The Resident Recap 1/29/18: Season 1 Episode 3 “Comrades in Arms”

Tonight on FOX their new medical drama The Resident airs with an all-new Monday, January 29, 2018, episode and we have your The Resident recap below.  On tonight’s The Resident episode as per the FOX synopsis, “An old Army buddy and fellow surgeon visit Conrad at the hospital. Meanwhile, the team is put to the test when they have to save the life of an uninsured and undocumented patient, while simultaneously battling the hospital’s administrators, who fear the patient will cost millions. Also, Dr. Bell experiments with a new medication for his tremor and Nic swears to investigate the mystery surrounding missing medical records.”

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The Resident begins tonight with Dr. Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) and Dr. Jude Silva (Warren Christie) racing their bikes for the “Doctors Against Cancer” charity race; they finish first but quickly switched from athlete to doctor mode when a drunk spectator, named Hank falls into a wheel of a bicycle and breaks his tibia and has a compound fracture. They talk about when they were in Afghanistan and pop the bone back into place then race off to the hospital with Hank in the back of a pickup truck.

Nicolette Nevin (Emily VanCamp) runs into cancer patient Lily Ahn (Violett Beanne), concerned that she left so abruptly but Lily refuses for her to take her vitals and just leaves with her prescriptions. Nurse Louisa (Coral Pena) arrives to take patient Mr. Rosenthal for a spin outside, but he doesn’t want to go. Dr. Devon Pravesh learns from Nicolette that there is a meeting about billing, but as they are walking Pravesh notices Louisa is limping and he offers to help; she might take him up on the offer.

Conrad and Jude arrive at the hospital, and Irving shocks Conrad when he tells him he is thinking of reenlisting. Nicolette finds them and chastises them for being late for the mandatory meeting; insisting they go because its for all residents and all nurses. As soon as the meeting begins, they are told they need to code up for more money for the hospital; Conrad says he is out. Nicolette lets him slip by but Pravesh has to stay since Conrad is the third year and he is the only first year; Dr. Mina Okafor (Shaunette Renee Wilson) tells Pravesh “welcome to American healthcare 101!”

Dr. Irving Feldman (Tasso Feldman) is taking care of Hank when Conrad and Jude come to see how their number 1 fan is doing. Dr. Randolph Bell (Bruce Greenwood) is talking to Dr. Arthur Franklin (Emil Beheshti), asking what he can do for a “friend” who has developed a tremor. He makes several suggestions, saying it depends on how desperate the guy is. Dr. Bell attempts to hide his own tremors as he talks.

Conrad talks to Dr. Pravesh about his patient but Pravesh seems more interest in his deployment with Dr. Silva, saying his brother was in the Army who did two tours in Iraq and came home a very different guy. Conrad says he was a Corpsman in the Marines; Jude was a base surgeon and they tried to save lives, not take them; but mostly they had each other back. They quickly come back the way they came when Conrad spots Betsy, whom they can’t escape and introduces them to Barb Olsen (Kellee Stewart) who just lead the presentation this morning.

Rosenthal is complaining how slow Louisa is walking, she is wincing from the pain but as they walk away from the room, Mr. Rosenthal shouts for help, and they find her on the ground. Her lungs sound congested, but she swears she is fine because if she is sick, they will deport her. Barb Olsen catches them and stops them saying she has every right to check them. Nicolette says Louisa is part of the Chastain family and deserves the best care. Louisa gets off the bed and leaves as Barb says it would be wise of them to just let her go; Louisa falls in the hallway.

She has fluid around her lung and Conrad needs to relieve the pressure. He is able to save her on the hallway floor, with patients all around. Barb Olsen catches them in the MRI room and is furious that it will cost $10,000 for it. When she leaves the room, Conrad tells Pravesh they need to run point on her care until administration pulls the plug. He feels if they direct her to another hospital, they will not even get her past the ER.

Jude reveals that Hank has acute Hepatitis, which means he has consumed so much alcohol his liver is temporarily paralyzed. Conrad tries to help him with the withdrawal but Jude tells him the patient did it to himself. Conrad reminds him that it doesn’t matter if the person walking through the door eats lobster or roadkill, he takes care of them. Jude tries to convince Conrad to reenlist with him, saying he never had to ask people for proof of insurance when he was working on them there. Conrad says he will think about it.

Dr. Mina Okafor is shocked to learn that Barb has convinced her patient to have more tests than necessary and Nicolette says he has fallen victim to Barb’s profit plan. She jokes that Barb is like a migraine, you can feel her coming but just can’t stop it. Dr. Irving is more and more in awe of Mina, the meaner she is to him.

Conrad and Pravesh are looking at Louisa’s scans when Barb comes in furious that Louisa lied to them. She didn’t run away because she doesn’t have insurance, but because she is an undocumented immigrant. Conrad says she has a highly aggressive tumor and if she doesn’t get surgery right away, she dies. Barb orders no more tests and no more treatment on their dime because the hospital is not a charity!

