S.W.A.T. Recap 10/04/18: Season 2 Episode 2 “Gasoline Drum”

S.W.A.T. Recap 10/04/18: Season 2 Episode 2 "Gasoline Drum"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, October 4, 2018, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 2 episode 2 called “Gasoline Drum,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The SWAT team works together with their former member Jim Street to find a woman and her son who are running from an international drug cartel.

Also, Hondo makes a distressing discovery about his incarcerated friend’s teen son, and Luca mulls over a government program that allows officers to buy homes in the at-risk neighborhoods they police.”

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S.W.A.T. begins tonight with a mother, running through the house, holding her young son’s hand, yelling out for her young daughter, Ela. Unfortunately, she needs to flee the house as the two gunmen barge in shooting, leaving her daughter inside underneath a desk. Jimmy Street (Alex Russell) and Tony Larmen (Joseph Lee Anderson), as Tony takes a photo of the car and calls it in, they spot two suspects inside with shotguns and Street sees the little girl.

Jimmy and Tony go inside the house, but get trapped as SWAT is on the way. Christina “Chris” Alonso (Lina Esco) informs Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Shemar Moore) that the officers on scene are Jimmy and his partner. The team breech the house, but backup arrive for the suspects and a shoot out takes place; Hondo orders Jimmy to stay with the girl. Unfortunately, they manage to escape by calling in their own backup, had a bullet proof SUV and tactical gear; both David “Deacon” Kay (Jay Harrington) and Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson) wonder who they’re dealing with?

Robert Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) reports they found the SUV abandoned and Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) reveals DEA thinks they know who these guys are. DEA Agent Floyd (Jason E. Kelley) says they found heroin and guns in the house, saying it’s a stash spot; and from everything they described this has crew to be the Omegas. They are a team trained by the DEA to hunt drug cartels in Turkey, before becoming one themselves, led by a man named Cano Ozdemir aka Omega One (Amir Khalighi).

Victor Tan (David Lim) shows a photo of the woman and boy that witnesses saw, who are hiding; too scared. Hondo says she is a target right now and wants s search warrant. Luca thinks he might have a lead as there is no way the Omegas would ship a truck like that overseas; Deacon and Chris go with him. Cortez has called social services about the girl, but Hondo has an idea. He calls Street over, asking him to see if he can get anything out of the girl.

Hicks and Cortez see a car who has been watching them the whole time. Hicks sees a gun and orders her to exit the car, but Jessica reveals her name is Kamile (Tiffany Lonsdale) and she is an Interpol officer from Turkey. Hicks says Interpol has no jurisdiction in the States and they can’t carry weapons in the US. She says she is there hunting Omegas, revealing they are looking for Jubilee (Victoria Hande) and her son, Rudi and if they want to find them before they Omegas; they will listen to what she has to say.

Jimmy sees there is no signs of abuse on the little girl and Chris suggests he speak to her in Turkish and its clear he has a rapport with kids. Meanwhile, Jessica says Kamile was solid at her job, but Hicks is suspicious as he checked with Interpol and she has been MIA for 7 weeks. Jessica questions Kamile but she makes a good point, saying it was US law enforcement that created the Omegas. They both agree the sacrifices they make must count.

Kamile reveals she followed the Omegas from Istanbul. Most of the time they are efficient, but that changed lately and their failure and exposure at the stash hole shows that and this is why Omega One has come to LA. Kamile reveals he is not leaving until he finds Jubilee and HIS children.

As Deacon, Luca and Chris are checking out his lead, Deacon tells Luca about this “Dollar House” that he should check out since his place is unlivable since the earthquake. Luca felt he would always buy a house once he got married; but maybe its time to buy his own place. They approach the place and he reveals the guy they are meeting is named Casino Gangster (Matt Lasky) and will make anything bullet proof glass.

Chris orders everyone out so they can talk to Gangster in private, a little agitated that he called her “Sweetheart”. Deacon wants to know about SUV’s he customized with the glass. He says Omegas are great for business, but he doesn’t know anything about a woman and a kid; confirming Omegas bought two trucks but he doesn’t know what trucks. Luca wants to know the specs on the glass.

Hondo spots DA Nia Wells (Nikiva Dionne) when he is picking up a warrant, she appreciates him checking up on her. He tells her, he came by the hospital but her husband was there; she asks if he saw his blond girlfriend, Amy too? She says he likes to act protective and the divorce papers get signed this month. Hondo spots Daryl (Deshae Frost) that he tried to keep out of prison. He has a new tattoo and scars; he learns 15 year old Daryl has a girlfriend who is pregnant and now he is going to prison for armed robbery and says this is the same age his pops went away. Hondo says this doesn’t have to be his life and he will keep checking up on him. Daryl isn’t so sure.

Hondo goes to visit Leroy (Michael Beach), asking him for intel on the Omegas. Leroy knows Daryl got arrested. Hondo feels Daryl can turn his life around and there is hope for him, if he has hope for himself. Hondo says Daryl needs Leroy more than ever.

