The Voice Recap 4/30/18: Season 14 Episode 21 “Live Top 11 Performances”

The Voice Recap 4/30/18: Season 14 Episode 21 "Live Top 11 Performances"

Tonight on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning musical competition The Voice airs with an all-new Monday, April 30, 2018, season 14 episode 21 and we have your The Voice recap right below.  On tonight’s The Voice season 14 episode 21, called, “Live Top 11 Performances,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The top 11 contestants perform.”

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The weeks got lucky this week! This week was called “Fan Pick” and what it means is that fans got to make the song selection for the contestants. The contestants usually perform whatever their coach chose for them and that wasn’t too bad because the coaches tended to play to their strengths, but the fans were different because they sometimes wanted to push the contestants out of their comfort zone. The fans were more or less experimenting with what they think this or that contestant might sound like with one song and so the first one to try out this week’s newest platform just happened to be Pryor. Pryor was a clear fan favorite with his gravelly voice and so often his coach paired him with country or rock. And so the fans started off their week with the Top 11 by giving Pryor “Night Moves” by Bob Seger.

The fans said that Pryor sounded a lot like Bob and funnily enough Blake hadn’t heard it himself until he heard Pryor practicing the song. That was when Blake went “oh, yeah” and he ended up loving the song for Pryor because it allowed Pryor to take it down some. Blake said Pryor was used to turning things to a turn and it actually brought a lot of quality to his voice when he stopped doing that, so Blake loved that song and so did the rest of the audience. They loved Pryor and even the other judges had loved the performance. Kelly said that Pryor brought a lot to the stage that sets him apart from everyone and Blake had been so proud of Pryor that at first he had been stunned. He literally could not say anything for the longest while until he finally said that he felt it. Blake felt that performance in his soul and he wasn’t sure how anyone was going to top it!

Only the others weren’t afraid of a challenge. The next person to hit that stage tonight was Sharane. Sharane was given the song “Hero” by Mariah Carey. It was a song that started out slow and then demanded the singer hit higher and higher notes as they went out though Sharane had no problem with keeping up. She dedicated the song to her supportive family at home and went out to sing it as if it was an important dedication. Sharane had wowed everyone and both Alicia and Adam had been proud of her even if she was just on Adam’s team nowadays. They had both enjoyed her performance and they felt that she still could go much further in this competition. And so Sharane’s twin was probably enjoying the living daylights out of her dedication and moving on there were others that more than lived up to their potential.

Kaleb was a fan-favorite as well and the fans decided to give him something a little out there. They gave him “Trouble” by Travis Tritt. Travis Tritt was a country rocker and a lot of times people tended to see Kaleb’s country vibe before they saw his rocker side, except Kelly, said that she had been planning on giving Kaleb a Travis Tritt song because she had wanted to highlight this other side and so the fans chose well. They saw what Kelly saw and Kaleb had been a hit onstage because others had underestimated. And that included Blake! Blake had told Kaleb afterward how he never saw that rocker edge until just then and so he had been blown away. He also added that he would never have thought to have picked that song for Kaleb and so Kelly got a little smug because she always knew she was going to pick that song for him.

Then after Kaleb was done surprising everyone, it had been Jackie Foster’s turn. They all thought that because she could hit those high notes that she should follow people that could the same like Mariah or Celine when it turns out Jackie could be a pretty good rocker as well. She was given “Love, Reign O’er Me” by the Who and that was classic rock. Which was nothing like she’s done on the show and so the fans pulled out an amazing voice with that song selection? It highlighted how diverse Jackie could be and everyone enjoyed her performance. Her coach, her former coach, and everyone in the audience had been right there cheering her on. And Jackie also mentioned how much she enjoyed singing the song because it’s what she grew up with. Her own father had enjoyed classic rock and so this was something they got to share.