Barb Olsen meets with Dr. Randolph Bell and Claire Thorpe (Merrin Dungey), CEO Chastain, they realize in the best case Louisa’s surgery and care will cost half a million dollars; worst case she won’t be able to get out of the bed and $2 million.

Conrad goes to see Dr. Lane Hunter, asking her for a consult on Louisa; but Nicolette tells him the surgery is put indefinitely on hold. She then informs him that she ran into Lily earlier and she didn’t look good. He puts his hand on Nicolette’s shoulder and reassures her that Lane will take care of Lily. Barb chases after Nicolette, but she stops her and tells her the nurses primary focus is on their patient’s care; unfortunately, Barb isn’t impressed when she sees a nurse singing in a patient’s room and Dr. Irving Feldman telling her she sounds flat.

Dr. Bell introduces Claire Thorpe to the Jim Phillips, CEO of Atlanta General and Stuart Green, CEO, Lady of Mercy. She explains the situation of Louisa, and they begin to negotiate a deal for one of them to take Louisa, pre-surgery, to take the financial load of Chastain Hospital; both turn the deal down.

Pravesh talks to Louisa who insists she is alone in the United States, saying if Immigration gets their hands on her, they will send her back, no questions asked. He promises they are going to help her and she deserves so much better than this. She admits the thought of dying scares the hell out of her, Conrad watches from the doorway as Lane approaches and tells him the foundation gave her a hard no because they only will help American citizen; she reminds him they do the best they can as often as they can but they can’t save everyone.

Dr. Mina Okafor is having her patients walk the hallways, she the nurse that she can discharge the winners, the losers can go back to their rooms. Pravesh updates Mina on what is happening with Louisa, but she doesn’t seem to have any sympathy, saying “rules are rules!” She says what she feels doesn’t matter, she only deals with facts. He talks to her about the surgery is right up her alley.

Dr. Randolph Bell is sitting in his car when Conrad meets him there, he continues to bug him about Louisa’s case. He reminds Bell about why he became a surgeon in the first place; he claims to not like cutting Louisa either but he admits her price tag isn’t $2 million.

Inside the hospital, Jude talks to Nicolette about Conrad, worried that he is going to burn out. He claims to be sorry to hear that they are no longer together and invites her to join him to a concert. Alarms sound and Louisa’s stats drop and she is bleeding internally. Conrad is going to teach Pravesh a new procedure, drilling into her bone. She is stable for now.

Running down the stairs, Pravesh wants to know why they have 4 oncology surgeons and none of them won’t do the operation? They come up with a plan together as they know someone who is dying to do the operation – Dr. Mina Okafor. Conrad asks Dr. Jude Silva to sign off on the surgery, he is bending the rules, agreeing to bend the rules. Nicolette says they are too late as Immigration is walking the hallways coming for Louisa.

Conrad stops ICE as Pravesh says hospitals are sensitive areas. Claire Thorpe orders for them to step aside or they will both be fired, but they are too late as Louisa is already in surgery. Dr. Okafor begins as Nicolette informs ICE it is a sterile environment and they cannot enter under any circumstances.

Nicolette stops Barb from putting a patient in for an MRI, explaining to him that it has powerful magnets that will rip out powerful metal parts that are inside his body. She informs Barb that he has a metal penial implant. She tells Barb, she isn’t a doctor nor a nurse and not ever test is safe, and not every procedure is worth the cost. She tells Barb she is going to get someone killed; and she will be filing an incident report and smirk, informing her she will be lucky to get hired at Chastain again.

Louisa wakes up without any nausea. She is very grateful, joking she will need help with her mid-term. Dr. Bell wants to see if she can get out of bed and walk to the door, but she is unable to move. He points his fingers at the door and tells Claire $2 million. Conrad says rehab will be a long hard road but they know how tough she is and she will get through this with them by her side.

Dr. Bell gets on the elevator and runs into Dr, Franklin, who asks about the tremor. He says his buddy just started taking medication but Franklin asks to just keep him updated. When the doors close Bell’s hand doesn’t shake at all.

Conrad runs into Pravesh, saying him and Jude are going to grab a beer; but he shows him a picture of a cute girl, saying she is much cuter than either of them. Claire finds Dr. Hawkins and he demands to know if she called ICE or did she use Barb to do it for her? She says Barb has been suspended, but she is very angry that she now has to take two million out of the budget and he should be prepared to be understaffed for the next 12 months.

Conrad thanks Jude for today, as they sit at the bar. Jude tries to convince him to re-enlist, but Conrad knows where he needs to be. Jude asks if Conrad and Nic are still a thing. Conrad says she doesn’t think so, but he feels she is worth fighting for. Jude says “Game on!” Across the bar, Conrad sees Hank drinking, and he shoves his beer away.

Just as Nicolette is leaving the hospital, Lily is brought in by stretcher.


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