Suits Recap 4/4/18: Season 7 Episode 12 “Bad Man”

Suits Recap 4/4/18: Season 7 Episode 12 "Bad Man"

Tonight on the USA Network their critically acclaimed drama, Suits returns with an all-new Wednesday,  April 4, 2017, premiere episode and we have your Suits recap below. On tonight’s Suits season 7 episode 12 called, “Bad Man,” as per the USA Network synopsis, “Harvey and Louis fight to protect the future of the firm from its past. Alex worries Mike’s instincts could risk a client relationship. Donna and Harvey delve into the aftermath of their kiss.”

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Harvey is at the gym. He is practicing his sparing, releasing anger about the fact that Paula asked him for time away to process after hearing that he slept with Donna.

Louis is in a mud bath. Sheila shows up. She wants to have sex again. He tells her he cannot. She is getting married in a week. She knows he will change his mind. She gives him a burner phone and tells him to call when he is ready.

Jessica calls Harvey. She saw the press release. She needs a favor for saving his ass. She needs $2 million wired to her in an untraceable account. He wants to know why she needs it. She cannot tell him but he owes her. He agrees to do it.

Harvey arrives at the office, looking at the Spector Litt name on the wall before going to see Louis. He tells him that Jessica wants money. He assures Louis Jessica isn’t doing anything illegal. He tells Harvey there is no way to send her money. They cannot do it.

Mike meets with Oliver. Oliver needs help with a Food Bank. A supply company has hiked the prices. Oliver needs him to muscle the company down to a fair price.

Louis meets with his therapist. He talks about Sheila’s offer. He tells Louis that he is back in the same boat. He is chasing unavailable women. Louis tells him he is going to change Sheila’s availability.

Donna comes to see Harvey. She overheard about Jessica’s problem. She tells him that maybe he can get the money through his father. Harvey is worried about his father’s legacy. Donna also drops the news that Mike met with Oliver. Harvey is angry. He goes to Mike. Mike doesn’t think it is a big deal.

Louis’ assistant comes in. She wants to know why he has booked meetings with private eyes and more. He tells her it is to dig up dirt on Sheila’s fiancé. His assistant tells him to come clean to Sheila about his feelings. What if she doesn’t care, Louis asks.

It is 1986, a young Louis pulls up to his girlfriend’s house. He is taking Mitsy on a date.

Harvey goes to see an old music producer Vic who worked with his dad. Vic appreciates all the help he gave him. But he got Harvey’s bill for $2 million and he cannot pay it. He needs Harvey to put him on a side tab. Harvey presses him, reminding him that he has helped him for ten years and now he needs a favor. Vic agrees to sell and give the $2 million to Harvey on the side.

Oliver meets with Mike. He is mad Mike didn’t come through for him. He is deposing Mike’s client.

Rachel comes in to see Mike. He tells her about the Oliver deal and how it is going sideways. Rachel offers to stay with him and make it right.

Donna gives Harvey the contract that Vic sent over. She warns him before he looks at it. He looks and shakes his head. He will get him his money.

Louis approaches Sheila outside her work. Louis asks her to leave her fiancé. She refuses to. He broke her heart before.

Back in 1986, a young Louis’ sister tells him that she heard Mitsy is dating someone else. Louis refuses to believe it.

Harvey visits the man who has offered to buy Vic’s company. He isn’t going to buy for $20 million. Harvey bends his arm a bit. He can do $15 million and that is it.

In his deposition with Oliver, Mike is beside himself when Oliver plays hardball and won’t budge. Mike chases him out to the street. Oliver tells him that Mike keeps saying he is for the little guy but he isn’t that is why he plans on taking Mike down.

Back to 1986, Louis goes to a Friday night party to see if Mitsy is cheating on him. She is and tells him that she has been using him because her parents like him but not the guy Drake she has been seeing. She kisses Louis and tells him she will see him for their next date soon. He agrees. He recalls this experience with his therapist. He is happy Louis finally told him.

Mike tells Rachel that he needs to play hardball against Oliver. He doesn’t want to break his spirit. Rachel tells him he has to do it now.

Donna comes to see Harvey in his office. He is upset nobody will ever hear his dad’s music. Donna offers him a drink. They can sit together and listen to his father. He declines but then changes his mind.

Mike visits Oliver and rescinds his offer. Oliver tries to back pedal but Mike doesn’t want to hear it. He reminds Oliver that he is in it %100 for his client.

A young Harvey is in the studio with Vic who is telling him his father is his favorite musician.

Mike comes to see Harvey to tell him he was right. He shouldn’t have taken the case against Oliver. Harvey asks him if he needs help. No, he tells Harvey. He has it taken care of. Harvey tells him he was going to promote him to Senior Partner but he didn’t think he was ready. Mike tells him he wants to spend more time with Rachel but in a new months he changes his mind he should promote him.

Mike heads home. Oliver is there cooking. They talk. Oliver thanks him for not going easy on him.

It is late. Donna picks up Harvey’s phone. It is Jessica. She cannot believe that Harvey got Vic to sell. Donna tells her she misses her. Jessica says the same. They both smile and say their goodbyes.

Harvey visits Paula. He knows she isn’t ready to accept his apology yet but he wants to share what has been happening to him for the last few days. Donna helped him. She is a part of his life. She always wanted him to share and now he is. He has come so far. Paula hugs him.

Louis goes to see Sheila. He is ready to be her bad boy.


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