This Is Us Recap 2/4/18: Season 2 Episode 14 “Super Bowl Sunday”

This Is Us Recap 2/4/18: Season 2 Episode 14 "Super Bowl Sunday"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with an all-new Tuesday, February 4, 2018, season 4 episode 14 called, “Super Bowl Sunday,” and we have your NCIS: New Orleans recap below. On tonight’s NCIS: New Orleans episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Following a dramatic house fire, the Pearson family will be forever changed on this fateful Super Bowl Sunday.”

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This Is Us begins tonight with Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) waking up in bed, about to take a sip of water and noticing smoke seeping through the bedroom door. He orders Rebecca (Mandy Moore) to wake up, shouts for kids to get up because the house is on fire. Kate opens the door, but he yells for her to get back in her room as he will come for her. Rebecca informs him that Kevin isn’t there as he spent the night at Sophie’s house.

Kevin rushes out of the room, gets Randall, tells him to stay low and helps him into the bedroom with Rebecca; telling them to get out of the window, saying if his mom won’t go for Randall to drag her out because he is going back to get Kate. Jack tells Randall he loves her and makes it back to Kate’s room. He covers her with a towel, but there is no way for them to escape. Jack grabs her mattress and tells her to hand on to him as he is able to get her into their room.

Jack gets through on the roof, making Randall to go down first by the sheet, then Kate. He helps Rebecca down last, saying he loves her. Once everyone is on the ground, Kate freaks out about her dog, Louie that is still side, Jack tells them to get to the street and goes back into the house to rescue the dog; the bedroom catches fire and everyone fears the worst, but Jack reemerges from the front door with the dog in his arms.

The firetrucks and ambulance arrive, they tell Jack that his vitals are okay but he has 2nd-degree burns that need to be properly treated at the hospital. Rebecca joins him in the ambulance and he tells her, he got the important stuff. Kate tells her parents that she called Sophie’s mom and learned that Kevin and Sophie snuck out to a party; Jack says he is going to kill him and Rebecca promises to be his alibi; Jack continues to cough and Rebecca insists they are taking him to the hospital after they drop the kids off at Miguel’s (Jon Huertas). She reassures the kids that it is just a house. Rebecca shows them that their father saved their family photo album and Kate’s audition tape, she tearfully looks at him and thanks him.

Kate (Chrissy Metz) puts on the video her father made of her singing, and begins to tear up when Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan) walks in, wanting to know how she and the puppy are doing. She tells him, this is what she does on Superbowl Sunday as it is therapeutic for her. It is the 20th anniversary and he says he will let her be, commenting on the beautiful song saying he doesn’t know it. She shocks him by saying she wrote it, but he never heard it because she this was recorded the day her house burnt down and the day her father died. Suddenly, the VCR begins to eat the video and she begs him to fix it as it is the only one she has.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) is spending the day with her mother; she tells him that Miguel typically gives her space today. She wants to know what Kevin does on the Superbowl; he says he usually gets blackout drunk and sleeps with the hottest model who will have him. Rebecca feels Kevin will make fun of her for what she does on this day. She says that she goes to the grocery store and buys all the ingredients to make his dad’s favorite lasagna and makes it, eats it and watches the game. Kevin finds that sad, but Rebecca says that every year Jack somehow sends her a sign that will make her laugh; like one year their song came on the radio, and when she went to change the station, it was playing on that station too. She suggests that Kevin joins her but he is determined to be the only family member who doesn’t get intensely sad today.

Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is busy in the kitchen, making a feast for 20 little girls, to have a Superbowl party. He tells Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) that it is important for him that they love the day; Beth reminds him they are starting a new business and they could be paired up with a new foster kid any day and this doesn’t seem like the right time. Beth understands this is a big anniversary for him but Randall says Kate wallows, Kevin avoids, but this is their dad’s favorite day so Randall celebrates it and him. Both the girls show Randall they have no interest in the Superbowl and after they leave, Randall tells Beth they need some boys in their house.

The social worker meets a new boy named Jordan, revealing they may have found him a new foster family.

Kevin hits a tennis ball against the wall, attempts to do some meditation, before he finds a box containing some things that belonged to his father. Inside are some cards from him, Kate and Randall when they were young; he even finds a 6-month sobriety chip.

Randall is having a huge Superbowl party, where Beth is sharing with some friends how it has been 20 years since Randall’s father passed away on Superbowl Sunday. Suddenly, Tess (Eris Baker) shouts to her dad that Mr. McGiggles, her lizard is missing from his tank; she had taken him out of his take to pet him and now he is gone. Several of the girls begin to start screaming and Randall tells the girls to stop screaming as he won’t hurt them, he is very tiny. He needs them to get on their hands and knees and gently look for him without stepping on him.

The phone rings and Beth go to answer it in the kitchen, but when she hangs up, she hears a crunch under her shoes and realizes she just did the unthinkable. She whispers to Randall that the lizard is in the kitchen and he isn’t giggling.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Jack he needs to apply the cream ever two hours to his burns. He tells Jack he took in a tremendous amount of smoke, and they’d like his heart rate to come down. There is a lot of soot in his airways; he’d like to run some more tests, but the swelling is minor considering how long he has been inside the house. Jack declines the pain medications.

