Survivor Finale Recap 12/19/18: Season 37 Episode 14 “Winner Chosen”

Survivor Finale Recap 12/19/18: Season 37 Episode 14 "Winner Chosen"

Tonight on CBS Survivor: David VS Goliath airs with an all-new Wednesday, December 19, 2018, Season 37 Episode 14 and we have your Survivor recap below. On tonight’s Survivor season, 37 episode 14 Finale called “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Only four “Goliaths” and two “Davids” remain to face a competitive 63-piece puzzle challenge. Also, a fire-making challenge could change one person’s fate in the game, and, after 39 days, one castaway takes home the $1 million dollar prize.”

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The Davids have been under the fun from the get-go and because of that, they have gotten creative. Now, everyone is out for himself and looking for an idol, now more than ever they need it. Alison’s name has been out there in the last three tribal councils, she’s out looking for an idol as well. In the end, Angelina finds a clue to where there is an idol, but it requires a ladder and she has to move fast for fear that someone will see her. She walks back to the well to make sure nobody is around and she ends up losing her clue. Angelina needs to make a mad dash back to the ladder and get that clue. Angelina climbs too high and she is stuck. Angelina goes back to the well again and pretends she fell and hurt her back, she wants the rest to stay around her.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. They have to race through a series of obstacles, they then need to take a ball to hook a target to release puzzle steps, they will use those steps to make a staircase, and race the top to solve a 63 piece puzzle. The winner guarantees themselves a spot in the final five. In addition, they are playing for reward, spaghetti with meat sauce and cake for dessert. Its an early showdown between Mike and Kara. Everyone is now working on their puzzle. This is one of the most competitive puzzles, Kara is struggling, Angelia is catching up, but not fast enough, Nick wins individual immunity.

Nick is safe at Tribal Council, he gets to choose one person to join him for his reward, he takes Angelina. Jeff says he has one more choice, he picks Mike.

Davie wants Allison to go, but he doesn’t like that the other three are having a reward without them, this might change the path of the game. Mike prefers to take out Davie, but the majority seems to be on Allison. Mike asks Angelina and Davie if they have an immunity idol, she reveals that she found the clue and needs their help because she can’t find it.

Mike, Davie and Angelina head to the spot where the idol is and they help her, they find the idol.

Angelina is eager to get Allison out, she wants revenge. Meanwhile, Mike wants Davie out and asks Kara to back him. Mike is just going to make Angelina thinks she is backing her with getting rid of Allison, but he is campaigning for Davie.

Time for Tribal Council. Allison and Davie do know that they are both being considered. Nick couldn’t be happier to have immunity, he is very relaxed. Davie says that the bonds are getting tighter, and there may be no more blindsides. Time to tally votes, 1 vote for Davie, 1 vote for Allison, 1 vote for Allison, 1 vote for Davie; its a tie. Another vote for Davie, the 15th person voted out is Davie.

We are live and Davie comes on stage, he says he is overwhelmed with the fans response. Jeff asks him what was the dream. Jeff says that he found out about Survivor at church and told his mom that he was going to be on the show one day and it happened.

Back at Kalokalo on night 36, Nick is upset because he was blindsided, Mike and Angelina promised him they would vote out Allison. Angelina tries to talk herself out of trouble. Nick feels like Mike has been setting him up the whole time. Nick is determined to win immunity and show them. Mike tries to reassure Nick that they are getting rid of Allison next, but Mike actually wants to get rid of Nick, since he is mad, he is afraid that Nick might come after him.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. Today they are going to be perched on a pole in the ocean. On Jeff’s go, they will use a bucket to retrieve water, they will pour that water into a bucket to retrieve a key. Once they have the key, they will dive into the water, swim back to shore, unlock a bundle of puzzle pieces. Then they will solve a puzzle and guarantee themselves a place in the final four.

Allison and Nick have a clear lead, Angelina is in the back. The puzzle is a face. Nick is doing very well, he is taking his time, not stressing and very methodical. Nick wins his second individual immunity, a guaranteed spot in the final four.

Angelina is elated that Nick won because she wants to get rid of Allison. Her gameplay is to pull an epic tribal council, complete with fireworks. She is going to play her immunity idol at the right time, she wants to look like a badass in front of the jury. Mike doesn’t think they need the theatrics. Angelina wants Mike to lie to Kara and Allison, but Mike is opposed to it.

Mike goes to Kara and tells her everything. They both agree that Angelina is evil, a real villain. Kara, on the other hand, thinks that getting Mike out might put a million dollars in her pocket, she goes to Allison and tells her everything; they think they should get Mike out instead. Nick is racking his brain, Allison tells him what Kara’s plan is. he is divided.

Time for Tribal Council. Allison says she felt a need to make a move the last few days, but everyone has to be careful how the jury is going to receive it. Angelina says it was all out war before Tribal Council with Allison, both are looking for votes and loyalty. Allison says that Mike is a threat to some degree, he says that anyone playing all out in the game is doing it without dignity. Time to vote, Allison goes first. Jeff tallies the votes, Allison goes to play an Immunity Idol, she says she thinks it is false, Angelina gave it to her, and Jeff confirms it is a fake. Angelina comes forward, she plays her immunity idol and the jury doesn’t like what she did. Time to read the votes, 1 vote for Mike, 1 vote for Allison, 2 votes for Allison, the 16th person voted out and the ninth person on the jury, Allison.