The other Jackie on this season of “The Voice” had been Jackie Verna and she had been a dark horse. She was also someone that more or less stuck to one genre and so people didn’t see her as a country star. Jackie had been given “Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter and she had actually been pretty great as a country star. It was almost like why didn’t Blake want her on his team? In fact, that was a question he began asking himself after the performance because he didn’t know she was that good and eventually he had to make himself stop talking just so the others could voice their opinions. They had all liked Jackie and no one had been prouder than Adam because he said every week Jackie was getting better and better right before his eyes. He believed in her and he was glad that the others were coming around as well.

Not everyone had turned around for Jackie and for that matter not everyone had turned around for Kyla. The others had all thought that they had someone on their team that was like Kyla and it turns out there was no one that was like Kyla or even close to her. She had been given “Sweet Sweet Baby (Since You’ve Been Gone)” by Aretha Franklin and she had gotten the crowd on her feet with her performance. Kyla had wowed everyone and had even surprised her few when she was getting low in a dress and heels. That last part probably gained her more admiration than anything else and so the judges had started joking around because they couldn’t understand why someone as great as Kyla was on Blake’s team. They said it wasn’t right and Kyle cut in by saying that he turned around when they didn’t. And so that cleared up any confusion because Kyla sure didn’t forget that part.

Following Kyla, it had been Christiana. Christiana had been given “Umbrella” by Rihanna. Her coach Alicia had had to get special permission from Jay-Z just so she could perform that song and so she hadn’t wanted to disappoint anyone. Christiana always puts her own spin on whatever song she sings and this time around she put a slight Jazzy feel on the song. Her coach said she had the perfect voice to carry it off and she hadn’t been wrong. Christiana put her own rendition on the song and everyone had enjoyed it because it wasn’t a copy of Rihanna. It had simply been Christiana’s song one she put her own spin on things and it was a performance everyone enjoyed. They liked the slower tone of it and like Alicia said they could listen to it anywhere. They could listen to it to on the drive to the work, at a party, or even taking a bath. It was a great a fit for many occasions.

Brynn, on the other hand, had been given a much more difficult song because she had “You And I” by Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga was an artist that could try things that many others couldn’t and so her songs tended to be the most difficult to sing, but Brynn managed to do very well for herself and the song turned out to be a great fit for her because it was something that showed off her range. Kelly said that the fan picks had been truly good to her team and that showed. The judges had all enjoyed Brynn’s performance and they were proud of this teenager who was so poised up onstage. Kelly said that older people often couldn’t hack it and that the fact that Brynn could show what an asset she was. And so it wasn’t surprising that Kelly was vouching for her artist before the next elimination.

That’s what the judges were supposed to do, anyways! But Rayshun hadn’t need anyone to speak up for him because once again he lit the stage on fire with his performance of “Try A Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding. He started things out slow this time around and that wasn’t typically like him. He had just been following his coach’s advice and so he built things up for a while. Rayshun worked his way into picking up his tempo and then he let loose. He went full out with the song and all four judges stood up for him long before he even finished the song. Rayshun’s coach would later say that was a first for the judges and so tonight Adam pointed out that the man in the bottom two last week was now number with everyone. Rayshun was someone they couldn’t help liking and even his fans thought so.

The fans were given an opportunity to tell everyone one they love their favorites and people loved Rayshun because of his sunny outlook. He was someone that just naturally smiled all the time and he dared everyone around him to smile as well. And so moving on, it was pretty hard to beat Rayshun’s performance. The person that followed him happened to be Britton and everyone loved Britton, only his performance tonight was without his trusty guitar. Britton had been given “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran and Alicia hadn’t wanted Britton to use his guitar on this one because she wanted him to show how raw the song truly was. It was about that first love and she thought it could be more heartfelt to strip it down to voice. And Britton’s voice has always been beautiful to the point everyone loved it and so it was on the different end of the spectrum compared to Rayshun.

Rayshun was high tempo and Britton was heartfelt melody (especially as his girlfriend had been flown in). They were completely different and only on “The Voice” could they both work. The last act of the night had been Spensha and she also had been given something heartfelt. She had “Better Man” by Little Big Town and it allowed her to enjoy her country roots. It was the genre she started off in and she loved it. And tonight she wowed everyone yet her coach had been the one that said he was glad that she returned to music after putting it down because country music deserved her.


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