The Voice Recap 11/05/18 Live: Season 15 Episode 13 “The Knockouts, Part 3”

The Voice Recap 11/05/18 Live: Season 15 Episode 13 "The Knockouts, Part 3"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 30, 2018, season 15 episode 13 and we have your The Voice recap right below. On tonight’s The Voice season 15 episode 13, called, “The Knockouts, Part 3,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The knockout round continues.

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The Knockouts came to a conclusion on tonight’s all-new episode of “The Voice”.

The vocalists this year were given a happy surprise when they learned that the celebrity guest tonight was the one and only Mariah Carey, but the star didn’t come out just to be admired. She was actually there to help and the first two she helped hailed from Team Kelly. Kelly had wanted to match up Chevel Shepherd and Sarah Grace because they were both so young and different with one vocalist being more into Jazz while the other was more into Country. Only Kelly thought they would be a great match and so she had fun working with them. Both Kelly and Mariah had taken pride with Sarah Grace because she attacked the song as more than a mere vocalist and in the end, both she and Chevel were given simple notes.

Both girls were told to hold certain notes a little longer than their first go. Other than that they were fine and so what Kelly looked forward seeing was which one of them had the better stage presence and confidence. She paid close attention when it came to the match and the first to go was Chevel. Chevel sang “Travelin Soldier”. It was a song she was familiar with because she and her family used to sing it all the time when Chevel’s brother was overseas and so she picked this song to honor that as well as the fact that her brother was now home safe. It was completely different from the song that Sarah Grace chose. She sang “I’d Rather Go Blind” and she chose the song because again it was something familiar.

Sarah Grace’s father learned the piano when she told him she wanted to sing. He was a firefighter and he still set out to learn an extra skill because he wanted to be there to support Sarah. She used that musical background when it came to picking her song and she had even thrown in a stack face with the song. Both girls were great and the three judges liked them. Adam was more on Chevel’s side while Jennifer and Blake thought Sarah won this knockout, however, Kelly ultimately chose to keep the both of them and picked Chevel as the winner while she used her save to keep Sarah Grace on her team. It was a bold move on her part and she chose to do it because she said she couldn’t afford to lose either of them.

Up next was Team Adam. He chose to pair DeAndre Nico with Jake Wells. They were different stylistically and their difference carried over to the songs they chose. DeAndre wanted to prove that he had the range and so he chose a Country song. He was from Texas after all and he wanted to go back to his roots because of his life in Texas. DeAndre and his family lost everything because of Hurricane Harvey and he admitted that he has no home to go back to. He was giving the show his all because he was hoping it would take him for one day and so that hungriness could be heard in his voice. DeAndre chose to the sing the song “Wanted” and while it was country he did add some R&B vibes in there to highlight what he could do.

Jake also wanted to highlight his past. He grew up traveling with his family because they were part of a gospel group and he’s since moved away from that. Jake went on to move to Kansas and he worked during the day then sang at night. Only Jake had his own range. He was a vocalist and a musician. He chose the song “Yellow” and he wanted to be both on the piano and taking center stage though Adam and Mariah had thought it would be better for him if he stayed at the piano. They told him it felt more authentic if he wasn’t moving around and they enjoyed being able to collaborate with Jake because he knew when to take cues on the piano as well as throw in the additional note. Jake and DeAndre were so different in many aspects of their lives and ultimately they each gave a stellar performance.

It had been a tough decision for Adam. He listened to the other judges and the first one to voice an opinion was Blake. Blake understood how hard it was to tackle such a familiar song and make it own, but that was some both men were capable of. They each did a great job and Blake had even gotten upset that DeAndre wasn’t on his team. Blake’s voice had been a powerhouse. It filled the entire auditorium and all the judges had been in awe of his talent. They also liked Jake. Jake had really had again made the song into his own and Kelly had been rooting for him because she especially enjoyed his performance. She suggested to Adam that he pick Jake and instead Adam went the other way. He picked DeAndre as the winner and sadly Jake was eliminated.

The third pairing went to Team Jennifer. She chose to pair her babies together. She picked the youngest people on her team which just so happened to be Anthony Arya and Kennedy Holmes. They were different musically because they were coming two different genres and so Jennifer wanted to see more of their personality. Jennifer and Mariah had to coach both of the kids to show more of their unique style. Anthony grew up with just his mother and his mother was the one that introduced him to the music from the sixties and seventies. She gave him that introduction and that’s where he feels most at home. He chose to sing “Operator” and he had joked to his coach how he hadn’t even known what an operator was.

