The Voice Recap 3/5/18: Season 14 Episode 3 “The Blind Auditions, Part 3”

The Voice Recap 3/5/18: Season 14 Episode 3 "The Blind Auditions, Part 3"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Monday, March 5, 2018, season 14 episode 3 and we have your The Voice recap right below.  On tonight’s The Voice season 14 episode 3, “The Blind Auditions, Part 3” as per the NBC synopsis, “The “blind auditions” continue as superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton all vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon from the country’s best vocalists.”

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It was Night Three and everyone knew what that meant. Several performing vocalists were given the chance to audition before their idols on tonight’s all-new episode of “The Voice” and each hoped that tonight would be their night. But before the show kicked off, the judges decided to mess around. Blake and Adam had approached Alicia about Kelly. Kelly was still the new kid on the block and didn’t necessarily get all the rules through the guys believed they could talk her into making bad picks and that it would lead to one of them possibly winning the competition. And so they told Alicia about all of this because they wanted to know if she was in.

Alicia for her part did consider the opportunity, but when it came down to it, their alliance fell apart the moment they heard the first star of the night. The first artist up was Christiana Daniel and she sang her own rearrangement of “Hotline Bling” that both portrayed her musical range as well as her ability to bring her own style to a piece. So her rendition had been beautiful! The judges couldn’t contain themselves when they heard her. Adam had actually turned around when she was still online one and two other judges eventually turned around as they heard Christiana show her true range.

Only with the three judges turning around, it naturally became a bidding war between them. Adam wanted her, Alicia wanted her, and Kelly wanted her so they each tried to talk themselves up. Kelly did her best to make herself shine and she wasn’t the only one that tried to convince Christiana that they could do wonders for her. Christiana had plenty of choices to pick from and so she was torn trying to choose till she realized that she wanted to go with Alicia. Alicia had said she brought Ella Fitzgerald in the room and that she had added to Drake song which she hadn’t thought possible and so Christiana felt safe going with Alicia.

That had been a loss for the other judges yet losing out on Christiana had been as upsetting as missing out on Brett Hunter. Brett had been the second act of the night and he sang “She’s a Bad Mama Jama” really well only he didn’t the high note that would have impressed all of them until it was too late. He had said that high note as a way to cap off his performance and so the only person that got lucky in all of this was Blake because he turned around even before that note. He had just enjoyed Brett’s performance as a whole and had gotten the added bonus of having someone that could play the ukulele.

The ukulele and the fact Brett had played while he was singing had had all the other judges kicking themselves for missing out. He would have been a great addition to any one of their teams however he went to Blake and Blake liked rubbing it in that he had the next Tiny Tim. No, not the Tiny Tim for the Scrooge stories. He was talking about the Tiny Tim that had also had massive ukulele skills and had needed to explain who he was talking about to the others. The other judges had been just as confused and so Adam had joked to Kelly that she should get used to being confused because she stuck next to Blake for a whole season. And so the judges never once gave up their good humor.

The joked around and the laughed, but they still sprinkled criticisms here and there like they did with Jamai. Jamai worked as a singing telegram and he would go to people’s homes to announce weddings, makeups, and even breakups. So the judges were interested in his job because they had never heard about a singing breakup telegram and when they all finished laughing, they had gotten down to business. They talked to Jamai about his rendition of an Usher’s song and Kelly advised him to be careful about that because he picked an artist that sounded like him and that could lead to comparisons that he didn’t want. And when Jamai had to pick between Kelly and Alicia, he chose Alicia.

Jamai hadn’t picked Alicia because she hadn’t a word of criticisms for him. He had chosen her because the moment he finished singing he then sung her name because he had been that happy to see her turn around and so picking her had been a no no-brainer him. Jamai was clearly a fan of hers and she had offered to help him not just on the show through in life as well. Therefore, Jamai picked the best choice for him and he at least had two people bidding for him. Not everyone got so lucky and indeed the next person that went up onstage had been one of the few disappointed tonight.

Mitch Cardoza had grown up a musical family and had known that he wanted to sing since he was a kid. But his rendition of Bob Marley’s hit song “No Woman, No Cry” had left a lot to be desired. The judges talked to him about making his own voice heard rather than losing it in as he tried to sing the song like Marley did, so, unfortunately, no judges turned around for him. They had liked his performance and just couldn’t see him on any one of their teams yet he could always try to audition again next year and maybe then he would have found his own voice. And with the show moving on, the next person that went up was Mia Boostrom.

Mia sang her own version of “Pillowtalk”. She had added a more soulful touch to her rendition and so that had left the judges a little unsure about her until she showed the amount of control she had because that’s when Adam turned around. He would, unfortunately, be the only one to do so and the others hadn’t known what they were missing out on until Mia also ended her rendition on a high note. It was that high note that made the others feel some remorse about not turning around when they had the chance and so Adam couldn’t help pointing out that he had the best one-pick out of all of them tonight.

