S.W.A.T. Fall Finale Recap 12/06/18: Season 2 Episode 10 “1000 Joules”

S.W.A.T. Fall Finale Recap 12/06/18: Season 2 Episode 10 "1000 Joules"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, December 6, 2018, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 2 episode 10 Fall Finale called “1000 Joules” as per the CBS synopsis, “The SWAT team sets out to recover dozens of DNA evidence kits stolen from an LAPD crime lab and bring in the crew responsible after a close friend of Captain Hicks is harmed during the theft. Also, financial strain at home makes it difficult for Deacon to focus on his role as leader of the SWAT division’s annual holiday toy drive.

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A crew stole crucial evidence in several cases on tonight’s all-new episode “S.W.A.T.” The thieves took sixty-three evidence kits from the LAPD crime lab and with so many suspects it would have been impossible for the police to track down all of them, but Hicks had an idea. He asked that the case is turned over to SWAT. SWAT had the equipment as well as the manpower to track down the thieves. They had the best tactical situation and so the other departments agreed to Hondo take the lead. He would have to check in with Nia because the District Attorney was out of town and so that could have made things a little awkward for him. He and Nia had only recently decided to call it quits and no one was sure who called it first.

Luckily, they were now at the stage where they could laugh about it and that made things easier as they worked together. They were together when Hondo called in a favor. This favor was to “check” phone calls to see who was making any big moves and he got a name. Someone named Corey Barker had talked about doing some with a heavy crew and his cell phone went dark right before the heist. So Nia checked Corey Barker’s name and she found out that she was about to bring to trial his brother Tony Barker. The brother was going to trial for murder and a connection could be made to several others cases on top of that. Tony was looking at life and so the robbery couldn’t have come at a better time for him. And so Hondo and Nia went to go see Tony.

They thought that Tony could be enticed into turning on his brother if he was offered a plea deal. Only Tony played dumb. He claimed the last time he talked to his brother he asked to get his account topped because he was addicted to Little Debbie’s. Tony also said that he knew nothing about any heist and that he didn’t know where his brother could be. He denied knowing anything because he knew if he could wait it out that his brother would remove all the evidence against him and so there was no reason for Tony to ruin a good thing. With him being uncooperative, Hondo had SWAT looking into where Corey could have gotten his hands on his weapons. It was military grade weapons that forced their way into the crime lab and so they went knocking on some doors.

They soon found a gunrunner who’s artillery closest was more decked out than what SWAT had and so Hondo leaned on the man running the place. He demanded to know if Corey got his weapons from him and if so did he mention where he was doing. The guy said that Corey was going after a woman named Rebecca Cates. The name was familiar to SWAT because Rebecca was the police officer at the crime lab and had only nearly survived the heist. She was at the hospital and Hicks who knew he had been visiting. He had been called about the potential threat and so he moved Rebecca to a different room and called for backup. Hicks and later SWAT were able to arrest the men that it seems Corey hired.

Corey hadn’t been at the scene and so they asked his crew what happened to him. It turns out Corey was simply passing the job on. Corey had been hired by a man named Kraft and it was Kraft that hit the crime lab. He stole the evidence kits and told Corey that the kit in Tony’s case could disappear if Corey killed the only eye-witness to the heist. And, well, the offer had been too for Corey. He took the job and then hired the crew to go after Rebecca, but he had bragged about Kraft and so SWAT knew who they were looking for. They tried to figure out who could be this mysterious Kraft person and their best bet was a guy named Lolo Matani. Matani ran a criminal empire and the cops got him on molesting young boys.

The DNA from those rape kits were stolen with the rest of the cache and that made Matani look guilty. SWAT went over to his mansion when they noticed he was moving money around and they found Matani as he was burning his evidence kit. They thought the fire show proved once and for all who was behind the heist, except they were again wrong. Matani told them that he bought his kit from a guy named Kraft. Kraft it seems was running an underworld blackmail scheme. He would tell people to pay up or their evidence kits would be returned to the cops later that day. It was actually pretty smart. Kraft whoever he was had found a way to blackmail people he knew who would never go to the police and he wasn’t asking for small change.

Kraft got three hundred thousand out of Matani and there were over sixty evidence kits he had in his possession. He could be making millions without anyone knowing and so SWAT tried to find him. The only lead they had was Rebecca and she came through in a big way. She had been injured and was bleeding out when she managed to pick up a bullet shell before secreting in the building. SWAT later found that shell and lifted a fingerprint off it. It belonged to John Seeley. He was military trained and was recently released from where his cellmate said he had become obsessed with the crime lab. And on top of that Seeley matched the description that Matani gave and so he was in fact, Kraft.

They hunted down Seeley and found him in the middle of another sale. It wasn’t clear which side began shooting first, but once it started it didn’t end until they had chased down Seeley as he tried to make a run for it.

He was eventually captured when they deployed the chopper and the kits were recovered.

Unfortunately, nine of the kits had been damaged beyond repair and so the District Attorney’s office found out that they would have to start over from scratch to find even more evidence.


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