The Blacklist Recap 4/4/18: Season 5 Episode 17 “Anna-Gracia Duerte”

The Blacklist Recap 4/4/18: Season 5 Episode 17 "Anna-Gracia Duerte"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spader airs with an all-new Wednesday, April 4, 2018, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s Blacklist Season 5 episode 17 called, “Anna-Gracia Duerte”,  as per the ABC synopsis, “When an associate of the Nash Syndicate is murdered, Red sets Liz and the Task Force on the case in order to recover evidence crucial to bringing down Ian Garvey. Meanwhile, Aram considers a step forward in his relationship with Samar.”

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Gerry comes home and his daughter Ava is listening to music, he heads to his office and calls Red, tells him that he has a deal, he has what he is looking for but if Garvey ever finds out, Red says he won’t. All of a sudden someone comes into Gerry’s office and shoots him while he is on the phone with Red. Ressler tells Amram that the forensic report will be ready soon, Amram is upset because they promised to protect the witness. Ressler notices a ring box in Amram’s drawer, he thinks Amram is going to propose to Samar but Amram says that wasn’t the plan, it is just a ring.

Meanwhile, Red is making breakfast when Liz walks in. Liz tells Red that she is there because of Garvey, he took their witness away from Amram and wants to know if he can help. Red tells Liz that Gerry was an important associate for the Nash Syndicate, the man responsible for bringing a product into the country safely and with the proper documentation, he was killed. He worked for Nash, not with them and he was going to bring Red a list of every Nash shipment and its origin for the last fourteen months. Liz tells Red that her agents think it is a hate crime, the safe was cleaned out and there was no list. Red wants to know who the hater is, Liz says it is Kugan Hudnut, the publisher of National Pride weekly and founder of the United Brigade.

The bureau thinks he is the one who killed Gerry. Back at the bureau, Liz tells everyone that Red thinks it is really important to recover the list because it contains the identity of the Nash Syndicate supplier. Cooper asks Liz if Red thinks bringing down the supplier is the key to bringing down Garvey. Liz nods and says that all Red said is that they should use every conventional method possible to bring down Gerry’s killer.

Amram asks about Red’s methods and Liz says she thinks they are going to be a little less conventional. Red knocks on a door with Dembe and a guy answers it and says he’s good but “this”, referring to Dembe, stays outside.

Dembe agrees to stay outside and Red goes in, there is a confederate flag hanging on the wall and there are a few guys inside. Red asks them where Kugan Hudnut is and he knows they know him because they are the ones that his tiki torches during his rallies. Red waves ten thousand dollars in cash and says it will go to the first man willing to speak up and help him find him. Donny speaks up, another guy raises a gun and tells him to shut up – Red shoots him and then another one who comes at him.

Red announces that he has a winner and gives Donny the money, Donny points to a side door. Red walks and shoots another guy who is inside the doorway. Kugan tries to run and Dembe catches him outside and puts a gun to him. Red comes out and says to him that rumor has it that he killed Gerry and he must have an item he is looking for. Kugan says he didn’t kill anyone and Red says here he thought he was going to make this easy on himself. Meanwhile, Gerry is laid to rest and we see Ava at the funeral, she gets a text message by someone that says they are outside.

Reva meets a woman and says she can’t believe they did this, the woman says to just remember that he was a terrible man and what he did to her was unforgivable; it’s going to be fine, they have no idea.

We see the woman, who is actually a 17 year old girl – it is a flashback to when she met another girl who contacted her through a network to kill someone. The 17-year old says there is no payment for her services, all she has to do is pay it forward and refer her to another client.

Meanwhile, Red bumps into Teddy who tells him he is going out to get pastrami. Red asks if they can join him for lunch and Teddy says he will give the address to Dembe. Red calls Liz and tells her he has news, Hudnut had nothing to do with Gerry’s murder. Cooper says before they come up with any conclusions he wants to investigate everything, start with his wife and see what she knows. Aram tells Liz about the ring, he wants her opinion – Liz says that she will think he is proposing if the thought has ever crossed her mind. Liz suggests he give her the ring and find out.

Tara, who met with the 17-year old from the network arrives home a little late and her husband, who is very much older than she, is upset that she didn’t call, he tells her to go to bed and wait for him. Tara is in bed when she hears the door open, her father comes in and lays down beside her, tells her that he just wants her to be happy. He starts kissing her and calls her sweetheart.

