conor gets out of the car ignoring Ray calling him back.

Mickey and Bunchy return to the motel as Mickey continues to talk about their plans and going to Vietnam. Mickey reminds Bunchy that it was a good thing he left Maria with Terry, as she is safe and now his mind is free to concentrate on the job. Ray arrives at the bar, sitting beside Mac. Ray reveals that he just dropped Conor off; he admits he screwed up and should have made Conor stay. Mac says the kid is 18 years old and they don’t listen at that age; you love your kids and that is all you can do. The other cops in the bar leave, telling Mac they are going to the range and he needs to bring enough ammo for “Hollywood”. Ray wants to know what is wrong, but Mac tells him nothing, except that they are going to shoot off some guns.

Terry cuddles with Maria as Bunchy sits in his motel room watching TV. Sam seems pleased with the news story about Anita being behind the attack on Justine; Lena holds a beaten Justine, continuing to watch the tracker of where the money is. Daryll returns to his director position on the movie set. Conor leaves on his deployment, while Ray watches Mac and his NYPD buddies shoot off rounds and rounds at abandon cars. He notices a plane depart and takes a drink.

Once home, Ray is startled by a knock at his door, he opens it to find Anita there; she wants to know if he is going to invite her in. She tells him that he is pretty clever at what he did today, but some people are just dumb. She asks if he is going to offer her a drink, he closes the door, rinses out his glass and pours her a shot. He asks her again what she wants and why is she there. She tries to kiss him, but he pulls away. After the third time, he begins to kiss her back. She bites him so hard, she makes him bleed and then he gets excited and the two have sex right in his kitchen.



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