Ray Donovan Recap 12/02/18: Season 6 Episode 6 “A Girl Named Maria”

Ray Donovan Recap 12/02/18: Season 6 Episode 6 "A Girl Named Maria"

Tonight on Showtime Emmy Award-winning drama Ray Donovan airs with an all-new Sunday, December 2, 2018, episode and we have your Ray Donovan recap down below.  On tonight’s Ray Donovan season 6 episode 6 called,  “A Girl Named Maria,” as per the Showtime synopsis, “A masked intruder with ties to the mayor makes a threat on Sam’s life. In looking for answers, Ray uncovers more than he bargained for.

Now he’s got a target on his back and a friend whom he doesn’t know if he can trust. Searching for their ticket out of the country, Mickey and Bunchy board the Hampton Jitney. Bridget babysits her baby cousin, as Terry can’t stay away from his chance to fight again.

Tonight’s Ray Donovan season 6 episode 6  is going to be exciting.  So be sure to bookmark this spot and come back from 9 PM – 10 PM ET for our Ray Donovan recap.  While you wait for our recap make sure to head over and check out all our Ray Donovan news, recap, spoilers & more!

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Ray Donovan begins tonight with Sam Winslow (Susan Sarandon) waking up to a masked gunman in her bedroom, ordering her not to move; meanwhile, Ray (Liev Schreiber) is having sex with Anita (Lola Glaudini) at his place. Ray muffles Anita from screaming out as the robber orders Sam to get Anita to pull out of the mayor’s race, pistol whipping her. Ray wakes up alone, pours himself a drink and sits on the couch as a beaten Sam wakes up, feeling the blood on her head and immediately calls Ray; saying someone broke into her house and she isn’t okay.

Maria wakes up crying as Terry (Eddie Marsan) tries to comfort and take care of her. He offers her pizza from the night before, but she refuses. Lena (Katherine Moennig) meets Ray and they go to see Sam, who brings them drinks. She has never had a break-in before, admitting she was knocked unconscious on a film set, but Ray and Lena take care of her. She said it was obvious by the way he spoke that the assailant was bright and cunning. She wants the guy to know that she can also get to him; Ray reassures her that he will take care of it.

Outside, Ray and Lena check out the building, but when he sees NYPD cameras he tells Lena he is going to see an officer friend; telling her to stay with Sam. Meanwhile, Terry doesn’t know what she is going to do with Maria as he puts her inside an empty boxing ring. He gets a call from Big Easy (Jacob Ming-Trent) who is offering him some more action; he says he isn’t doing anything and will be right over. He promises Maria he is going to fix this and calls Bridget (Kerris Dorsey), asking her to come to the gym for a favor, but doesn’t explain why.

Terry begins punching the bag so he can train for his next fight in spite of what Ray had told him. Sam isn’t surprised that Ray left Lena to babysit. She says people can’t see in, although it feels like they could. Lena sympathizes for what happened but Sam tells her she plays with mean people and is surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. She asks Lena to sit with her, questioning her about her past but she is very vague. Sam reveals that she bit the robber and finds out more about Lena who says she did time in jail for aggravated assault and also bit her. Sam says she knows the taste and it lingers!

Ed (Zach Grenier) walks through the club, where he runs into Ray in the bathroom. After he welcomes Ray to the club, Ray warns him that he crossed the line with Sam Winslow last night and to keep away from her. Ed doesn’t appreciate being threatened but Ray punches him in the throat, telling him if he goes near Sam again he will kill him.

Mac (Domenick Lombardozzi) meets with Emerson Lake (Max Casella), who hands Mac the wire back, saying everything he did is not a help to his case. Mac says he got him what he needed, but there was a name he heard when he was with the Judge – the mayor. He wants Mac to help him learn more about the judge and the mayor, walking away as Mac takes the wire, but vomits outside the diner.

Bridget is shocked to see Maria and learn that Bunchy (Dash Mihok) dropped her off and left; she sees how hyper Terry is and wonders if he is on drugs. He refuses to tell her what “thing” he has and needs her to watch Maria for the next three days. Terry tells Bridget that Maria is not a felony, but family and runs off, leaving the two girls together. Bridget isn’t sure what to do but takes her little cousin anyways.

Bunchy waits in his vehicle as Mickey (Jon Voight), dressed as a priest, rides the tour bus. A priest comes out to talk to Bunchy, who says he is outside listening to hip-hop to get in touch with today’s youth. Bunchy says he is Father Brady and the other father makes fun of him, saying he is full of jokes, inviting him to a variety show they do. Bunchy acts like his phone is ringing to make him go away.

