Take Two Recap 8/9/18: Season 1 Episode 8 “All About Ava”

Take Two Recap 8/9/18: Season 1 Episode 8 "All About Ava"

Tonight on the ABC Take Two airs with an all-new Thursday, August 9, 2018, season 1 episode 8 and we have your Take Two recap below.  On tonight’s Take Two season 1 episode 8 “All About Ava,” as per the ABC synopsis, “Sam takes an unexpected journey into her past when she and Eddie are called on to investigate the seemingly accidental death of Ava Day, star of the ’90s sitcom “All About Ava,” which featured a 12-year-old Sam in her acting debut as Ava’s little sister. But when the investigation uncovers dark truths about past events, Sam is forced to reconcile her childhood impressions with newly found facts in order to crack the case.”

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We see a clip of “All About Ava,” which featured a 12-year-old Sam in her first acting gig back in the 90’s as Ava Day’s little sister. Now, Ava is dead from a car accident.

Sam is at the office with Eddie when Galen arrives, he is Ava’s husband and he wants to know why Ava called her just before the accident. Sam doesn’t understand, she hasn’t talked to her in ages. Apparently, Ava called an old number, Galen doesn’t think her death was an accident. Galen goes on to say that Ava has been acting strange, pulling apart from him, crying, and she told him that it would all be over soon and she would tell him everything. Galen says that he needs Sam and Eddie’s help, he needs to know the truth.

Sam tells Eddie that Ava was the kindest and most caring person she knew.

Sam and Eddie head to the crash site. Cory is there, he played Ava’s on and off again boyfriend on the show. The rest of the cast is there as well, Sam is surprised. Sam Adams, the executive producer is also there and introduces himself to Eddie. Molly is there as well, she replaced Ava on the show, but once Ava left the show died a quick death.

Berto calls Eddie, according to the police report, this was not a multi-vehicle crash, it was single with no witnesses.

Berto finds some info on Ava, three weeks prior to her death she called roadside assistance at 3 am.

Upon further investigation, Eddie finds a homeless man near the crash site who tells him that he witnessed a dark sedan drive Ava’s car off the road. The man tried to see if he could help but when he got there, someone was already there going through the car. It turns out that Ava’s key ring was forced open, whoever went through her car after the crash took a key and they also took her driver’s license. Sam tells Ava’s husband that with this new evidence the police are classifying Ava’s death as a homicide.

Berto finds the address where Ava called roadside assistance from three weeks ago, Sam and Eddie head there. The place is an hour from Ava’s house. Sam and Eddie go into the building called Lemaise and there is a woman screaming that someone is going to kill her. They get closer and see her apprehended by two guards that tell them they should not be there. A doctor comes out and asks what they are doing there, it is a sleep clinic. The doctor says that Ava came to see her a few weeks ago, she was having nightmares about a man with spider web eyes. Ava had been dreaming about him for years, but lately, they had been getting worse. The doctor says that Ava remembered something, but she wouldn’t tell her; she was too sedated, so she called a friend to pick her up and take her home, he was driving a classic car, a gold grey shovel.

Eddie tells Sam that he noticed a shovel parked at the accident scene. Sam says that Cory has that car, it is his signature car and he dated Ava back in the day.

Berto found that the day after Ava went to the sleep clinic there is a charge on her credit card for gas near an old storage unit that some her parent’s things are stored, and she rented a storage box after she left there.

Sam goes to see Cory and tells him that she knows he picked Ava up after an appointment at the sleep clinic. Cory says there was nothing between them, they were just friends.

Eddie is at the bank with Ava’s husband, they get the safety deposit box opened and there is nothing inside. The bank rep says Ava accessed it twice, once when she opened the account and then yesterday – Eddie says that’s impossible, Ava was dead yesterday.

Eddie and Sam look at security footage at the bank, and they see Ava come into the bank yesterday! They take a closer look at the woman, its not Ava, someone impersonated Ava. Sam says the woman looks so familiar, she thinks it may be one of the doubles from the show.

Berto and Monica head to the storage locker. Sam and Eddie go see Cam, he doesn’t recognize the woman who impersonated Ava at the bank, but he does admit that he was in talks with Ava about a reboot of the show.

Berto calls Eddie and tells him that they found scripts with blood on them and a file full of stalks and obsessed fans when Ava was on the show. One of the obsessed fans is the woman who impersonated Ava at the bank.

Eddie and Sam find the woman, she says that she had an envelope slipped under her door, inside was Ava’s driver’s license, a key and a note to clear out the box. There was $2000 in the envelope and another upon delivery. In the box was a pair of busted up glasses, big black frames like Buddy Holly wore. The glasses were cracked, like spider webs.

Berto traces the blood, it belonged to a nephew or cousin of Raymond Lou, he worked in Ojai and that is where Ava was heading.

Eddie and Sam head to a cafe in Ojai and speak to the waitress, they show her a photo of Ava, she says that she was becoming quite the regular. Eddie mentions Ray’s name, she says he has been gone for a year working in the oil fields and not worth knowing. Sam sees a photo of a boy with dark black glasses, the lady says it was her son who passed away from a hit and runs August 7th, 20 years ago. Sam says that on that night Ava got so drunk and quit the show after that. Sam thinks Ava killed the boy.

Eddie thinks maybe Ava was a passenger that night, maybe the person who was driving the car was the killer. Berto digs deep at old photos, They find a photo of Molly driving a car with Ava sitting on the passenger side when they left the party.

Sam goes to see Molly and talks to her about the night of the party. Molly says that they went to an after-party, a big house on the hill and the person was a friend of Cory. Molly says that it was the time that Cory bought his new shovel.

Sam and Eddie go see Cory, they find him passed out on the floor overdosed on some pills.

Cory survives, he tells Sam that he and Ava were way past drunk, they hit the kid. Cory says that he did not kill Ava, and someone else was driving the car that night when they hit the kid, not him.

Sam and Eddie go see Cam and tell him everything that Cory told them. Cam was the one who was driving the car that night, he hit the boy and covered the whole thing up.

Eddie congratulates Sam on a good job. Sam gets a message from Molly, Sam thinks the reboot will be canceled now because Cam will be in jail. The reboot is actually back on and the cast wants Sam in it, she tells Eddie that she turned it down. Sam says that doing the reboot would be like going back and she doesn’t want to do that. Besides, she likes her new family now.


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