90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap 08/11/19: Season 3 Episode 2 “Pack Your Bags”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap 08/11/19: Season 3 Episode 2 "Pack Your Bags"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs with an all-new Sunday, August 11, 2019 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 3 episode 1 “Pack Your Bags”, as per the TLC synopsis, “Avery hits a major roadblock on her way to Lebanon.

Angela asks her daughter for a favor that would be life-changing; Caesar must convince Maria to go to Mexico; Darcey receives an interesting call.

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Avery was young. She was also rather immature for her age and her track record wasn’t the best. She was known for being reckless. Even her family and friends said that she never stuck with anything else in her life and they probably thought the same of her conversion. She was raised Christian and she converted to Islam. She makes out as if she found her true calling, but she could also be influenced by the people she’s talking to online and Omar in particular. Omar was her fiancé. They met on a Muslim dating site and he got her to fall in love with him under false pretenses.

Omar first claimed he was an American. He had it on his profile page and so it couldn’t have been an accident. Not when he was meeting people that thought he was an American. Eventually, someone would have pointed that out to him and they would have probably have said: “well, hey Omar why does your profile say you’re American and really you’re Syrian”. So Omar knew he was doing. He was pretending to be American because he wanted to meet American women like Avery. Avery who was young and impressionable.

Avery never once doubted his profile. She didn’t even talk about it with him until he confessed he was actually Syrian and so why wasn’t she checking upon him. Why didn’t she ask where he was living? Why did she choose to think the best? She told herself it must have been a mistake and deluded herself into thinking it didn’t matter what could have meant. Then she moved on like it never happened. She also went on to ignore several red flags and the profile was only the first one. The next one was his ability to travel.

Avery didn’t question why he was able to easily travel to Lebanon much less suggest they stay there. You know rather than Syria! Avery wants to move to Syria to live because she didn’t want them to be separated for however long it takes for his visa to come through. She said she couldn’t bear to live without him and so he should have told her not to move to the war-torn country. He could have said that they could make their life in Lebanon or somewhere else that might easily take him, but he doesn’t mind her coming to live with him in the middle of a civil war.

Avery is just not thinking things through. She thinks it’s romantic that the want to be together and she’s ignoring the practicalities of everyday life. Avery didn’t even tell her family what she was planning. She knew they would have spoken against it and so she was misleading her family because she didn’t want them to interject some common sense into the situation. They would have told her how dangerous it was. They would have also said that she could easily meet a Muslim man there in the United States. She didn’t have to endanger herself just to prove it was love!

Then there was Darcey. She’s been down this road before with a foreigner and she had been mistreated by Jesse that made everything out to be her fault. Darcey’s self-esteem took a nosedive because of this relationship. She began doubting herself and she didn’t realize how toxic the relationship was until it was almost too late, but she got out of that relationship. She was finally free to live her life and couldn’t stop herself from falling for another foreigner. Darcey is even gushing about him the same way she used to talk about Jesse.

Darcey is calling him sexy and her prince. Both of which she first applied to Jesse back when the relationship was good. Darcey is also in the position of convincing her family and friends that this is the right decision. She said her twin sister couldn’t disagree because Stacey was engaged to a guy from Albania. She shoots down her friends as well when they have something to say and so one of them practically tested this Tom for Darcey. Darcey had called him at night because she wanted to introduce him to her friend. And Tom ended up flirting with one of them.

It went as far as him asking to see her breasts. This alone was a red flag and thankfully Darcey was left with questions. She knew if he could do that in front her that he would probably do worse without her. Darcey also didn’t want to be in the same position as before. She wanted to be able to trust her man and so her going to London was going to be another test. Tom has to prove to her that he wants this relationship. He couldn’t see it as temporary and he had to be just as serious about it as Darcey is.

Not that Darcey’s commitment to a new man stopped Jesse from texting her. She’s been getting messages from him for a while now and its always about him wanting to work on their relationship. He even suggested that they see a counselor together. Jesse was doing everything possible to get her back and she was over it. Darcey ignored him. She would talk about how inappropriate it was for him to reach out like that and all the while Jesse started getting nasty again. He posted that he was laughing when he saw that Tom has given Darcey a ring.

Jesse called the whole relationship a hoax. He didn’t think the ring was real or that the relationship was real and so he thought it was all Darcey. That Darcey created a fake relationship to get to him. Jesse was so in his feelings that it led to Darcey complaining about it to Tom. Tom didn’t want to hear about her ex. He didn’t want to continue talking about how she feels after Jesse has done something and him sure as hell didn’t want to tell Darcey his every movement. He knew that she was left exposed after her last relationship and he did nothing to reassure her.

Another one that was unlucky in love is Timothy or Tim as he’s known by his family and friends. He was in a relationship with Veronica and the relationship was serious enough that he proposed. The engagement, on the other hand, didn’t work out. Veronica and Tim have both claimed they move on since then, but she’s been known to sabotage his relationships and she’s doing it again with Jennifer. Jennifer is the Colombian beauty that Tim fell in love with. They met online and the relationship developed from there. He was a father and she was a mother. And they understood each other.