Samar and Ressler head to Gerry’s house, Ava answers the door and Ressler tells her they are there to investigate what happened to her father. Ava says nothing happened to her father, he is inside, Gerry was her husband. Ressler and Samar ask Reva if she saw anything when Gerry was killed, she said no, he went upstairs and she didn’t hear anything until the shots were fired, then she screamed and called 911 from her cell phone.

Samar tells Reva it is strange that the killer walked right out of the house, there was no forced entry and Reva saw nothing. Reva faints.

At the bureau, Aram looks over Reva’s computer and finds that she belonged to a chat room of girls who were child brides and this is a support group. In the group, they talk about a guardian angel who sets them free. Cooper tells Liz to talk to Red and see if he knows anything about this, then he tells Ressler and Samar to talk to some of the girls about the guardian angel. The reason why Reva fainted, she is pregnant. Red walks into Reva’s hospital room and asks Reva about the woman who killed her husband. He tells her that he understands what she was going through and he needs the name of the guardian angel.

Red goes on to say that her husband was a drug dealer helping to smuggle drugs. Red says that he needs something that the guardian angel has and he doesn’t want to harm her. Reva says she doesn’t know her name, she just had to pay it forward and refer her to another girl.

It is morning and Tara is in the kitchen, her husband comes in and grumbles about breakfast not being made, she says she is going to be late for school. Tara then calls the guardian angel and tells her she can’t do it anymore, kill him. At the bureau, Liz asks Aram if he gave the ring to Samar, he says no.

Aram tells Liz the remote access device they found on the transport vehicle while it was in the motor pool. Outside the building there is a guy who was walking towards the post office, Aram wants to see if he has a connection to Garvey and Liz says he doesn’t, he works for Red. Cooper tells Samar and Ressler that Red called with the guardian angel’s next client, Tara, 16 years old.

Liz goes to see Red and asks Red if he took the witness that would directly lead them to Garvey. Liz grabs Red and pushes him against the wall and asks him if he stole Tony from FBI custody, Red says she knows that he did, Liz asks if it is because Garvey has his duffle bag and he is afraid of the truth being exposed. Red says he did not betray anyone, he told her that he was going to get that bag and then, Garvey is going to die.

Liz asks if Tony is dead, he tells her she knows the answer to that. Samar is at Tara’s school to speak to her and tells her if anything happens to her husband she will go to ail. Meanwhile, Ressler is there to speak to Tara’s husband who after telling him everything, is surprised because he believes Tara is happy with him. A bomb goes off, the guardian angel gets free.

At the bureau, Ressler finds the guardian angel’s ID, they know she is 17, her name is Anna Gracia Duerte, she entered the country at 13 with her husband who was 43 years old. Ressler and Samar go after Anna, but she is gone from her home. It doesn’t take long for Samar to catch up with her and she threatens to jump. Anna says her husband raped her before they married and they made her marry him; she says she lived in hell for three years until she freed herself and she knew she would do what she had to do to save others. Samar tells Anna a story about when her parents were killed. Anna gives in and walks away with Samar.

Liz is at a private terminal at the airport with Aram – it was a setup, Garvey’s men are there to ambush them. all of a sudden Dembe is there and they are saved. At the bureau, Samar and Cooper are pleading Anna’s case, they say she is just a kid and someone should give her mercy.

Liz is with Red, he tells her he apologizes that he ever told Garvey that he would kill him if he ever came after her because that is what he did. Liz says that she doesn’t know if it is his fault but she is only there because of him and her thanks to him. Red asks Liz to go ask Anna a question. Samar is with Liz and Anna, she tells Anna that the US Attorney has made a decision, he has agreed to charge her as a juvenile defender – she will not go to adult prison and will be out by the time she is 21.

Anna is surprised, Samar tells her for once someone is going to treat her like she is, a child. Liz asks Anna if she saw the black book that was in Gerry’s safe, she says she threw it away. Red, Liz, and Dembe start going through some trash.

Meanwhile, Samar and Aram are having dinner at home, he pulls out his grandmother’s ring, Samar puts it on and tells him she loves it – they eat. Red is enjoying a drink when he calls Garvey, he says he tried and he failed, now it is his turn. Red tells Garvey now he is not the only one missing something of value.


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