S.W.A.T. Recap 4/5/18: Season 1 Episode 16 “Payback”

S.W.A.T. Recap 4/5/18: Season 1 Episode 16 "Payback"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, April 5, 2018, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 1 episode 16 called, “Payback” as per the CBS synopsis, “When a young heiress is kidnapped for ransom, Hondo and the SWAT team go on a citywide search to bring her home before she is harmed. Also, the team worries that Mumford is moving too fast when he announces he’s getting married for the fourth time.”

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SWAT found themselves dealing with a kidnapping on tonight’s all new episode and the victim it seems was famous.

The young woman that was kidnapped was Juliette Carlton. Her parents had created a doll after her and it made a them a lot of money though not enough for her to be the usual kidnapping victim. No, what made Juliette a target had been both her youth and past history. It seems she was foolish when it came to relationships because she liked the bad boys and didn’t realize the latest character was using her for her money. He and his boys used her trust fund like an ATM and it got so bad that her parents stepped in. They hired the private security firm Granger Protection that was known to hire former servicemen and so the couple received a former marine to act as a bodyguard for their daughter.

The bodyguard was Rick Owens. Owen had threatened her Juliette’s ex-boyfriend and had ensured that nothing would happen to Juliette afterwards because her ex was known to be violent, so Owens went everywhere with Juliette. He was even at the club when a couple of gunmen pushed their way and sent off shots that frightened everyone else into making a run for it. Owens had had to push through the crowd to get to Juliette and he had tried to get her back when he was shot for getting too close. He did however shoot the side of the vehicle and had later blamed himself when he hadn’t shot out a tire or something that would at least stop the kidnappers from getting away with Juliette. And so Owens was hard on for himself for that.

He was still beating himself up when SWAT talked to him. They had been advised by the local police working the scene that Owens could have been party to what happened to his charge and so the team needed to question him. They asked him about Juliette and why Owen had been charged to follow her yet Owens had told them the whole story and had also given the address to the ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend Steven Earl Webb and he had quite the rap sheet. He wasn’t in jail because he had a good lawyer and that’s why, when SWAT broke down his door, they found him in the middle of packaging drugs. As it happens, drugs turned out to be the only thing they found and so the ex-boyfriend had nothing to do with the kidnapping.

The ex was if anything angry at Juliette for getting kidnapped because that’s what led to his arrest and he knew the charges would stick this time. But back at square one with the investigation. The family didn’t have any other enemies or people approaching enemies beside Webb and so they had to wait until the ransom call came in which it thankfully did. The kidnappers had wanted five million dollars and had demanded to get within a certain amount of time or they were going to kill Juliette. The police used that phone call to get a location on the kidnappers and had gotten there before the kidnappers could move the girl just not before getting shot at. They took such fire that the Juliette was dragged to out to a car and SWAT ended up losing her again.

Luckily, Juliette had gotten her hands on a cellphone in all the chaos and so she later called Owens. Owens had trained her in what she should do if she was ever kidnapped and she followed protocol. She called him, explained she was in the trunk of a car, and had tried looking for the wires like he said. It was just hard for her because there was a mask over her face and she was operating in the dark, so what she could tell him was that she heard a helicopter. Owens asked Hondo if that helicopter was one theirs and together they managed to track the helicopter in the area the cellphone was being traced to. And so they had the helicopter move slowly in each direction until they narrowed down Juliette’s location.

They would have been able to pinpoint with her though the kidnappers eventually found the cellphone and so they called back her Owens. Owens put his phone on the speaker as Juliette told everyone what the kidnappers had to say. She said the kidnappers were angry and thought they should be punished for disobeying orders. Her parents were able to explain they had no choice because the police were called after the kidnappers shot up a nightclub as a distraction and so that got the kidnappers to bend. They demanded their money within four hours or they was going to kill her and so that had been enough for Juliette’s parents. They threw SWAT out of their house and luckily that didn’t stop SWAT from carrying on with their investigation.

SWAT had gotten hit off a fingerprint they found out that second house and it turns out one of the kidnappers was Tom Russell. A name that Owens recognized because he said Russell used to work for Granger Protection until he got injured on the job and Phil Granger fired him, but the reason Owens remembered Russell was because Russell then tried to sue for wrongful termination and lost. Which would explain why Russell would kidnap Juliette because her Kidnap & Ransom policy would have to be paid out by Granger. Granger was the one Russell had a grunge against and so they looked into Russell. Russell had a girl and a kid only he wasn’t with them because he was a drinking again. He began drinking after what happened to him and she threw him out.

She told them that Russell was living at a halfway house as part of his probation and that’s where SWAT found him as well as the girl. Juliette hadn’t been harmed and it also seemed like she returned Owens’s feelings. They didn’t say or did anything to act on those feelings and so Hondo later had a chat with Owens because he thought Owens should go after the girl. And another thing, he found out that Granger didn’t always look after their people so he told the other man to try out for the police. He knew why Owens hadn’t gone into the police department when he returned from overseas and he for one hadn’t had a problem with Owens punching a superior officer that was sexually harassing a woman in their squad.

Hondo said he was willing to take a risk on Owens and that meant Owens now had options that could lead to him pursuing things with Juliette one day.

Speaking of romance, Mumford decided to take the plunge and get married for the fourth time however everyone loves her and so they didn’t mind that he was getting married after only knowing her for a month.


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