Shameless Recap 1/14/18: Season 8 Episode 10 “Church of Gay Jesus”

Shameless Recap 1/14/18: Season 8 Episode 10 "Church of Gay Jesus"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all-new Sunday, January 14, season 8 episode 10 called, “Church of Gay Jesus” and we have your weekly Shameless recap below. On tonight’s Shameless episode, as per the Showtime synopsis, “Ian’s fame may be more than he can handle but Frank finds a way to cash in. Meanwhile, Fiona struggles with her conscience over a worker who fell off her roof; and Lip comes to a realization about his relationship with Youens.”

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Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is surprised that Ian (Cameron Monaghan) is still at it – looking where all the gay-hating churches are. Ian says there is one in every neighborhood, as Lip says the phobia is back in style; Ian assures him it won’t be for long as he is bringing more kids in for a meeting tonight. Lip says he is going to check on Professor Youens (Alan Rosenberg) later today. Kassidi (Sammi Hanratty) comes from the kitchen and gives them both muffins to eat.

Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) is thrilled about his retirement calculator as he is adding his 401K and his estimated yearly earnings, planning his retirement and wanting to bask in all his accomplishments; Lip sarcastically asks if that means he is going to mooch off his kids and drink booze out of a backpack. Debbie (Emma Kenney) found an ad for nighttime welding that pays great money, but Lip says it sounds sketchy. She doesn’t care.

Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) comes into the kitchen and Kassidi promises to cook for him every day blowjobsjobs for dessert, promising to be the best wife ever. Debbie looks shocked at the words but doesn’t say anything. Frank says the calculator doesn’t make sense and Lip looks at it saying he needs $23G to meet his retirement plan but he is short $22Grand and he says it sounds right. Kassidi comes in from the door with huge bags full of engagement presents for everyone. She grosses everyone out by giving Carl a vial of her blood and she uses a knife to take some of his.

Fiona (Emmy Rossum) is painting her apartment, when Nessa (Jessica Szohr)comes in, loving the color. The color is ‘Liquid Kitty’ and Nessa jokes that it sounds like a dive bar and she should have just painted it ‘White Pussy’; Fiona tells her Benjamin Moore didn’t have that color. Fiona learns that Nessa miscarried, so now only Mel (Perry Mattfeld) is pregnant, and Nessa hasn’t even told her yet. Ford (Richard Flood) texts Fiona, offering to take her furniture shopping. Fiona says it has been kind of fun waiting but she has never waited this long for anyone to bang her before.

At the bar, Kevin Ball (Steve Howey) asks Veronica Fisher (Shanola Hampton) if anyone has responded to Svetlana Fisher’s (Isidora Goreshter) online profile; Svetlana says she can find her own rich husband.

Fiona and Ford are checking out furniture and Ford suggests Fiona tries a chair, but when she says she isn’t sure it is her; he tells her she gets to choose that, because that is what design is for, to decide what she wants to be. A saleslady comes to see them, and Ford has a conversation with him, completely in Greek and explains to Fiona that he lived in a Monastery in Macedonia and he just scored her a $2000 chair for $450. When she protests paying that much, he says it isn’t a chair, it is an investment.

At the prison, Lip arrives to see Clyde Youens and learns that he has died after an incident. His next of kin was contacted and his body was claimed. Lip rides the train home devastated. Fiona gets back to the building when a woman asks her if her kids can use her bathroom and she agrees.

Outside, Ian is surrounded by a group of people who wanted to meet him. They ask him when he is going to perform his next miracle and what is the name of his ministry. He says he shows up to conversion things and argues with jerks. One man pleads with him, saying his boyfriend needs help and asks if he can talk to him.

Ian’s EMS partner, Sue (Alicia Coppola) is miffed with the attention he is getting outside and hopes it will die down soon. Meanwhile, Fiona is enjoying her new chair, saying it might be the first time she has bought something she didn’t actually need. He tells her he has a coffeemaker that needs a loving home, she suggests coming by his place later to come get it; but he says he will be busy and bring it by tomorrow. She suddenly wonders how long the people have been in her bathroom and realizes they might be homeless.

Lip uses his key to Youens apartment and finds his daughter, Tabitha inside. She had no idea he was in an accident and was only arrested for a DUI. He learns Clyde had a seizure and died after he hit his head and he is more than welcome to come to the memorial at the school tomorrow. Lip talks to her about how well her father treated him, but she is bitter about her father and asks Lip to leave the key on his way out.

There is an older gentleman, Harold sitting at the bar, and Kevin gives him a free drink. He is quite happy to meet Svetlana. She says she is a hand whore after he asks if she is an escort. She tells him it will cost him $900,000 for 30 minutes outside, when he offers $40, she punches him and leaves.

Ian meets with the kids, talking about how people use God for hatred, reminding them that God created everyone in his image and if people hate gay people, then they hate themselves. Kassidi loves Ian’s pep talk, saying he sounds like a hot gay Jesus. Frank tells Liam (Christian Isaiah) that they could make money off of that; ring the right bell for the right causes and the guilt-ridden open their wallets. Fiona comes in the kitchen, and Frank tells her that Ian is running a queer religious rebellion.

Debbie and some of her friends, hide in the van until everything is clear, once the union workers leave, they get paid the following day, get the location vie text. She finds this exhilarating when there is a knock on the window and runs out.

Kassidi raves to Carl about Ian, saying he is like “everything” and is thrilled that the kids all ate her pop-overs. She is really happy but flips out when she learns that he plans on going back to Military school. Lip listens as they argue and begins to write a “Eulogy for My Friend.”

Ian introduces Reverent Murph to Fiona, who tells Ian he has something special. He asks Ian if he would feel weird using their parish hall and leave him to think about it. Fiona says Ian is the first Gallagher to become famous for something other than larceny or assault, but Ian feels it is getting out of hand; people are showing up at his home, Trevor’s place and work. He shut down his facebook page. He doesn’t hate it but is desperate to manage it.

