This Is Us Recap 10/02/18: Season 3 Episode 2 “A Philadelphia Story”

This Is Us Recap 10/02/18: Season 3 Episode 2 "A Philadelphia Story"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 2, 2018, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 3 episode 2, “A Philadelphia Story,” as per the NBC synopsis, “IThe Pearsons gather to support Kevin at his movie premiere. The teenage Big Three make college decisions”

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This Is Us begins tonight with Rebecca “Becca” Pearson (Mandy Moore) taking two cups out of the cupboard out of habit, then remembering Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) is dead. Randall (Niles Fitch) joins her for a cup as she hands him a package from Howard University, saying its a big day. He smiles as he rips it open, saying he got in. She hugs him proudly, crying.

Kate (Hannah Zeile) is happy for him but disappointed she hasn’t heard from her school choice yet. She grabs a pop tart as her mom offers to make a veggie omelet. Kate declines but tells her they are out of pop tarts. Rebecca goes to wake up Kevin (Logan Shroyer).

Deja (Lyric Ross), Tess (Eris Baker) and Annie (Faithe Herman) are greeted by Randall (Sterling K. Brown) outside, who wants to celebrate their first week of school. Tess and Annie both want to stay for after-school clubs, Deja doesn’t have any plans and walks with him but asks him not to make this a thing. She complains that this school is pretty “white;” She misses her drill team at her old school and he suggests she starts one there but she insists it won’t work.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) dreams about his first feature film with Kate (Chrissy Metz) crying on his one side and his dad, Jack on the other. Kevin wakes up to his new girlfriend, Beth’s (Susan Kelechi Watson) cousin, Zoe (Melanie Liburd) transcribing from French for her documentary. She turns him down, so she can finish work. He wants her to come to his premiere the following night but she won’t come as she is going to Chicago, he offers to drive her to the airport. She puts her laptop down and informs him that she wants this to be really light between them.

Randall catches Beth stress snacking, and gives her a back massage. She admits the work proposal is kicking her ass and she has to go into work before the premiere. He wants to bring Deja into the rec center by the building to meet Skye (Drew Olivia Tillman), a tenant’s daughter who might make Deja more comfortable.

Toby (Chris Sullivan) is super excited to go to Kevin’s premiere as Kate suddenly has a hot flash; Toby gets the driver to crank the A/C. Toby gets turned on as Kate doesn’t want to talk about it at all to anyone; the Lift driver hopes the IVF works for the two of them.

William (Ron Cephas Jones) sits outside the building, when a very pregnant woman gets off the bus and struggles with her bags, but refuses any help from him. Randall arrives at the rec center and introduces Deja to Skye; she is happy to see they are a step in, but she doesn’t know how to step, sharing she was on a drill team. Skye offers to show her what they got.

Randall notices there is a mattress against the wall and learns it is blocking the hole in the wall that is covering a busted pipe. He wonders why no one calls the city to fix the place up? He finds out they call all the time, but nothing gets done; they don’t even have proper street lighting. She suggests if he thinks he can do better, maybe he should go to city hall and talk to the Councilman himself. She mocks him as he says he is going right now.

A young Randall calls Ms. Yvette and informs her and her family first that he got into HU, they want him to come over that night to celebrate. His mom says they are late to meet the realtor and he has to go, saying he will ask his mother.

The house has 3 bedrooms, Rebecca is fine with that as Randall is off to Howard in the fall and is sure Kate will hear from Berkley soon. Kevin says he is staying right there, Kate looks at him and says she is staying too. Becca wants to know what she means, Kate admits she never sent in the tape, remembering her dad’s happy face when he saw her singing. Randall tells her it isn’t too late to send it in, but Kevin defends her decision. Both Kate and Randall are shocked to discover that Kevin is hammered.

Toby looks over the symptoms of withdrawals from antidepressants. Miguel Rivas (Jon Huertas) and Toby make their grand entrance into the kitchen as Kate and Rebecca fuss over what they are going to wear to Kevin’s premiere. Miguel goes to grab some snacks for the road but when he pulls out the pudding, Kate’s hormone meds fall out. Toby tries to cover, saying he is a heroin addict.

William is making dinner when he hears a baby crying. He knocks on the woman named Gigi’s door, she apologizes saying its the heat that is bothering the baby. He offers her food, saying he made too much, although it’s not that good. The baby’s name is Skye, as it is Nigerian; he learns that she was married very young and how they always watched movies about Walker Texas Ranger; always planning to come to Texas, but when her husband died before they traveled, she came there instead of Texas.

He tells her about the celebration a group is putting together for him being clean 5 years, inviting her to come to the community center. She says she is okay, declining the invitation but offers for him to hold Skye.

