This Is Us Recap 1/23/18: Season 2 Episode 13 “That’ll Be the Day”

This Is Us Recap 1/23/18: Season 2 Episode 13 "That'll Be the Day"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with an all-new Tuesday, January 23, 2018, season 4 episode 13 called, “That’ll Be the Day,” and we have your NCIS: New Orleans recap below. On tonight’s NCIS: New Orleans episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Kevin helps Randall and Beth with a project. Kate contemplates a big gift for Toby. Jack and Rebecca talk about their future.”

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This Is Us begins tonight with an elderly couple going into their garage and George refusing to through the “junk” out saying it is the stuff of their lives to his wife, Sally. She feels the house won’t sell because the house is full of junk. He stops her when she uncovers the jukebox saying he has that because he recalls a young woman walking into his dinner and a song playing “That’ll be the Day;” he grabs her and starts dancing but she tells him to throw it out.

Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) comes into the bedroom, telling Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) in her football jersey, with orange juice shots in her hand, saying it’s Superbowl Sunday! She complains that it’s all about the Broncos in the newspaper. Jack talks about flipping a few houses and keeping his job still before totally quitting and running Big 3 Construction, Rebecca likes the idea.

They are interrupted when 16-yr-old Kate (Hannah Zeile) complaining that Randall (Niles Fitch) has been hogging the bathroom for hours. Jack yells for Randall to let Kate use the bathroom when she leaves they cheers to celebrating the last Superbowl with the kids.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) goes into the fridge, where there is a note from his mom, Rebecca, saying that her and Miguel (Jon Huertas) have gone out and will be home by dinner. Kevin sits at the table and looks at his list of names, and takes out his cell phone.

Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) tells Randall (Sterling K. Brown) that Kevin is blowing up his phone. Randall turns Kevin down for any adventures because he wants to focus on the apartment building him and Beth purchased. Randall wants to get everything done “today” but Beth tries to remind him that he needs to slow down as it will be a process, he still is excited to get things rolling.

Kate (Chrissy Metz) walks into the bedroom and believes Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan) is watching porn on his laptop. When she grabs his computer, she finds he is looking at a website for dogs. He knows dogs are a sensitive issue for her and he urges her to forget it and goes to get ready for work.

Beth and Randall meet with their new tenants, where Beth tries to hold a structured meeting and inform them of the violations they need to cope with but Randall would rather deal with their issues like their front doors not locking. Kevin walks finds their meeting and the tenants are thrilled to see a celebrity in their building.

16-yr-old Kevin (Logan Shroyer) tells his dad no one cares about the entertainment center Jack is building but Jack says he does because every time he thinks about having a drink, he picks up a hammer and works on this instead.

Kevin tells Randall he is there in the building to help. He lets Rosemary know he can fix her door. Floyd thanks them for the bagels and “orangy fish” as the tenants leave the meeting. Beth tries to talk to Randall who admits he didn’t slow his role, but he just got really excited because he suddenly realized he could do this, just like he did their house. His dad was in construction and this is in his blood! Beth leaves him with those words and wishes him luck, as he is going to need it.

Kevin fixes Rosemary’s door as he tells her about The Manny, and that people only laughed when they were told to. When he is done with the door, she asks if he can knock down a wall her ex-put up. He quickly agrees, saying this is exactly what he should be doing and leaves to get a sledgehammer, saying this will be great!

Randall and Allison are making the football cookies for the Superbowl when Jack says the wall unit is complete. Allison reveals that she heard Sophie is going to NYU and wonders if Kevin is doing the same, he is frustrated that he is going to community college after he broke his leg and won’t be playing football anymore, so he can’t go on a scholarship to NYU.

Kate comes into the kitchen with a letter that reveals she needs to submit another audition piece with an original piece of music. She doesn’t want a videotape, only audio. Rebecca and Jack joke that at least Randall still likes them as the Superbowl approaches.

Kevin and Randall get working on the apartment building – Kevin tearing the wall down and Randall plunging toilets.

Kate goes to the “Forgotten Dog Foundation” revealing she had a dog when she was younger and is only looking for her fiance. She suddenly sees a dog named “Audio” and she instantly falls in love.

Jack videos Kate singing, who is furious when she finds out he did it. She complains it is stressful enough and storms off. Randall tells Jack that he is going to miss the Superbowl to go take Allison on a real date to go see Titanic; Jack is disappointed but encourages him to go. Jack finds Kate outside and apologizes, but says it breaks his heart thinking she doesn’t want to go on camera because she doesn’t realize how beautiful she is. She tells him to stop because she doesn’t see herself like that and no one else does and him saying that only hurts her.

Randall calls Beth, he is just bragging that she was wrong and their apartment was rebuilt in a day when Floyd screams when there are hundreds of cockroaches coming out of the hole he left in the wall. She asks if there is “trouble in Rome Ceasar?” and he hangs up.

