Running Wild with Bear Grylls Recap 7/2/18: Season 4 Episode 6 “Scott Eastwood”

Running Wild with Bear Grylls Recap 7/2/18: Season 4 Episode 6 "Scott Eastwood"

Tonight on NBC their new show Running With Bear Grylls airs with an all-new Monday, July 2, season 4 episode 6 called, “Scott Eastwood” and we’ve got your Running Wild with Bear Grylls recap down below. On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis,“Dropped into a vast labyrinth of limestone rock formations, the duo must rappel from a towering arch, cross a raging river and descend into a dark cave to survive their journey. As they dodge a colony of bats and face-off against a snake that Bear eyes for dinner, Scott details growing up with his famous father, his love of the outdoors, and his drive to carve his own path in Hollywood.”

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Actor Scott Eastwood went looking for an adventure in the Bulgarian outback on tonight’s all new episode of Running Wild with “Bear Grylls”.

Scott rode to his pickup location and was met there by the man of the hour. Bear Grylls had flown in on a helicopter and they were going to use that same chopper to take them to the drop-off site, so it wasn’t until Scott hopped onboard that he was told the chopper wouldn’t be landing when they got off. They had to leave the helicopter using a technique called “fast-roping” in which they used a rope to quickly climbed down from a helicopter still way up in the air. Bear was used to doing this and Scott wasn’t however Scott hadn’t complained when he climbed down or when he was told they were going to be trekking it the rest of the way. Scott revealed that he had been sent to a survival camp when he was seventeen because back then he had gotten into some trouble and so that instilled in him a love for the outdoors.

Scott said he couldn’t wait for an adventure and so Bear told him what they’ll be doing. They’ll be going over mountains and inside caves as they walked the teen miles to the pickup site. Scott had thought that was simple because he didn’t realize how they were going to be passing through the caves yet Bear soon enlightened when they came across their first rock labyrinth. The guys had walked into several decorations until they found an opening and once they did get inside of the mountain it was pure darkness. It was so dark in there that they had to use their headlights or risked falling further down into the cave without any kind of forewarning. The guys had then tried to move through the cave slightly because they didn’t want to bug the bats. The bats were everywhere and the men could hear them as well as see them flying higher up in the cave

The guys managed to avoid the bats as they got to a cliff inside of the save. Bear said they would have to climb down and unfortunately Scott was the first to go down. He had to mind his face at all times because it could smash into the rocks at certain points and once he was finishing climbing down he then realized he was alone down there. He hadn’t thought he was claustrophobic until he was alone in complete darkness and so he had been glad when Bear finished climbing down as well. The men had to navigate their way out to the other side of the cave and along the journey they ran into a rat snake. Rat snakes were dangerous because if they bite you that bite could be infected and ultimately kill someone, so Bear advised Scott how to carefully pick up the rat snake. He had to grab it by the head and Bear wanted him to put it in his backpack.

Scott though hadn’t wanted to put a live rat snake in his backpack. He asked why they couldn’t kill it first before putting in its bag and Bear replied that would spoil the meant. The snake was going to be their dinner and they had to wait to kill it in order to keep the meat as fresh as possible. Scott still hadn’t picking up a live snake and so he tried to move as fast possible with putting it away. After they were finished with the snake, the guys continued moving through the cave and eventually they were able to get back out in the open. The guys didn’t trek much farther after that because the sun was going down and so they stopped to settle in for the night when they got to talking. Scott mentioned growing up hoe he had gotten into fights because he was a white boy in a Hawaii and the other kids had started bullying him.

Scott managed to make it through that time with few injuries and he was lucky because he had his dad. His dad was the famous actor and director Clint Eastwood, but he was a role model for his son and taught Scott how toughen up. Scott said it was what helped shaped him and so Bear revealed something while they were cooking. He said his wife had never been as excited as when she found out Scott was going to be his guest because she thought he was gorgeous. Bear said that stung a little bit and that in all honesty he wanted to say Scott wasn’t as good looking as he was in pictures except that was a lie. He admitted Scott was handsome, humble, and very easy-going. Scott didn’t even flinch when they skinned the snake and he had no problems with eating it. The only thing that shocked him about the snake meat was that there were so many bones inside of a snake.

Otherwise the guys were fine. They camped for the night and had no problem with sleeping it rough yet they were in for a challenge by the next morning. They were walking to pickup point when they came to the edge of the cliff and realized they would have to climb down. There was nothing to tie their rope around and so Bear said they would have to use friction. They tied their bags to one end of the rope and propelled it off one side of the mountain. The weight of the bags was supposed to act as a counterbalance for them as they scale down the other side of the mountain and, well, Scoot couldn’t see how that would work. He thought they were going to die and still went down the mountain anyways. He propelled down and Bear followed him and no one surprisingly died because of their gamble.

The guys made it down and they eventually got back their bags by using their weight in forcing the bags to come to them. They then went to the river and had needed to take off their clothes to swim to the otherside, so Bear’s wife was really going to love that one! The water thankfully wasn’t freezing like last time and so the guys were able to get across fairly quickly. And after their swim, they went to the waiting car at the pickup site and drove back to civilization.


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