Carl comes into the kitchen, saying he is truly engaged to Kassidi because he doesn’t want to lose her. Fiona tells him not to marry her because she is a psycho, but a drunk Frank tells him to marry her because she is loaded and whatever he does, do not sign a prenuptial agreement. Frank sees a drawing of Ian, and calling him “Gay Jesus” and asks if he can have it.

Debbie and the other welders are busy working when suddenly the lights come on and everyone starts running; the only one who escapes is Debbie. Fiona wakes up the next morning and sits in her new chair. Suddenly the ambulance returns and drops off the husband to his wife and kids whoa re living in the car out front of Fiona’s apartment. She encourages him to get the money from his boss.

Kevin and Veronica remind Svetlana that she needs to work on her etiquette on her dates; older guys need their dates to be “ladies”. Kevin attaches a microphone to Svetlana’s shirt and gives her an earpiece. Debbie is mad about the risk they took the previous night, but when she gets the money in her hand, she agrees to continue.

Ford arrives with an old coffee percolator as Fiona sees the family still sitting by their car; after learning their situation, she offers to find them a shelter to go to. Carl returns home, angry that Kassidi cut up all his uniforms, saying it is better for everyone that he doesn’t go back to school because they have a wedding to plan. She locks him out of the house and throws the ring at him. She demands that he marries her before he leaves and he agrees.

Fiona comes to see Trevor (Elliot Fletcher) about the family and hopes he can help them. Trevor admits that part of him is psyched that Ian is helping people but another part is bummed that he has to carve his way into his life if he wants to see him.

Ian comes downstairs and finds Frank has created tons of t-shirts saying “Church of Gay Jesus” on them with what looks like a hotdog in a bun. Ian tells him he can hawk the stuff at the meeting tonight, and after they negotiate the price, 90% has to go to the kids.

Professor Clyde Youens’ memorial happens, where Tabitha and several professors and students talk about Clyde; Lip can’t listen anymore. He places his bouquet of flowers on the pew and walks out without saying his eulogy. Meanwhile, Fiona brings the family good news that there is a place in the shelter in two days; she allows them to stay at her apartment until they can go there.
Carl and Kassidi are at the courthouse, dressed to get married; but they learn they can only get the license today and have to wait 24 hours until they can actually marry.

Svetlana looks like a businesswoman as Fiona and Ford learn Veronica and Kevin are trying to marry her off to some rich dude. Fiona tells Ford it feels like sometimes it doesn’t even matter that she is there. He doesn’t ask about her at all, but he reveals that he knows everything about her because he has asked around. He tells her, she is so much herself, that she scares the crap out of him. She grabs his face and kisses him.

A new gentleman joins Svetlana in the back of the bar Kevin and Veronica are confusing her on what to do so she takes the earpiece out and throws it in her drink. She leans in and grabs the man’s groin.

Frank and Liam sell their t-shirts at the church as Rev. Murph praises him for his speech. He invites Ian to come back to speak again the following night on what they call “ a Night of Good Grief”. Ian isn’t so sure. Lip goes to the garage, looks at the motorcycle, sits for a moment but then begins to trash the place before he slides to the ground sobbing.

Carl wakes up in the middle of the night, wakes up Kassidi, makes her promise that she won’t freak out. He says she is the best thing that has happened to him but he was relieved the clerk said they had to wait. He feels they rushed into this but wants to know if she hates him if they wait a teeny bit longer. She says she could never hate him and thanks him for being honest with her. She says it is super important for a healthy marriage.

Fiona and Ford are finally having sex, over and over. She says they only have 2 condoms left, and hopes he tires out soon. She wonders if she is the only one who doesn’t want his babies, he says he doesn’t want them either. He asks what is the one thing about her that would surprise him. She says that she might not want to have children as her siblings as her children. They are interrupted when Nessa calls her. She answers it and rushes home to find dozens of people in her home, the woman says she is letting them stay with her so they will have money when they are in the shelter. Her chair is destroyed.

Ian posts a sign that says “A Night of Good Grief featuring Ian Gallagher.” He tries to talk to Trevor who doesn’t accept his excuses anymore. Lip finds Tabitha sitting on the steps, offers his condolences but she says she lost Clyde a long time ago. She found a recommendation letter among his things and gives it to Lip; she had never heard him speak of a student like that before. He was amazed by Lip’s mind. Lip gives it back, saying he is too angry to keep it. Tabitha cried and Lip comforts her.

Carl comes upstairs as Kassidi jumps quickly, faking like she was hanging herself. Carl saves her, thinking it is real. She says he really does love her and she says county clerk’s office is still open; both look at her dress.

Fiona’s new chair is at the Gallagher home, she explains to Ian it is there so the squatters at her house won’t destroy it. She gets a message from Kassidi, so does Ian; both are shocked. Ian asks for a ride to the church, he is scared of the speech and feels he has to do it because everyone feels he has something to say. Frank continues to sell the shirts, he puts the money away confessing to Liam that he isn’t giving all the money to Ian. Fiona and Ian arrive as Rev Murph says all these people came for him. Ian walks to the front of the church, and does an incredible speech, ending it with God hates haters! Everyone cheers!!

Debbie stays as her friends are about to bail, due to safety violations. A massive pipe falls on her feet and 9-11 is called. Fiona sits with Veronica who reveals the Svetlana thing didn’t go so hot as she grabbed the guy’s junk. Fiona tells her that Ian has a cult who think he is Gay Jesus; their conversation is interrupted when Fiona gets served by R. Latham, the guy who fell off her roof. He wants $6 million. She starts screaming, calling him every name in the book.


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