This Is Us FINALE Recap 3/13/18: Season 2 Episode 18 “The Wedding”

This Is Us FINALE Recap 3/13/18: Season 2 Episode 18 "The Wedding"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, March 13, 2018, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 2 episode 18 finale, as per the NBC synopsis, “You are invited to the This Is Us Season finale.  The episode goes through Kate marrying Toby.  We will also see a young Jack telling a young Kate the man that marries her will be lucky.  It is sure to be a tear jerker.”

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Kate and the boys stand to watch their mom walk down the aisle. She takes the alter and stands next to their dad. The priest welcomes everyone to witness Jack and Rebecca’s renewal of their vows on their 40th wedding anniversary.

Kate stands looking over the grounds of the family cabin as her wedding is assembled. Toby comes out to see her to make sure she is all right. She tells him she is good. He knows this place brings up a lot of memories. Kevin comes down on the phone. He is stressed.

Randall puts together wedding bags in the kitchen. Beth comes in. They need to leave to the cabin soon. Deja comes in. She isn’t excited to go. She leaves. Beth and Randall discuss her attitude change. It’s like a switch just turned on when her mother told the judge she wanted to terminate her parental rights.

Rebecca is trying to find the rest dress to wear. She tells Miguel that she knows deep down Kate feels stuck with her and would rather have Jack their on her big day. Miguel disagrees.

Kate is in the cabin freaking out. She can’t find her dad’s Daytona T-shirt. Randall and Kevin come in. They will handle it. They call Toby who is in the car with his feuding divorced parents.

Jack and Rebecca share their vows while their family smiles. Kate cries.

Kevin is out front telling everyone that they have 9 hours to get everything done. Inside the cabin he and Randall have collected all of Jack’s old things so Kate can select something old to wear. Kate has a plan. Rebecca arrives. Kate kisses her and then tells everyone she has to go run an errand. She will be back.

Kate arrives at the local ice cream shop. It used to be Frenchies. She would go there with her dad. Inside she asks if they still serve banana ice cream. She wants to get some for her wedding. The shop owner tells her no, but he does have banana coconut. It wouldn’t be the same, she tells him before leaving looking sad.

Randall plays the piano while Rebecca sings in front of Jack and the guests. Kate watches her dad as he tears up.

Kevin and Randall bring champagne to the ladies as they have their hair and make-up done. Rebecca tells the boys she can’t get through to Kate.

Kevin and Randall go to find Kate. They just miss her at the ice cream shop. They grab cones while they are there. In the car they eat. Randall tells Kevin when times are tough he and Beth play worst case scenario. He dishes one up that involves Kate running off and Toby dying. Kevin is shocked by this game. They both talk about how they may have failed Kate as they drive looking for her.

Beth’s cousin, the wedding planner, sees Deja on the bridge. She starts a conversation. She tells her how her mom dumped her off at Beth’s house when she was young. How she made them miserable until one day she forgot to hate them. She laughed. It was a good day. The day she stopped hating the people who loved her.

Toby gets dressed for the wedding. His parents come in. They have concerns about Kate. They feel like he needs to tip toe around her and he is always calming her. Toby gets upset. He has always wanted them to agree on something, but this. He gives them an ultimatum. They can stay or go, but he is getting married.

Kate calls Rebecca from the car. She tells her she has been having these dreams for the last couple of weeks. The dreams are about all of them being together at the cabin as Rebecca and Jack renew their vows. It is the way it should be. Rebecca tells her that it sounds beautiful. She guesses Toby is in her dreams making her laugh. Kate tells her he isn’t in the dreams. Kate panics a bit, asking Rebecca if it is abnormal that Toby isn’t there. She tells her no, it’s no big deal.

Kate drives up to see a tree stump she used to sit with her dad on when she was younger. She takes his ashes out. She tells him she needs to let go a little. She needs to open up some room for Toby. She is getting married today.

Deja comes out of the bathroom with a dress and lip gloss on. Beth is in shock.

Rebecca comes in to see Kate in her wedding dress. She is overwhelmed. She tells Kate she is stunning. Kate tells her that she was going through something earlier, but she is good now. Rebecca tells her she is going to stay out of her way. Kate doesn’t want her to. She wants to be a singer like her, a mom and have a marriage like hers. Rebecca cries. Toby and Kate walk down the aisle.

At the party after, Kate, Toby and everyone dance. Kevin gives a speech saying all the things Jack would have said. Randall takes the mic next. He toasts about not knowing what the future holds or being able to control it but being able to control who you spend it with. Flashes of the future show Kevin on a plane with Beth’s cousin, Randall having a difficult meeting with Tess and Toby lying in bed with the curtains drawn.



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