Sophie calls Kevin on Superbowl Sunday, canceling the day on him last minute; Kate overhears he call. Kevin is pissed off and takes it out on Rebecca. He says he is supposed to end up in the Superbowl, not watch it like Rebecca and Jack. Kevin didn’t want to do this and storms off as Jack says this is the “best Pearson Superbowl ever!” Kate gets up from her bed, and watches the video her dad did, and sees how her dad loving looks at her in the background.

The woman at the animal shelter fills out the paperwork, when Kate learns the pooch loves music, that is why they named him Audio. When she goes to get the vaccination paperwork, Kate begins to talk to the dog and sees her childhood dog. She says this isn’t going to work because this comes with a lot of baggage and she can’t keep him. She begins to cry, apologizes and walks out.

Randall loads the tenants on a bus to the Nights Inn, Floyd tells him this is day one and evictions already “nice work!” Randall returns to find Kevin, not complaining about the free work but wants to know if everything is okay. Kevin says he is supposed to be making amends, but there are a few people he can’t square things with and Randall begins to talk about the time when their dad had his list of amends.

Kevin sits beside him and asks Randall what he is doing, all these repairs in one day. Randall says he is almost 40 and starting a new career, it is late and feels like he is running out of time. Randall wonders if Kevin ever thinks of himself as an old man, picturing himself about outliving dad; Jack has been gone for 20 years, he has been gone longer than they have had him! Kevin puts his hand on Randall’s shoulder and tells him he should do it – he should picture himself as an old man and be like his other dad.

Jack walks into the living room and tells Rebecca the pre-game is starting. Kate comes into the room and tells Jack she watched the tape. She tells him to never stop trying to make her see herself the way he sees her; he promises. She asks to get to her friend, Molly’s house to watch the game and jack lets her since the Steelers aren’t in it anyways. Jack and Rebecca go to watch the Superbowl alone and Rebecca gives him a basket with corn muffins in it, but on top of it is a listing of a home for sale that was jumping out at her. She feels he can flip it and reveals she called already as she got excited about it. He wants her to be his business partner, and she agrees. They celebrate their partnership upstairs in bed.

Randall brings the tenants coffee and cookies, as they wait for rooms to clear in the inn. Beth arrives but doesn’t snap on him, he admits that he got freaked out about running out of time. She says it can’t be just R&B properties, it has to be SMOOTH R&B. She reminds him again to SLOW his roll. Randall promises he has slowed his roll and is about to kiss her when Floyd says “get a room!” Randall says he can’t help it because he loves his wife, Floyd says the room is for him.

Rebecca gets a call from Kevin, who is apologizing for being so rude before the Superbowl. She says Jack’s not mad but his feelings are just hurt. Kevin refuses to come home and he will just talk to his dad in the morning. Kevin talks to Sophie about there being a party in the woods that night.

Adult Kevin waits outside Sophie’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) door, she asks if she should move and he asks if she will give him a second. He assures her he is okay. She admits she didn’t see it and she is a nurse. She reveals he is the only man she has ever truly loved and the only one who has ever hurt her. She says if he really wants to make amends, just leave her with the past and let her remember him at 10 or at 17 or even at 20. She only wants to remember him when it was good. She tells him, to check her name off his list because she forgives him. He says she wasn’t just a name on his list, she was THE name! She looks Kevin in the eyes and tells him “goodbye!”

Toby is looking on his computer when Kate knocks on his door. She tells him she went to the dog shelter she found on his browser history and saw the cutest dog there. She wanted to surprise him with him. Toby felt she couldn’t do it and understood but Kate nods her head to the living room and Audio is out there. Toby picks him up and Audio immediately begins licking him.

Kevin returns home and there is a package for him, he tears it open and finds a note and his necklace that his father gave him. There is a note “Dear Kevin, Got your letter. I found your pendant. Glad you’re sober. – Charlotte.” Kevin is able to check everyone off his list, as he cries.

Jack comes to the kitchen, when he wakes up to someone in the kitchen, he finds Randall eating and asks him how the movie was. Randall confesses that the movie was great and he kisses Allison; Jack is sure that Randall was a gentleman. They say goodnight and Jack smile, as he begins to do the dishes and cleans up the mess so Rebecca doesn’t have to do it in the morning. He leaves Kevin a message saying “Kevin If I don’t see you before work tomorrow. I love you. You owe us an apology. Dad” Jack places the video in the wall unit, pets the scruffy dog, looks at the different heights of the kids through the years and turns off the crock pot, heading to bed.

Sally returns to see George in the garage, saying they got a call from a couple who wants to see the house. She sees how sad he is, saying they will get new stuff for a new house; kissing him. George takes a box of things and knocks at the house next door, the door opens and it is Jack and a very pregnant Rebecca. He hands them a crockpot, who says Sally cooked many meals with it. He advises them they need to fiddle with the switch but it does work.

After Jack goes to bed that night, the crockpot light switches back on and off and begins to burn, lighting a red towel on fire that Rebecca got for Christmas from Jack. The kitchen curtains light on fire, burning the wooden boards that marked the height of the children through the years.


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