The Brave Recap 1/15/18: Season 1 Episode 11 “Grounded”

The Brave Recap 1/15/18: Season 1 Episode 11 "Grounded"

Tonight on NBC their new military drama The Brave airs with an all-new Monday, January 15, 2018, episode and we have your The Brave recap below.  On tonight’s The Brave season 1 episode 11 as per the NBC synopsis, “With Patricia out of commission, Noah is at the helm of the D.I.A. when FARC revolutionaries take control of a flight in Colombia. When negotiations mean life or death for the passengers on board, Hannah must make her return to the field.”

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Director Campbell was still suspended on tonight’s all-new episode of “The Brave” and, in her absence, Noah has taken the lead at the D.I.A.

But there were a few things that even Noah wasn’t prepared for. The DIA had gotten the word out of Columbia about a hijacking. It seems the militant group known as FARC had killed several technicians to take their place and that allowed them to not only take control over one passenger plane carrying fifty-five souls on board but also carry everything from semi-automatics to grenades. So there was no reasoning with this group or with their leader. Their leader Diaz was a radical that believed the Colombian government robbed had her people of their land and voice. And so she along with a trusted group has been carrying out several robberies in some kind of Robin Hood stunt.

They technically stole from the wealthy to give to those that don’t have much. But Diaz took what she did to an unusual level of cruelty. She liked to hurt her victims and often the funds she stole went right back into her pocket as she needed them to fund the “revolution” yet Diaz hijacked that plane for more reasons than she initially let on. She told the Colombian government that she wanted five hundred million in exchange for the hostages and the Colombians hadn’t reacted well. They tried to bombard the plane with their own highly skilled team and that only served to get two of their agents killed as well as two of their passengers. So the Colombian government decided to work with the American one because they too had citizens onboard.

There had been a year abroad program for American students and that with the fact the staff was also American meant the US government had to get involved. But both sides agreed that after their failed first try that what they needed was a small team that could move in there without being detected and so they turned to Captain Dalton’s team. His team was still recovering from their ordeal in Iran and therefore Jaz was left behind at the base while the rest of the team went to Colombia, however, Noah decided to send an additional person with Dalton’s team. He sent in Hannah because she knew the area and was also adept at hostage negotiations.

Noah believed Hannah could do this because he had seen her come a long way since the woman that froze at the idea of putting an asset at risk. But Hannah and Dalton’s team had run into a few problems when they landed. They found out that the Colombians on the scene hadn’t been too happy about letting the Americans take over and that even their best-laid plans had flaws. The team came up with the idea of negotiating a refuel on the tarmac and that way Dalton and his mean could get close enough to the plane to board though they had underestimated Diaz. Diaz had demanded that first the truck carrying the fuel do a 360 because she wanted to make sure there weren’t any extra passengers on the truck.

That had been a little inconvenient for the armed team because they had had to run to keep up to the truck while it turned and not be seen. But that had been nothing. It was when they got close enough to the plane and were told to halt was the problem. It seems one of the flight attendants had snuck a message in the window that said there was a bomb on board and there was no reason to doubt the message. Noah had later gotten information on the attendant that snuck in the message and there was nothing in her background that said she would take such a risk except there was nothing that said she wouldn’t. So that’s the moment Campbell decided to visit the office.

Campbell had wanted to see how things were going and so she didn’t get in Noah’s way. He remained in charge of the mission and he had even gotten word from Hannah. Hannah had tried guessing why Diaz had brought a bomb on the plane and hadn’t told them, but she eventually realized that Diaz hadn’t said anything because she was going to set the bomb off no matter what. Hannah had informed everyone that Diaz was going to martyr herself as a delusional way to call others to action. But Hannah didn’t think Diaz’s own team knew about her plan and so Hannah came up with an idea.

Hannah knew the whole team couldn’t board the plane and so it was just going to be Dalton that boarded in an attempt to defuse the bomb. So Hannah thought she could reach Diaz’s lover and someone Hannah suspected didn’t want to hurt anyone. His name was Lalo and he had joined Diaz’s crew with his brother back when they were kids. Meaning they had been taught to obey though not necessarily to believe. At least not as much as Diaz believed. Diaz had a god complex and she had no problem in the past with sacrificing her own team. But Diaz had put Lalo on the phone to speak with Hannah and so that’s when Hannah took her chance.

Hannah talked to Lalo about his past and that she knew he didn’t want to die for their cause. But Hannah told him that Diaz was and that she had snuck a bomb onboard without telling him because she didn’t want him to know he was going to die as well. So that planted a seed and eventually, it came in handy when Diaz caught on to Dalton being in the cargo bay. She had gotten word from her inside man on the ground and so she sent someone to kill Dalton, however, he was able to kill his would-be killer and warned his team that they had to move now. The team announced to their Colombian counterparts they were going to be entering the plane one way and Dalton used that distraction to come up from cargo.

Dalton snuck behind Diaz and her team and he was able to take her out, but not before she turned on Lalo who tried to turn himself in. But with Dalton taking out the terrorists, he was able to bring onboard the rest of his team and they got everyone safely out there. So the bomb had been neutralized and Hannah for her part had also found the mole inside the Colombian government. She correctly handed him over to the proper authorities and the later boarded the plane home with the others just happy to get out of there. And while there had been things he couldn’t have foreseen, Noah managed to handle the mission like a pro.

So much so that Campbell jokingly offered him her job!


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