Ray visits his surveillance expert, who gives his condolences over Abby; reminiscing about when they met. It makes Ray smile, but the mood quickly changes when he says it is a secure server but since it is NYPD it will take a couple of hours. Ray phones Mac, saying he needs the security footage; Mac says he will get it but needs a few minutes as he needs to see a guy about it.

Bunchy sees the bus approaching and Mickey stands up, points a gun at the driver, telling him to pull over at the church, saying this is a robbery and as long as no one does anything stupid, they will all get away and have a great story to tell their rich friends. Bunchy runs to the bus, covering the driver as Mickey argues with a female passenger; just long enough for a military passenger to produce his own weapon. He says it is his brother’s gun, and he will be pissed off if he uses it. Bunchy orders Mick not to shoot anyone or he will shoot his own father.

Mickey throws down the bag but steals the purse of the woman who refused to give him anything and they take off with only $32. Bunchy tells him it wasn’t right and pulls over, saying there is a check cashing place and he is going in there. He throws the nylons on his face and they are doing it right now! Bunchy orders them to stay down for 5 minutes after they leave, as Mickey takes the cash; thanking them as he runs out.

Terry is busy fighting with a man much bigger than he is and taking a beating. Terry begins to use his face as a punching bag and breaks his arm; being declared the winner. Mickey and Terry take off, proud of the job they did and are a good team. Big Easy comes to see Terry, saying since he disqualified one of his best boys a spot opened up in the Eliminator, 8 fighters and the last man standing wins 50Gs. Terry declines, showing him the machine that is keeping him alive and if he adjusts it, what happens out there could be a whole lot worse. Big Easy tells him to think about the money.

Ray receives a call from Mac who says the cameras are out of order; but his friend shows him that it isn’t and reveals the face of who he is looking for, Ray takes off. Bridget brings Maria home to the apartment, dressing her up. Mac leaves for the night and is reminded he has to come in for his sensitivity training, something he completely forgot about.

Outside, Ray confronts him about lying to him and Danny Bianchi (Chris Tardio) being at Sam Winslow’s apartment; Mac wants to know what he was thinking about when he was going after the mayor. He says everyone is watching him and he can’t cover for him anymore as he needs to leave town – no more Sam Winslow and no more Anita Novak, as a friend there is a huge shitstorm and he should have nothing to do with it; he urges Ray to walk away.

Bunchy finds Bridget outside the gym, who profusely apologizes to him but when he walks inside he finds Theresa inside who is furious that he threw her away like a piece of trash for cheating on him; but this is on him, all of this. He didn’t do this because she cheated, he thought she loved him and she was there with their baby missing her the whole time and he never would have screwed around on her. It felt like their whole relationship was a big lie.

Theresa says it was a big lie, she wanted to love him but she never did. He is angry that she gets to have it both ways; not love him and have their kid. He says, “Fk you!” He took Maria away from her because she is mentally ill and he should have never broken her out of the nut house; Theresa slaps him. She takes Maria, as Terry holds him back, letting them go. He grabs Bridget, saying that is Theresa’s baby and that is her mother, something he needs to understand. She said she did it because she knows what its like to live without her mom; he says he does too.

Bunchy sits on the bench holding Maria’s baby shoe as Terry tries to tell him that things will be all right. Bunchy says things will never be all right again and walks away. Mickey returns to the car and Bunchy tells him it is over as Theresa took the kid, he isn’t going to Vietnam. He is just done, but Mickey doesn’t want to go without him. Bunchy says “Goodbye” and “I love you.” Mickey gets in the car and takes off.

Ray returns to Sam’s place, walking past Lena’s revealing he knows the man who broke into her place and he is NYPD. Sam talks about how she once took over an Arab company, she got rape and death threats; he reminds her if she is going after the cops he can’t promise to protect her, but she says if they come after her, she will come after them harder! It’s who she is and what she does. She wonders who Ray is. He says he will get some answers, returning downstairs and tells Lena he is going to Staten Island.

Bunchy walks to the waterfront where he drinks his alcohol and stares out at the Statue of Liberty. Ray begins his drive out to Staten Island, noticing the woman that Lena was observing earlier. Mickey grabs the bag of money him and Bunchy stole, he smiles and continues his drive out of the city. Terry returns home, calls Big Easy asking if he still needs a fighter. Bridget calls her dad, saying she doesn’t want to fight with him, as they both say they miss Abby. He tries to assure her that she will never lose him, but he gets pulled over by two police squad cars. He is ordered to get out of the car with his hands up. He tells her that he needs to go, not hinting of any trouble.

Ray throws his keys out of the car, where Rad asks him to step out of the car. They use the baton and take him down, arresting him and throwing him in the back of the squad car, taking him off to god knows where.


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