They both wanted a serious relationship. It was quickly developing into just that when Veronica suggested throwing him a goodbye party and Tim had to mention it to Jennifer. The same Jennifer who doesn’t trust Veronica. She thinks Veronica and Tim are too close and she has a point. It was one thing to share custody of a little girl and it was another to live in each other’s pockets. Veronica has threatened women he’s become involved with. She’s managed to push every woman away from him and she was trying to do the same with Jennifer.

Jennifer knew this. Its why she asked for pictures of his goodbye party and, what do you know, Veronica was trash-talking her all night. She ridiculed pictures of Jennifer. She’s referred to Jennifer as a stripper and Tim had to tell her to cut it out. He wants to marry Jennifer. He didn’t want anyone to disrespect her and so Veronica pretended to put her claws away. Then she handed back her engagement ring to Tim. She said that she wanted it to be a sign of good faith and she suggested that he propose to Jennifer with that ring. And so, she was completely sabotaging him!

Veronica could also be sabotaging him with their daughter. Their daughter was technically her daughter and Tim sort of adopted her because he’s been in the little girl’s life since she was eighteen months. So it was really good of Tim. He could have distanced himself from the child and he never did. He stayed around to be Chloe’s father. He did so because he thought that would best for the child and so why is this little girl saying he was “out of his ever-loving mind” for dating Jennifer. Where would Chloe have heard something like that? Children take after the adults in their lives and so someone must have said something like that around her.

Children aside, Tim has been excited about going to Colombia. He planned on showering Jennifer with gifts and making her feel special. He also didn’t forget her daughter. He got a huge teddy bear for the little girl and he rented a two-bedroom apartment because he wants them to bond as a family. Tim has thought of everything. He just didn’t count on Veronica and her jealousy. She kept telling him that he already has a family with her and Chloe. She didn’t want him to become a family with someone else and Tim was the fool that couldn’t see it.

Angela’s own children weren’t that ecstatic of her marrying Michael. Michael clearly wanted to come to America and to them, it just seemed like he was using their mother. Also, Angela has had some concerns in the past. She went to visit Michael in Nigeria. They spent a few days together and then it all combusted when it didn’t seem like he was being genuine with her. Angela even left him because she said he was taking it all in as if it was a joke. Michael then had to work to regain her trust and now they’re engaged.

Angela proposed to him. She wanted him to know that she loves him and so, of course, he said yes. He hasn’t stopped wanting to come to America. Angela has filed for him to come to America and so it might be any day now. It was as she was waiting for his visa to go through, that she saw him once again playing around and so she realized she couldn’t trust him. Not when he was backing to flirting with other women on social media. Michael was a very flirtatious man and he didn’t think it was a big deal if he flirted with other women. Not as long as he remained committed to Angela.

It was Angela that had a problem with it. She couldn’t help seeing all his posts to these women and she and her family both thought it was disrespectful of him. Michael it seems has never been accountable for his actions. Not matter what he did, Angela forgave him and so her family has asked her what she’s going to do now that he hasn’t stopped. They all thought that would be the end of the engagement. And they were wrong because she promised them that she was going to talk to Michael about it.

Angela wanted to issue Michael an ultimatum. Angela planned on telling Michael to shape up and she said there would be consequences as well. If he didn’t stop his flirtatious behavior, Angela was going to revoke the paperwork for Michael and leave him in Nigeria. She’s said as much to her friends and family and so all she needs to do is say to Michael. She also has said it before she does something she can’t take back. Angela and Michael have been talking about having a baby. He’s never had a child and so he wanted to have one with Angela.

Only Angela was up there in years. It was never going to be easy for her to get pregnant and so she asked her daughter for help. Angela wanted to borrow her daughter’s eggs if not her womb. She was willing to give Michael a child even if said child wasn’t biological her own. Angela has already talked about it with her daughter and her daughter said that she was going to see if Michael was really coming to the states. No one in the family thought he was and if he somehow manages to pull it off, that’s when the daughter will genuinely consider the proposal.

And finally, there was Rebecca. Rebecca was dating a man she’s met online and who she was secretly catfishing. She would send him photos of her that were doctored, but those photos would take years off her face and truthfully they were disingenuous. Those photos showed her as some glamorous women. It didn’t show the mother and grandmother. It also didn’t show that she was still married to the last foreigner she met online and so this was one private investigator that needed to be investigated.

Rebecca later got lucky when Zeid accepted her exactly as she is. He didn’t mind the altered photos or that he’s never seen her real face until then and so he expected her to overlook some of his own flaws. Like how he didn’t have a car. Zeid told her that she didn’t need to worry about anything when she landed and then they were both having to figure out how to leave the airport. The other potential brides have all gotten to the airport and none of them had to worry about things like a car.

Avery did, however, lose her cell phone.