The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Katie Lets Wyatt Walk Away Before Valentine’s Day – Is Watie Really Over?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Katie Lets Wyatt Walk Away Before Valentine's Day – Is Watie Really Over?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers documented Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and Katie’s (Heather Tom) developing relationship since last summer. One of B&B’s most enjoyable couples, Watie consistently offered comic relief in contrast to many serious storylines. Now, despite Valentine’s Day week’s arrival, it appears as though this delightful paring has ended.

Why won’t two people who care about each other be honest about their feelings? One of romance’s most enduring mysteries has been evidenced again through this engaging duo. As many readers (and writers) know, pride is not the only answer to a question that’s applied to countless couples across the globe.

After accidentally seeing Katie kiss Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) through a telescope in his significant other’s house, Wyatt had a normal reaction. He was hurt. Who wouldn’t be surprised to have seen that? And yes, said scene was intentional soapy timing in order to further the arcs of a handful of characters.

After hearing Liam’s (Scott Clifton) pep talk, Wyatt went to Katie’s place. He placed a number of lovey dovey items in her living room and awaited his love interest’s return from Bridge’s nuptials. Katie was her sister’s maid of honor, as B&B fans recall.

As the reader notes, this scribe peppered the entire article thus far with lover’s related words and references. That’s because Wyatt and Katie are in love with each other. They were friends, but that all changed last summer at the fashion show.

Wyatt’s breakup comments, about Watie being a no-strings deal, were true. But that was only initially. Katie, sensing the Wyatt was serious, didn’t want to reveal that she was both shocked and wounded. So she played off Wyatt’s verbal Dear John as though it was no big thing.

To be fair to Wyatt and to question Katie’s thoughts, she didn’t push Thorne away when he aimed for her lips. If she truly felt a committed to Wyatt, wouldn’t she have pushed him away regardless of whatever his charms, or the ambiance that enveloped Bridge’s wedding day?

All talk about the relationship each half of Watie has with Bill (Don Diamont) was merely a mutual excuse both parties presented as cover. Considering Dollar’s troubles, he has no energy for two other personal fights and both people know it.

Watie’s break up dance ended with an embrace. So are they done? Is Watie really over? B&B’s soapy friends will keep watching to see what happens next. CDL is a leading source for everything linked to The Bold and the Beautiful. Check back regularly for B&B spoilers and news!