We fast forward to the final Immunity Challenge. For the last time, immunity is back up for grabs. For today’s challenge, they are going to have one hand tied behind their back, on Jeff’s go they will drop a ball down a chute, it will spiral to the bottom, where they must catch it, drop it back in at regular intervals, then they will add another ball making it more difficult. If a ball drops, they will lose. The final person standing wins immunity and the ability to go the final three and they will decide which two players leave behind in a do or die fire making a challenge for that third and final spot. There is a lot riding on this challenge.

Nick wins the final Immunity Challenge.

Nick gets offer after offer to take them to the finals with him. Everyone else, except for Nick is practicing how to make fire. Mike is nervous about making the fire in front of the jury, its one thing making it alone, but in front of the jury is harder.

Time for Tribal Council. Jeff announces that Nick has won his third Immunity Challenge and won himself a place in the final three. Nick decides to take Angelina to the final three with him because he feels she is less likely to win against him. Mike and Kara have to build a fire that is hot enough and high enough to burn a rope. The winner becomes one member of the final three, the other becomes next jury member. Mike does it, he made fire and joins Nick and Angelina in the final three, Kara joins the jury.

The final three head back to camp and have a feast together. All three reflect on their journey and winning the game.


It is time for the final Tribal Council. Christian wants them to talk about a big move they made in the game.

Nick says it came down to information and timing. He says he built a personal connection with everyone. Nick goes to say that he was upset when Davie went home, he wanted to work with him. This left him with working with other people.

It’s Mike’s turn, Angelina cuts in. She says she was in a similar position to Nick, she was in the doghouse because of the fallout out with Allison. She was able to pick herself up off the floor, her social game was re-adaptable and she got rice for the tribe. She says she got herself from the weakest position to being in the final three.

Mike says he felt like he had a final two day deal with a lot of people, but Gaby was never going to work with him. Gaby says he is correct, she didn’t want a final two deal with him. Mike says he regrets what he said to Allison at tribal council, it was a low blow.

Gaby says that women are treated differently in this game. Angelina jumps on it and says that being a woman of color, she can relate.

Mike is called out for not helping to make fire or shelter, he says that he is the older guy and he is stoked for what he contributed.

Angelina says she came out with zero survival skills and had to muster a lot to have those skills. Long story short, she has been way out of her comfort zone and she found the final idol. Allison asks her about the fake idol, it appeared that she just wanted to embarrass her. Angelique swears it was just to keep Mike safe.

Nick says that he has Goliath traits, he is good at puzzles, he is a good people person and intelligence helped in the challenges.

Angelina says that on day one she looked at why she was a Goliath. But she rose and picked herself, developed a path forward. She feels like she is the most battle-tested player.

Nick says that he had lost of ups and downs, at one point he was the only David left. But fighting his way out of these struggles, got him where he is. He then talks about his mom and how she died from drug addiction. He says that he had to find whatever slingshot he could to get to the final three because he was the underdog in this game.

Mike says that he was never nervous, he played the game. His personal struggle was trying to figure out what he stands for. They say every pot of gold has a rainbow, but for him, it wasn’t about the pot of gold, it was about the rainbow.

Time to count the votes, to see who most worthy of the title of Survivor and the million dollars. The first vote is Nick, then Mike, then Mike, again Mike, then Nick, Nick again; it is a tie. Another for Nick, and again Nick, the winner of Survivor is Nick.

Jeff asks Mike what was the draw to come to Survivor, he says he didn’t want to spend all his creativity on work, he wanted to live it. Mike says that he will continue to chase the adventure.

On to Angelina, Jeff says he felt for her and wants to know how she dealt with all the social media backlash that she got. She says that she played with her heart out and full steam from the beginning, she is proud of that. Jeff digs a little deeper. He heard people bring up the rice that she mentioned over and over again, and also the ladder that she said was a 100 feet. Jeff goes back to when Natalie was voted out and Angelina was voted out and she asked for her jacket. Angelina says if she were to play again, she would tweak things.

Jeff asks Christian what his biggest fear was, he says that he was ostracized and he didn’t know how it would go but it went pretty well. Christian says that Survivor is like your first day of school, you think you know what it is going to be like, but in the end, it is nothing that you could ever have imagined.

Gabby tells Jeff that she is still good friends with Christian.

Natalie tells Jeff that she is not happy about how she was portrayed. people thought she was bossy, confrontational and felt bad about it. Jeff says she was fantastic at Tribal because she said what she felt. Jeff asks if anyway feels they got it wrong with Natalie and nobody speaks up.

We take a look back at Pat’s medical evacuation. Now, Pat looks great and tells Jeff that he would love to go back and get another go at it. He thanks the medical team.

We get a look at the next Survivor, the 38th season. New survivors will be joined by four returning players; Joe, Aubry and two others. A new player to the game will push them further than ever before. It’s Survivor Edge of Extinction premiering next spring.


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