S.W.A.T. Recap 3/8/18: Season 1 Episode 13 “Ghosts”

S.W.A.T. Recap 3/8/18: Season 1 Episode 13 "Ghosts"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, March 8, 2018, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 1 episode 13 called, “Ghosts” as per the CBS synopsis, “Hondo and the team go on the hunt for a serial killer who escaped justice two years prior by faking his death. Also, Hondo worries that Buck Spivey (Louis Ferreira), the team’s former leader, is spiraling into depression in the aftermath of being fired from the department.”

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There had been a situation two years ago. A girl had been abducted in broad daylight and the many witnesses at the scene had provided the direction of the kidnapper. The kidnapper was believed to be a serial who abducted, tortured and killed his victims and he was known as the Vanity Killer. He liked to kill people fresh to the city who were just trying to make a name for himself and so it was rumoured he liked to kill the pretty people. Hence the name! Anyways, this killer had liked to use abandoned buildings and there had been a whole area of them in the direction he was heading and so Hondo’s team had been sent in to deal with the problem however back then it hadn’t been Hondo’s team.

It had been Buck’s team and he had led them to an area of abandoned buildings, where they had run into more than one victim. The girl was there like they expected and as it happens there was also a man there. He was badly injured and was tied up yet the building they were in was rigged to blow at any moment and so Buck made a harsh decision. He advised his team to clear the building and that had been hard on Luca. Luca had been the one that talked to the victim and he had heard the victim’s pleas for help. And so it had been for Luca to ignore that. He had only done so because he had been ordered to and he had been the only one that had wanted to go back in for the victim when he couldn’t live with leaving him.

Except the building blew before he could back in. The explosion had been large enough to kill anything that was inside of that building and so everyone had just drawn the logical conclusion. They assumed that both victim and killer had died, but Luca had been one of the few that never bought that story and on tonight’s episode he felt like he had been proven right. Luca had seen the Vanity Killer at some fair or another and he had tried to follow him. He had been with Street at the time and had tried to tell Street that he had seen the serial killer only Street didn’t remember the case so well. He questioned what Luca had seen and had followed him to more or less stop Luca from making a mistake. And Luca knew in his gut that it was a mistake.

Luca followed the guy and had tried to catch him though the guy had gotten away before Luca could stop him and so Luca made sure to catch his license plate number which he later gave to Hondo. Hondo had had to run it past his own superiors before he could follow the lead and they had questioned what Luca saw. They said that maybe Luca was jumping the gun on this and Hondo said that Luca wasn’t the type. He knew Luca and so he had wanted to check out the lead before he dismissed a friend and colleague. So Hondo called Luca in and Luca came in with Keri Simms. She was the victim they had managed to rescue and Luca felt she would be safer surrounded by police that at her gym.

Keri ran a gym where she taught martial arts and self-defense and she was stronger now because of it. It had had helped her cope following everything that happened two years ago. She hadn’t just been kidnapped, she had also been beaten and was forced to watch as the killer tortured his other victim in front her while he told her that he would stop if she would just agree to kill his victim for him. She hadn’t of course and so she still had to watch the man’s suffering. And being rescued hadn’t made her forgot everything that she had been through. She had needed someone to talk to and Luca had been that guy. He never forgot the man that had died on his watch and so they had comforted each other over the years.

They were such good friends that Luca filled in Kerri on everything he knew because he hadn’t wanted her to be caught off guard and he brought her into the station when he heard back from Hondo. Hondo had tracked down the car that the killer was allegedly driving and he noticed that it had stopped at one location. It had even been there for a whole hour and so Hondo decided to go with Luca to check it out. They armored up and went to the scene, but they hadn’t found the killer and had instead run into a photographer. The photographer was waiting for this up and comer to arrive except the man was running late. Like, really late! That had made the photographer concerned and so he called the guy’s agent who also hadn’t heard from him.

Neither parties could reach Lance Roy on his phone and Hondo figured out why. He had heard a buzzing and had it followed it to the side of the building where he found Lance’s phone, so that’s when they truly knew that the Vanity Killer was back. The killer had kidnapped Lance and had left behind his car because he had taken Lance’s car. Thankfully, they were able to track Lance’s car because of the several stops the killer made. He had gone to a convenience store where he was a known face and so the team were able to get footage from the security camera that they later showed Keri. Keri recognized the killer instantly and so the team geared up to go after their man. They had tracked him back to his home and so that’s how the killer has been getting away with his crimes.

The killer had built a dungeon in his home and he takes his victim there rather than an abandoned building because he hadn’t wanted to leave behind evidence. That means he could have been active for the past two years with no knowing any better and so this time SWAT wanted to catch him. They followed the killer to his home and had pretended his power lines were going to be down while work was being done. That allowed them to cut off the killer’s security cameras (which were many) and enter the building. Now they knew the building might have inner alarms and so they tried to move cautiously yet the killer had had the entire building rigged. It sent out a sonic alarm when SWAT accidentally triggered it and there had also been tear-gas.

The team was prepared for everything; so they got rid of the traps in order to get to the doors. There was two reinforced doors and so they broke into both. The one door that Hondo entered had led to the victims and the door that Luca entered was actually the room filled with C4. So Luca tempted fate and he got trapped in a room with just the killer. The two had had to fight it out and it almost ended with Luca shooting the Vanity Killer, but Hondo had stopped him and so Luca brought in the killer alive. He even got the chance to tell Kerri that it was finally over and so he got the closure he needed. And the one other person that could understand it was Buck. Buck had gambled away most of his money because he had been trying to raise enough to give it to the boy he had shot.

Only that wasn’t the way to make amends. Hondo and Street had arranged for Buck to talk to the young man and that allowed Buck to face his own demons. He’s been trying to lose himself in booze, gambling, and sometimes running from his problems when what he should have been doing was apologizing. He had needed to apologize in order to forgive himself. Hopefully, the meeting helped him!

As for Cortez’s proposal, she received blowback from an unlikely source – a cop’s wife had tried to threaten her into giving up on her proposal.