After the doctor leaves, Jack blames himself for not getting the batteries for the smoke detector but Rebecca says she was more than capable of getting them; he jokes asking why she kept asking him to get them then? He says he is able to joke because he still has everything he ever needed. Rebecca says she is going to make hotel reservations asking him if he wants anything from the vending machines; he says no, but jokes that she is blocking the TV.

Kevin is out for a ride, while Rebecca makes her traditional lasagna. Randall holds a funeral for Tess’ lizard. He becomes quiet as he has a flashback about his dad, saying when you lose someone suddenly and unexpectedly, it hurts. Beth cuts him off, saying they will miss Mr. McGiggles terribly and begins. the Superbowl party again.

Toby and Kate go to see someone who specializes in videos and Toby tells Kate that he might be able to save the video, but she tells Toby to stop, saying that her father died because of her. She said that Jack could bear to disappoint her and if once a year she wants to stew in that sadness, she wants Toby to just let her be. He agrees to it, but they are interrupted when the man tells them he fixed the tape.

Rebecca is at the hospital, arguing on the phone with the hotel, saying she needs two rooms. She calls Miguel, saying she is hoping things will be done soon and wants to talk to the kids; no one has heard from Kevin yet and she pleads with her to keep trying everyone to find Kevin. She gets to the vending machine and the only thing left if a chocolate bar, the last Jack wanted.

The doctor approaches her, asking her to sit down and she says he is a recovering alcoholic and that is why he didn’t want any medication. He explains the complication with smoke inhalation is the stress on the lungs and heart. Jack went into cardiac arrest and apologizes saying they have lost him and jack has died. She bites into the chocolate, saying they were only there for a burn on his arm. She asks if he is out of his mind and mistaken, begging him to back up and leave her alone; calling out for Jack! Rebecca comes to his room and sees him lying dead on his bed. She breaks down at his door, crying out for Jack and for someone to help her.

Rebecca signs papers and takes the bag with Jack’s personal effects. She walks out of the hospital and goes to Miguel’s house, informing him that Jack has died. She explains that he has a heart attack, and as Miguel begins to get upset, Rebecca tells him they are not going to go there right now because she needs to go in there and talk to her kids and ruin the rest of their lives; she needs to be strong for them. She tells him if he can’t be strong for them than he needs to go for a walk around the block until he can be strong for them too. Inside, Rebecca finds Randall and Kate, holding them as they cry; Meanwhile Kevin is sleeping in a car with Sophie in some bush.

Randall throws Mr. McGiggles in the trash as Kevin goes to a bench by the tree and talks to his dad. He says he hasn’t been there since the funeral, saying he usually tries to avoid him today, which is ironic since he could really use him today. He wants to say things he never had a chance to say before he apologizes for not being there that night and that the last words he said were horrible. Kevin says he had a really bad couple decades and isn’t even close to the man jack was; he thinks Jack was really disappointed in him. Kevin says he wants to stop avoiding Jack and just talk to him, he is sorry and going to do better for him. It might take a few more decades but he will make him proud of him. Kevin tells him he did a movie with Rocky!

Rebecca tells Kate and Randall she needs to step outside for 2 minutes. Kate tells Randall she needs to tell Kevin, as he needs to hear it from her.

Kate admits that she likes that her video that her dad made is in the cloud. She shares with Toby about how patient her dad was and steady. She felt the night jack died that they would never come back from this. She thought maybe the rest would survive because they were stronger than she was, but then one day Toby walked into the support group, with a big old heart, and when she broke, he never gave up on her and made her believe in herself. He changed her life and saved her life. Kate looks at Toby and says her dad would have loved him. She loves him and says she is always crying.

Rebecca finds Jack’s necklace in his belongings and puts it on. Her phone rings and it is Kevin, checking on her as she is eating her lasagna. He tells her how strong she was for them when it happened and Kevin says now he has to try too. Rebecca says when the doctor told her what happened, she took a bite of a candy bar and it still haunts her. Kevin tells her that isn’t strange. He tells her he is at Dad’s tree and came to talk to her, revealing how good it felt and didn’t know how badly he needed the talk. He laughs, saying he isn’t even sure he is at the right tree. Rebecca laughs, saying this year Jack sent her Kevin!

Randall comes to see Tess, apologizing, saying its a weird day for him. She admits she took the phone off the hook because social workers only call the landline. She says it’s like Randall wants a new life, but he assures her that she is his whole world and he begins to talk about Jack and how he wants to be half the dad Jack was. He shares he didn’t even have to try because he loves her more than the whole world and even if they get another foster kid, she will always be his number one…. The phone rings and Beth answer, they open the door and Deja are standing there.

At home, Kate and Toby are dancing as the Superbowl is on. Kate sleeps in bed with Jack’s jersey as Tess watches her parents with Deja.


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