Randall tells Beth about the situation with the rec center and since the councilman is getting a haircut, he is headed to his barbershop. Meanwhile, Rebecca stands in the backyard of the potential new house when 17-year-old Randall confronts her of not seeming to care about what is going on with Kate and Kevin. He accuses her of lying about stepping up and taking care of them. She says it is getting late and they need to go.

In the car, Miguel talks to Rebecca about their friend’s daughter who did IVF. Kate tells her mom to simply say what she is thinking. Toby doesn’t want to do this and Rebecca says this is a dangerous procedure for someone Kate’s size.

Randall finds Councilman Brown, who likes having a black landlord in the city. Randall explains why he is there, but the Brown explains he grew up in South Philly and his dad was the real deal, who fought a similar battle for that area, but he shut it down last year. He understands the irony that he got into politics to honor the man he will constantly disappoint now. Randall tells him he is adopted, 2 dead fathers who he is constantly trying to make proud. Brown says he will bring out a maintenance team out there today, Randall says he will be there to make sure!

Kevin receives a gift basket, remembering drinking on the football field with memories of his dad cheering him on in the stands. Kevin opens the door to his family, as Toby says, “Kevin Pearson, brace yourself!” Their mom is reading statistics about IVF to Kate; Kate simply wants it because she feels she is the only one who will carry on a piece of their dad. Kevin asks what about him, and she rolls her eyes; he gets offended because no one ever takes him seriously.

Kate wants her mom to stop the sentence at a baby is a cause for celebration but Rebecca continues feeling she is being irresponsible. Kate snaps saying for the past 20 years, Rebecca has swallowed words about her weight. Toby yells for everyone to shut up, and says this isn’t about Rebecca; this is about him and Kate. They lost a baby and want to have one, no matter how risky and she can keep the asinine comments for the cheap seats. He apologizes to Kate and leaves to clear his head promising to see them at the premiere.

Randall returns, looking at his watch as Deja enjoys her time with Skye and her friends.

William sits among his friends, who admits he is an addict; but he is sober and feels its a strange thing to celebrate; but somehow its more special than his own birthday. Gigi comes into the community center with Skye, and he thanks her for the gift of telling him he was a natural when he held her baby. He talks about how community made he “family”. Meanwhile, Randall, goes around the community and begins placing light bulbs in the light posts.

Young Randall is about to go to his friend’s house, but before he leaves, apologizes to his mom for his words. She admits it is a struggle for her to get out of bed every morning and she has no energy the rest of the day. She knows it isn’t fair to all of them, but she can’t seem to stop it. She reveals that Jack took her to see a new house a few months before the fire. She wonders where they would be if they had bought it. She pushes him out the door to be with his friends as she reminisces the moments with Jack saying she loves their houses, because it is their house and wants to stay there forever; he agrees but wanted to hear her say it.

It is nighttime and maintenance never showed up, Gigi can’t figure out Randall. She sees so much of William inside him but they are not a “we”. He spent the whole day trying to fix their problems, but they are not his problems. He knows that, looks at his watch and says he needs to go.

At Kevin’s premiere, Kate is worried that Toby isn’t there. Kate apologizes for hurting his feelings. He says the idea of having kids makes him physically nauseous, but its the fact that their dad was the one person who ever took him seriously. He just wonders if he could ever actually go to that point where his dad knew he could go and be taken seriously by others; he leaves her for an interview with Mario Lopez.

Kate is panicking as Toby isn’t there and she needs him. Rebecca manages to calm Kate down who needs Toby to give her the hormone shot because if she misses it this throws the whole cycle off. Rebecca goes with her to the bathroom, as they clean the site, Rebecca talks about how she didn’t think she would make it after Jack died and the thought of anything putting Kate in real harm is paralyzing to her and Kate will understand that when she has her own kids.

17 year old Kate reveals to her mom that she gained 25 lbs. Rebecca says she should have done more when she started gaining the weight. At the time, Becca says they had a few terrible months and she shouldn’t be so hard on herself and shares chocolate with her. Her mom clears the spot and injects her thigh with the hormone as Kate thanks her. Kevin enjoys the paparazzi while Zoe texts him, saying when her flight comes in and for him to be on time.

Randall joins Beth on the red carpet and Toby manages to find Kate, apologizes for losing track of time. She tells him that her mom helped her with the shot, explaining it was jetlag that made him blow up. He says sorry to Rebecca. Beth kicked the proposals ass as Randall says everything is complicated where he fits in and can never get it right, like his whole life. He returns home from celebrating his acceptance to HU and calls Howard University, saying he won’t be attending as he has family obligations.

Randall asks Kevin what he missed; they are both happy Kate is doing IVF. He says their mom flipped out but Kevin wants to know if serious people take him seriously but Randall is thrown off when Kevin tells him that Kate said she is the only one that can carry on a piece of their dad.

The End!

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