Jessica informs SWAT that Jubilee and her son were not kidnapped, they are running from her estranged husband, Omega One. He forced Jubilee to marry him, by burning her village to the ground and then came along the two children, Rudi and Ela. Hicks confirms social services were on their way to get Ela, but they are going to keep her in the building under their protection. Agent Floyd thinks its a good idea, but they all know the male heir, Rudi is far more important than the mother and daughter.

Their CIs are paying off, and have found some gasoline drums with burnt bodies inside. Kamile confirms that is what the Omegas will do to Jubilee for betraying Omega One. Hondo says Jubilee didn’t get any money from the stash spot, so Agent Floyd has other addresses she might be heading to to grab some money. They narrow down the spots, thinking more like Jubilee than agents.

Deacon approaches Hondo about a moonlighting job for extra cash. Hondo will call his friend to see if there is a spot and he promises he will be there for Sunday dinner.

Luca talks to Hicks about being a candidate for the house. Hicks wants to know if Luca knows what he is getting himself into. He will endorse it if he wants to, but says just because he works in a dump, doesn’t mean he has to live there!

Jimmy continues to talk to Ela about her mother’s plan. Deacon walks in at the perfect time, saying Jimmy simply needs to learn to speak 7-year-old girl, as she is clearly talking about “My Little Pony”. Chris figures out she is talking about a race track. Jubilee sneaks into the stables with Rudi, saying she is getting the money and they will then get Ela, but as soon as she opens the safe; the Omegas are outside the stall.

SWAT, DEA and LAPD rush to the Santa Anita Race track and a shoot out quickly ensues. Another bullet proof truck drives in between the two groups, they shoot out the tires and most of the Omegas are forced to the ground. One runs onto the track with Hondo and Deacon right behind him; Deacon catches him with the taser. Kamile and Jessica remove all their masks and Omega One is not there; but they do have Jubilee and Rudi alive.

Luca talks to Hondo about the “Good Neighborhood” program but he isn’t so sure about the East Hollywood area and doing it. Hondo says that is where he is from and understands there is risk involved and if he had a wife and kids, it might change his way of thinking, but he believes in good intentions and a lot of times he can’t do it with a gun.

Jubilee explains that she never would leave Ela on purpose. Jessica says they are bringing her back to Ela right now. Kamile grabs Jessica’s gun and apologizes, saying she is taking the boy, demanding Jessica’s keys. She is not working for Omega One but taking his son is the only way to get him. She reveals she is doing this for her sister; when she got too close to the Omegas, the took her sister Oba and put her in a gasoline drum. She takes Rudi and takes off in the truck, leaving Jessica with Jubilee.

Jessica orders them to take Jubilee back to HQ as SWAT makes a new plan. Two men arrive with the 5 million that she wanted in exchange for the boy, but Omega One is not willing to meet her. He does get out of the car and SWAT arrives, distracting him as she holds a lit lighter above Rudi inside a gasoline drum. When Omega One tries to jump back into the car, Kamile shoots him in the back and Jessica shoots Kamile while Luca rescues Rudi.

Back at HQ, Jimmy brings out Ela who happily reunites with her mother and brother. Chris informs him that Hondo is working on them getting new identities and a new place to live. He doesn’t think he really contributed to the case at all; but she makes him realize he did exactly what he was supposed to do and people noticed that.

Jessica apologizes to Hicks about Kamile; he says it was a tough call and without her they never would have closed this one. Its a not easy finding the balance between life and work. He raised a family doing this job and the sacrifices are there whether being a man or woman and trying to find the balance is what keeps him sane. She reassures him that she is good.

Leroy tells Hondo that he talked to Daryl, but feels this might be his best path. The odds aren’t great and not everyone can be Hondo; Hondo is angry feeling that Leroy is giving up on his son. Leroy feels if this is the life his son is going to choose he should hook him up with the right people now. Hondo says this is the same ghetto rap he has been spewing his whole life. Leroy reminds him that Daryl is his son, not Hondo’s. Before he leave the room, Hondo tells him he refuses to give up or quit on Daryl and Leroy says no one is asking for his help anymore, but he does appreciate him checking in though.

Hicks goes with Luca to the house that he’s willing to move into. He notices the man that is painting over the graffiti; he knows right away that Luca is a cop, and says he repaints the wall every night as they do this every day. Luca admits he’s thinking about moving in. Luca gets excited about fixing the place up as Hicks says it sounds like they are going to be responding to a lot of noise complaints.

Hondo knocks on Nia’s door, when she opens it he confesses that everything is not okay. He says becoming a cop was about helping people. She feels he did help him, but he doubts it, no matter the intentions it just doesn’t help. He wants to be the change but ultimately doesn’t know if ever will be.

She tells him a quote her daddy used to say, “I can’t be a pessimist because I’m alive. I’m forced to believe that we can survive. Whatever we must survive.” Hondo smiles, saying his mother used to read him the same thing to him from James Baldwin. She says being an optimist is a burden and a little anger.


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