The Bachelor 2018 Recap 1/15/18: Season 22 Episode 3

The Bachelor 2018 Recap 1/15/18: Season 22 Episode 3

The Bachelor 2017 airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, January 14, 2018, season 22 episode 3 and we have your The Bachelor recap below. On tonight’s The Bachelor season 22 episode 3 as per the ABC synopsis, “As the charming race car driver intensifies his search for his soul mate among the 18 remaining women, Arie selects eight women to battle for supremacy in the wrestling arena with two top veterans of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW)—Ursula Hayden and Angelina Altishin—sharing their secrets of success in the ring. The undercard will feature a surprise guest, Kenny “Pretty Boy Pit Bull” King from Bachelorette Rachel’s season, who will take on the Bachelor himself.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelor 2018 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights, and tears. So come back tonight between 8 PM – 10 PM for our live The Bachelor recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our The Bachelor photos, spoilers, news & more, right here!

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The Bachelor begins tonight with host Chris Harrison coming in and revealing that time is precious and they need to take advantage of their time and use it wisely. There will be 3 dates this week – 2 very fun group dates and a romantic 1-on-1 date with Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. Chris drops off the first date card and leaves.

“Maquel, Jacqueline, Lauren B, Tia, Marikh, Bekah M, Bibiana, and Krystal. It’s all about the ring!”

The women are quickly brought to GLOB, where Chris Harrison introduces Arie, as the “Kissing Bandit”. The women are invited to join them down at the ring and told they are going to wrestle in front of a live audience tonight. Angelina and Ursula G.L.O.W Professional Wrestlers are there to help them out, training them for their matches.

Arie claims to know nothing about wrestling and says this will be uncomfortable for everyone; he is looking for someone who isn’t uptight. Someone who can have fun in any situation. He just wants to have a blast and enjoy the crazy day. Angelina makes fun of Bibiana’s name, asking her if her mother knew how to spell when she gave her a name, calling her pathetic. Tia and Bibiana are in the corner crying, saying they are deeply offended, but Arie comforts Tia telling her he is uncomfortable too but just has fun with it.

Chris Harrison returns and tells the women if they are going to be a true wrestler, they need to have a persona; their wrestling alter ego. They go backstage, to get on their costumes and makeup before the audience arrives. Arie learns he is going to be the first bout tonight and he is fighting against the Pretty Boy Pitbull Kenny King, who is an actual wrestler and also from The Bachelorette Season 13. The ladies thoroughly enjoy Arie fight and actually beat Kenny.

The first bout is Bekah the sex kitten vs. Maquel the lunch lady. Maquel wins. Krystal takes on Jacqueline who goes flying into the turnbuckle; some of their moves are real. Marikh and Lauren B, turn it sexual, more dancing and money and the final bout is Tia, the southern belle vs. Bibiana the bridezilla; the crowd loved it and Tia is the champ of the final fight.

After the wrestling match, Arie tells the ladies it was an uncomfortable day for him but the best part was all of them because they nailed it! He was proud of all of them, he liked seeing who have become friends and they all cheers for a good night. Krystal, once again, grabs Arie away from the group, and all of them are furious with her but he says it is very hard to have her out on group dates. She asks him what she is supposed to do on group dates, be aggressive or more laid back? He tells her to just be herself and if she ever feels lost, to just come find him and grab him.

Bibiana decides she is going to tell Arie how she feels about Krystal constantly interrupting and taking Arie away from everyone. She says the group dates are intense as she is so respectful of others and says that with Krystal this is not cool and a lot of the women are furious with it. He understands her frustration but hopes she will focus on him and her and not the drama in the house.

Krystal returns to the ladies asking if any of them have spent time with Arie, all of them ignore her. Tia spends some time with Arie who was glad that she was able to show some vulnerability with her and she loves that he is so comforting to her as he kisses her inside the trailer.

The doorbell rings with a date card. “Lauren S, You had me at merlot.”

Bekah M. sits with Arie, but talks about her longest relationship, and how ending things and grieving the loss of it is a good thing because it’s like hitting the reset button. They begin to kiss and Bekah admits she hasn’t felt this kind of chemistry with someone in a really long time and hopes that she gets the rose. All the ladies from the group date feel they are going to get the roe tonight, but Krystal feels they are all living in a false reality since she has already had a one on one with Arie and has a deep connection with him; she feels confident that the rose is hers.

Arie returns and offers the rose to Bekah, who accepts it. Krystal is confused and promises to step up her game and be more aggressive with Arie as she is unwilling to watch these women develop relationships with him.

Lauren gets dressed up, is escorted in a limo to a private jet, where Arie meets her. They are going to Napa Valley. He doesn’t know much about her, she is beautiful, she is mature and has a great job. She is what he is looking for in a potential wife and he picked out the perfect date. They arrive at HALL winery, it is gorgeous and peaceful as the wind rustles through the leaves. Before now, they haven’t spent much time together, but they are very comfortable, chatting and find they are on similar pages in a lot of ways. She notices he is romantic but she hasn’t been in so long, she feels like she has almost forgotten how to get caught up in the moment.

They sit down for dinner and she explains how her last relationship fizzled because she noticed she lost herself in it. During dinner, she babbles and babbles about a million things while he eats, she is worried she won’t get the rose and blew it during dinner.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, another date card arrives. “Ashley, Becca K, Brittany, Jenna, Caroline, Chelsea, and Annaliese. “Love is Ruff!” Suddenly Annaliese is freaking out that it isn’t big dogs because she had a traumatic experience with dogs in her childhood.

