Take Two Finale Recap 9/13/18: Season 1 Episode 13 “One to the Heart”

Take Two Finale Recap 9/13/18: Season 1 Episode 13 "One to the Heart"

Tonight on the ABC Take Two airs with an all-new Thursday, September 13, 2018, season 1 episode 13 and we have your Take Two recap below.  On tonight’s Take Two season 1 episode 13 “One to the Heart,” as per the ABC synopsis, “In the Season 1 finale, Sam and Eddie take a case involving a serial con man who victimizes wealthy women.

In order to recover their client’s money and jewelry without scaring off their suspect, the pair hatch a plan to con the con man using Sam as bait. But their plan goes awry when they learn they’re not the only ones after the con man and they may be stepping into a trap themselves. As events unfold, Sam’s future and Eddie’s past collide to test their professional and personal relationship.”

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Sam and Eddie sleep together and wake up in his bed. Christine is at the door, she sees Sam getting dressed in the bedroom, Eddie says that he will see her later. Sam is freaking out, she thinks are going to get weird between the two of them. Eddie says it won’t be weird all will be good.

Eddie meets Christine at the gym and she asks him how it was, he says Sam seemed to like it.

Sam meets Syd for coffee, she notices right away that Sam had sex, then she says don’t tell me its Eddie. Sam says it only happened once. Syd tells her there is interest in her again in potential roles and asks if she would be interested in auditioning, Sam says yes.

At the office, Berto and Monica tells Sam that she looks happy. Monica says Eddie looks happy too. When Sam and Eddie walk away, Berto says they did it.

Sam and Eddie meet with a client, Emily, that involves a con man who stole 2.3 million dollars in savings and every bit of valuable jewelry that she owns. The man completed vanished and the only thing she has is a valuable watch that he left behind. Berto tries to trace the watch, but no lock. Eddie takes the watch to a watch guy, he says only 19 were made and cost $125,0000.00, probably worth more now. The watch was given by a firm. one guy left the firm, Mitch Rhoades. Eddie and Sam visit Mitch and show him the watch, it belongs to him. They show him a picture of the con man, he knows him, he lost his watch to him in a Starland poker game.

Sam calls some friends who attend the Starland games and there is a game tomorrow night. Sam suggests that she go in as a single women, attract the man, have Emily there to confront him to get all her money back. Eddie says ok, they are going to con the con man.

Sam goes in disguise as a blond, he con man notices her right away, he calls himself Jack Johnson. Sam plays in the poker game and wins. Deakon walks in, he recognizes Sam and walks over and chats to her. Eddie says to abort the mission, she says no. Sam lures him to a room where Emily and Eddie are. They are all talking when a shot comes through the window and the conman gets it in the chest.

Christine is there, the con man’s name is Jesup and what is puzzling, who else knew that he would be in that room other than Eddie, Sam and Emily.There was a key on Jesup, Eddie and Sam have it and did not give it up to Christine.

Berto tries to trace the key, it has the initials LWS on it. The LWS is for a wine storage company, Eddie and Sam head there and find bags and bags of loot. When they come out of the storage they are attacked and two guys knock out Eddie and grab the bag.

Eddie and Sam head back to his place and sleep together again. In the morning, Eddie finds a note that Sam went to an audition. Eddie gets a call, it is Christine and she wants him to meet her at the morgue.

Sam’s audition goes amazing, she is offered the part right away.

Christine tells Eddie they found something. The weapon that killed Jesup, was the same one that killed Eddie’s client Marty Star.

Sam is back at the office, Eddie tells Sam what happened at the morgue, these cased have to be connected. Sam thinks that maybe Deakon is involved and it was no coincidence that he was at that poker game. Sam tells him to sit this one out. The two get into an argument, Eddie tells her that if she doesn’t want to back him on this, then he doesn’t want her around. Sam storms out. Berto asks Eddie what he is doing, Sam is been really good to him. Eddie asks Berto if he found the car of the guys who jumped them, it is registered to Jimmy Dante and he is mob. Eddie says to find him.

Sam goes to see Emily, asks her who referred her to their firm, she says Evelyn Colettte. Monica looks her up and her maiden name is Chambers, she is Deakon’s sister.

Eddie finds Jimmy and takes him by gunpoint to a warehouse, ties him up and asks him questions. Jimmy says this is not the first time that Jesup has conned someone, he pulled a con on another women and took her for a million dollars. Jimmy says he didn’t shoot Jesup, it was guy name Carl and he is contract killer. Eddie wants to know where he can find him.

Sam is back at the office, she asks Berto to track Eddie’s phone so they can find him, she thinks he is being set up.

Eddie lets Jimmy go and goes after Carl. He goes into this apartment and finds, weapons, bullet proof vests and ammunition. Just as Carol comes into his apartment, Eddie finds a binder with victim’s photos. Carl tries to run, Eddie runs after him and tackles him to the ground. Christine drives up and Eddie says all the evidence is upstairs, Carl did it. All of a sudden, a bomb goes off in the apartment and there goes all the evidence.

Back at the station, Christine tries to ask Carl questions but he won’t talk and unfortunately she can’t keep him without evidence. Carl goes to leave and pass Eddie, he says better luck next time.

Eddie gets home and Sam is in the apartment. He asks her about the audition, she says it is the lead and she got the part.

Christine is called to a scene, Carl is killed, he was beaten, tortured and shot close range. There is a witness and a video. Christine looks at the video, the car that drives away is Eddie’s car.

Eddie is with Sam when he gets a call, it is Deakon. and as we see him planting a gun, he says he has everything he wants. LAPD is at Eddie’s door, they arrest him. Christine is there, she tells him he is under arrest for the murder of Carl.


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