Operators were gone nowadays. They had been replaced by things like Siri and Google Home, so Mariah and Jennifer hadn’t wanted Anthony to get hung on the technicality. They told him how this song was about missing someone and that he infused his voice with the same kind of longing. His competitor Kennedy, on the other hand, hadn’t chosen a love song. She said that she was only thirteen and that she had no way of connecting to such music. Kennedy chose “What About Us”. It was more about change and that was something Kennedy thought she would have an easier time with. She also wanted to move away from her background in musicals and so she thought this song helped bring her out of her comfort zone.

The one thing both Jennifer and Mariah told her was that she didn’t go all in at once. They wanted there to be some buildup and Jennifer for one had thought Kennedy was too polished. She thought Kennedy would sound much better if she was a little more vulnerable. The coaches worked with both of the teenagers and they each gave wonderful performances. The judges were all appreciative of Anthony because he sounded just like the original singer and that coming from one so young was fantastical to them yet most of them were in an agreement that the real winner of the knockout was Kennedy. Kennedy had such a sense of control over her voice and Jenner picked her as the winner because she never forgot Blake telling her that Kennedy was probably going to win the whole thing.

Team Blake went up after. Blake had wanted to pair his solid vocalists together and so he paired Colton Smith with Kirk Jay. They both freaked out the most out of everyone when they saw Mariah Carey. They were huge fans of hers and so it took a while before they both wanted to practice. Kirk was a Country. He loved Country music and he would never forsake it. He also chose the song “In Case You Didn’t Know” because of his attachment to his ex-girlfriend. The song was about getting over heartbreak and Kirk really did miss his ex. He was able to pour all that angst into the song and it gave an amazing performance. Perhaps one of the strongest tonight and so it was hard to compare with Colton’s performance.

Colton had been very ambitious. He chose the song “Moulin Rouge” because he wanted to show he wasn’t afraid to tackle those high notes and, while he received a lot of help in practice, his performance wasn’t marred by anything he did. His earpiece had kept cutting out and that left a lot to be desired. It wasn’t a surprise when Blake chose Kirk because Kirk truly had the better performance and so the only thing that blindsided everyone was when Jennifer used her only steal to take back Colton. Colton had originally been on her team when she had been forced to let him go during the battles and so she had been happy to get him back. Jennifer wasn’t going to hold one bad performance against him and he knew that they would do great things together.

Afterward, it was Team Adam’s turn. Adam chose to match Delany Silvernell against Steve Memmolo. He knew that there was a vulnerability with the both of them that he had yet to tap into and so he interested in hearing from them. Delany chose the song “Praying” because she liked the message of the song and so both Adam and Mariah had taught when to let up as well as when she could go all in. There were times in the song where Delany had to show her vulnerability and the fact she was already crying during the song back in practice had given her coaches the confidence that she had this song in the bag. She went on to give an emotional performance and it was beautiful.

It was also completely different from Steve’s performance. He chose the song “Unaware” and during practice, it was noted that he was a little unsure of himself. Steve had a great falsetto and he hadn’t used it as much as he should because he didn’t think it would be up to the song. Only Adam disagreed. He didn’t want the song to sound false. It had to come from deep down and so a falsetto that’s on the shaky side would go perfectly with the song. Adam and Mariah pushed because they knew there was a great performance waiting inside of him and they had been right. His falsetto had fit the song perfectly and Adam ultimately realized that he had to work with his two vocalists to get them where they needed to be. And while they were equally in the learning process, it had been Steve that had been the winner of this knockout.

As for the last pairing of the night, that went to Team Blake. He matched Chris Kroeze with Michael Lee because they had a touch of rock to them. Chris was more Country Rock and he hadn’t really needed help with his song. He chose “Burning House” and it was a such an emotional heartfelt moment that he hadn’t needed guidance. The only thing his coaches could tell him was that he should add something at the end because otherwise, everyone would be wondering what came next. He took their directions and he gave a wonderful performance. It was powerful in its own way and the same could be said of Michael’s performance. Michael chose the song “Wiping Post” because his background was in blues and he could connect with the song seeing as he spent a part of his youth staying too long at the party.

Both performances wowed the judges. It had even thrown some people because the songs they selected were normally what the other one would have chosen and so it felt like a “Freaky Friday” moment with them switching bodies.

Blake hadn’t known which one to choose and so he flipped a coin to deem a winner. Michael won the knockout and Blake used his last save to keep Chris on his team.