SEAL Team Finale Recap 5/16/18: Season 1 Episode 22 “The Cost of Doing Business”

SEAL Team Finale Recap 5/16/18: Season 1 Episode 22 "The Cost of Doing Business"

Tonight on CBS their new military drama Seal Team airs with an all-new Wednesday, May 16, 2018, episode and we have your Seal Team recap below.  On tonight’s Seal Team season 1 episode 22, “The Cost of Doing Business” as per the CBS synopsis, “The Season 1 finale: After Jason lies about the severity of his concussion to get cleared for combat, he and the SEAL Team plan a final mission to avenge Echo Team’s deaths once and for all before they return home from deployment.”

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The doctor checked out Jason and she believed he was physically fine on tonight’s all-new episode of “SEAL Team” however she did have a few reservations. The doctor had asked Jason a series of questions to gauge his mental state and she suspected that he hadn’t been entirely truthful with her. She could see how he was fidgeting a lot in her presence and with the questions, she was asking. The doctor had suggested that he take things easy for the next couple of days because she wanted to make sure he was okay and so she had been alarmed when he dismissed her suggestions. She tried to tell him that he needed it and he had left the room before he could hear any more about relaxing. He couldn’t!

Jason later admitted to Ray that there had been a few things he left out. He told Ray that he heard a deathbed confession from Nouri Halani and that Halani confirmed that his brother Abad had worked with Alan Cutter to set up those SEALs from ECHO Team. Ray, though, had been a little disbelieving of the story. He said this could only be confirmed by Jason who was suffering a serious concussion at the time and he also added that Cutter ran one of the largest private contracting company in the world. It would be insane to jeopardize what he had on the off chance of digging in the Afghani soil. Ray had doubted Jason’s entire story and he hadn’t wanted Jason to share his claims except it had been too late by then.

Jason had shared some of his claims with Ellis. Ellis had been filled in about ECHO Team having the soil tested and that Nouri seemed to recognize Cutter’s name. She hadn’t been filled in on everything that Jason said he found out and so Ray asked him not to share anything else. Especially not what Nouri may or may not have said about Cutter! Jason had said that he would be cautious, but his cautiousness hadn’t stopped him from telling the others what else Nouri Halani had said. He told them where Abad would be hiding based on what Nouri told him and they were able to confirm it. They found Abad hiding at his mountain fortress in Pakistan and had sent in Jason’s team to go get Abad before it was too late.

There was a time crunch with the mission. Ellis said that a lot of Nouri’s men would side with Abad following Nouri’s death and that a lot of the others would also want revenge. The guys were told to get to Abad before anyone else and unfortunately for them, they had a little too late. They had been on the ground near the mountain when Nouri Halani’s loyal men started shooting at Abad. There had been nothing the team could do besides waiting for a break in the fighting to enter the mountain and when they did get their chance they couldn’t enter the building. The building had been rigged to blow and so the Americans decided to use that. They were going wait to Nouri’s men to blow the building and they pick up Abad while he tried to make his escape.

They waited through most of the night and were able to get to Abad the next morning yet Abad’s men hadn’t wanted to go down without a fight and so the team was forced to shoot. They shot and killed everyone including Abad. Abad had been too forgone to mention Cutter and Jason never got the answers he wanted. He instead went back to base and had asked Davis for a favor. He wanted her to check Steve Porter’s things to see if he planned to mail something back home that never made it and she did find something. She found a hard drive that hadn’t been mailed and Davis wanted the full story before she was willing to help look for that hard drive. She wanted to know everything and so too for that matter did Ellis.

Both women pressured Jason into telling them about Cutter and so they ultimately helped him look afterward for that hard drive. They eventually found it where Jason figured his friend would hide it and they found out Steve had gotten a lot further in his investigation into Cutter. Cutter had internal memos that showed he buying up equipment needed to drill and mine those lands in Afghanistan long before the fields were burnt and so Steve Porter had been onto something. He found out Cutter was willing to buy a trillion dollar mine at all costs and had tried to blow the whistle on the whole thing. For that, he and his men were killed. And so Jason decided not to take any chances with his new girlfriend Amy.

Amy worked for Cutter at Xeon Tactical and Jason thought she was a danger, so he had her clear the base that same day. She was now in a place where Cutter couldn’t easily reach her and Ellis couldn’t question her. So without Amy, Jason tried to get Cutter to say something incriminating on tape and that hadn’t worked so he had thought about killing him. Jason seriously considered killing the other man and the only reason he didn’t was that Ellis talked him out of it. She said they had to do things right and that meant going to the FBI. Jason hadn’t liked but he knew that Ellis had a point and so he left in the hands of others.

Ellis later gave the story to a journalist she owed a favor and she hoped that would be enough to slow down Cutter if not one day stops them. Once she had handed that over, she and the others all boarded the flight home where they received both good and bad news. Davis found out her boyfriend had relapsed and OD which meant she went rushing to the hospital. Meanwhile, Clay found out he had nothing to worry about because Stella had missed him and hadn’t paid the least attention to her professor. And so things were good romantically speaking. And even Jason came to believe everything was going to turn out alight when he later learned Cutter was arrested.

The problem was that Jason was punishing Ray for lying about his arm and that Ray reminded him that he wasn’t okay himself.

Jason had tried to ignore that until one day he became disoriented when he was getting takeout and started to speak to people that weren’t there.


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