Back in Napa Valley, Lauren S apologizes to Arie saying she isn’t being herself in this situation and feels like she is all over the place. He encourages her to be herself. He reaches for the rose, saying today was an opportunity for him to get to know her and he loves that she loves her family. She showed a lot of herself today and really wanted it for them but he can’t give her the rose because he doesn’t want to waste her time. He does feel she is amazing and this is his first hard goodbye and he is very sorry and offers to walk her out.

The women are shocked to learn that Lauren S is gone.

Arie is excited about his second group date as he has his dog, Bastian with him. Once the women join him, he blows a whistle and several dogs run over and Gail Mirabella from The Dynamo Dogs is there. The ladies are going to work with the dogs in front of a live audience, on a stage, and in costume. Arie is excited to see how the women interact with the animals and feels it will be fun to find a woman who shares the same interest since he loves dogs.

Annaliese reveals when she was little, a dog bit her and she almost lost her eye so she might really struggle today. Bibiana and Tia are at the mansion, upset that the group date is out playing with Arie and puppies; they pray for the beautiful day, their friendship and hope one of the girls gets bitten by a puppy.

Arie and the bachelorettes arrive at The Grove to perform with the dogs. Chris Harrison and Fred Willard are the hosts of the dog show; Fred Willard says he is a fan of the show and loves that Arie is courting these girls “doggy style.” Chelsea is up first and her dogs will not do anything she tells them to do; Fred says the show is like an old car – it’s having trouble getting started.

Ashley jokes that these were the worst behaved dogs ever and Annaliese was the one who got the role of pooper scooper. Arie says today is hilarious, saying the dogs are having a tough time performing anything, and the girls are good sports but hopefully tonight is better.

The women and Arie arrive at The Reserve. Arie says tonight he will get to spend some time with each and every one of them. They cheer to that and immediately he asks Chelsea to come with him. She admits it was hard seeing all the little children but it was nice seeing him in his element with dogs too. She says it is getting hard but she needs to do this for something better. She adores the person she has become today and is very serious about moving forward in life. Arie liked seeing the nurturing side of her. He thinks she is pretty incredible and is excited.

The women are getting more and more demanding for their individual time, Annaliese wants to get more aggressive and simply wants to kiss him. He tells her that some relationships are moving faster than others; she isn’t sure how there is going. He agrees that this whole thing is crazy but this whole place is cool. Chelsea returns and interrupts them. Annaliese says it didn’t go well, feeling there wasn’t much sexual chemistry and he was a little off. Chelsea says she came back to steal a kiss. Annaliese thinks she is going home and grabs her jacket and sits back down.

Arie sits with Becca K, are joking around, calling each other “dorks”. She grabs his face and tells him to kiss her and that he’s “cute.” She ran out of words for tonight and is simply happy and content. She believes she is falling for him.

Arie rejoins the women, saying that the day was really fun, as he picks up the rose from the table. He had a few great conversations tonight but the one person that stood out was Chelsea. He offers her the rose and she says “absolutely!” Becca K is disappointed but is confident she won’t go home. Annaliese isn’t going home yet, she said she will wait for the rose ceremony.

All the women feel uneasy going into the cocktail party tonight. No one feels really safe on their connection with Arie. He greets them, saying a few of the dates put him out of his comfort zone, and definitely a hard date with Lauren S, but he needs to be decisive and if he doesn’t feel it, it just won’t work. They all cheers in hopes of a good night. There are 17 of them as Arie calls Seinne out to join him.

Arie has spent some time with several women as Bibiana had set up a cabana like setting, with a telescope and candles, that was very romantic. Unfortunately, when she goes outside to find Arie, to try to spend some time with him, she finds Arie in the “cabana” with Lauren B. When she tries to interrupt, Arie asks her for five more minutes. Bibiana goes back inside and is upset that Arie is taking all of the women out to the romantic spot she set up for them.

Arie admits to Bekah M that he is kind of guarding his heart with her, she says its because she is “unsafe”. He asks why but it is because she is someone he doesn’t “need”. She throws it out there that is probably why he is so into moms too, because they are needy. He likes that she is calling him out on everything, and keeps him on his toes.

Inside, more and more women are talking about Arie kissing them as Annaliese struggles with what she has going on with him; wondering what do they have that she doesn’t and decides that she has to kiss him tonight!

Arie brings Tia to a fireplace, where there is moonshine and hay bales. He loves a good country girl. He is becoming more and more attracted to Tia every day, she makes him laugh so much. She says she has been freaking out about the way she is smitten over him and feels she can really take a chance on him.

Annaliese takes Arie to the balcony, she wants to see if there is a physical connection between them. She admits she is stressed out and frustrated because she has wanted him to kiss her. He doesn’t feel they are there yet and apologizes. Annaliese is very upset about being publicly rejected and is encouraged to be assertive for the last effort as he continues to kiss several of the other women. Annaliese gets prepped and cuts in to see him again, for the last try. She wants clarity and he feels going into the rose ceremony, he doesn’t feel there is a future for them, its hard to say no but she will find somebody and at the end of this he doesn’t see it with her. He offers to walk her out.

Everyone gathers for the rose ceremony. Arie hands roses to Caroline, Kendall, Ashley, Lauren B, Brittany, Becca K, Seinne, Krystal, Tia, Maquel, Jenna, Jacqueline, and Marikh all receive roses. Chris Harrison tells Bibiana to take a moment to say her goodbyes and Arie offers to walk her out.