The next person to hit the stage was Jackie Foster and she was a grunge enthusiast. She said she could be a girlie girl off the stage and enjoyed wearing flowery dresses, but it was an entirely different story when she was on a stage because that’s when she wore dark colors as well as grunge makeup. Jackie hadn’t worn the makeup tonight though she did leave an impression all the same with her voice. She sang Pink’s “What About Us” and she hit all those high notes like they were child’s play and so Kelly turned around first. Then Blake would have pressed the buzzer only he saw Alicia going for it and decided not to wade in.

He had even joked about that afterward because he said he knew he would never have a chance once Alicia pressed that buzzer and so Kelly asked what about her. Except Blake told her he wasn’t afraid of her and so the judges had enjoyed themselves with poking fun at each other. Kelly, however, had kept her eye on the prize. She told Jackie how happy she was that she picked her and was going to be on her team before Jackie had even made a decision. So Kelly was trying to trick/ flatter Jackie into picking her and it worked because Jackie ultimately felt she would do better and on Kelly’s team whose voice to similar to her own.

Then after Jackie, it was Kayla Woodsen to show off her chops. She was into country music and was actually living in Nashville while she waited for her big break, so it wasn’t surprising when she chose a country song. She sang her rendition of “Turn On the Radio” and what had come as a surprise had been Blake not choosing her. She sang a tough song and he liked certain parts of it only he thought she needed some more fine-tuning. And so with Blake out, the other three could have chosen her if they wanted and sadly none of them felt comfortable about taking her own because she did still need some work for them as well.

Those with things going from a low to an upswing, the next artist had had better luck with the judges. Reid Umstattd used to sing in a band before he got married and had decided that he couldn’t keep touring when he was starting a family through a lot has changed since then and he missed singing. He had never been a solo artist and so tonight was the first time he was up on a stage without any friends or back up there to support him. And he had been great. He chose an Elton song of all things and that had won over Adam before he had even heard Reid’s voice, so Adam was the first person to turn around.

Alicia Keys just so happened to be the second person to turn around and so Adam had been worried about missing out on Reid because it was hard to go up against Alicia. Alicia could play the keyboard and had always told the vocalists how much she wanted to work with them. Therefore, Adam thought he was going to miss out on Reid until Reid surprised him by picking Adam. Adam could play instruments too and Reid felt more comfortable going with him. Now the next person that hit the stage was familiar with The Voice because he did The Voice: Mexico. Jorge Eduardo got fourth place in Mexico and he hoped to get much further with the American version.

Jorge had always wanted to sing in front of his idols and tonight he got to do that when he sang his rendition of “Despacito” for his blind audition, but he barely started singing when Kelly hit that buzzer and turned around. She had just been so excited about him that she had turned to her fellow judges and had told them “you’re dumb” when they all failed to grasp at the opportunity like she had. So Kelly ended up getting the one artists that had her on her feet dancing and she couldn’t believe her good luck. She danced all around and also started to chant that she was going to win because she believed Jorge to be her secret weapon.

Following Jorge and Kelly’s dancing, there was another unconventional artist. Austin Giorgio was a young man and he loved jazz. He grew up watching his father sing in a jazz band and had been ecstatic tonight when he got to sing “How Sweet It Is to Be Loved By You” in front of the judges. He knew going in that jazz might not be their thing and so he had taken a risk yet that risk had made off because they had liked his performance and it truly was a performance. He was gyrating around the stage and there were some pelvic thrusting that thankfully hadn’t dissuaded either Blake or Kelly from wanting him on their team.

Yet, Austin eventually went with Blake. Blake was a good friend with Michael Buble and Austin felt Blake would better understand his genre. That was ok though because Kelly said she would just have to steal him later. So while she missed out on Austin, she had been hoping to the next artist. The next vocalists that hit the stage were Johnny Bliss and he saw “Preciosa” in honor of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic who were both still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Maria. And it was beautiful and lively, so someone brought out their block for the first time tonight to block Kelly from taking Johnny.

Johnny’s music was what needed on the radio right now and so Adam made sure to block Kelly seeing as he knew she was interested in that type of music as well. What Adam wasn’t prepared for were the others. The other judges had all turned around and Johnny received the first all four chair turn around tonight and if he had to pick he probably would have gone with Kelly because he was a big fan of hers. And so Alicia ended up winning over in the end when she got up from her chair to serenade him in Spanish and was the Spanish version of one of her hit songs – that she was serious and so Johnny couldn’t help but to pick her.


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