90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap 09/22/19: Season 3 Episode 8 “True Colors”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap 09/22/19: Season 3 Episode 8 "True Colors"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs with an all-new Sunday, September 22, 2019 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 3 episode 8 “Rebecca learns the results of Zied’s background check; Avery delivers some devastating news to her mother; Benjamin finally meets Akinyi’s father; Angela and Michael try to make amends. Darcey and Tom’s relationship takes an interesting turn.

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There was a disruption in Omar and Avery’s wedding plans. It seems the two couldn’t get married because they didn’t have things worked out with the Islamic Court and so, of course, Avery’s mother Teri held this against Omar. Omar was the one that was supposed to get everything ready. He was supposed to talk to all the authorities and have it set up for him and Avery and yet Avery came to Lebanon and found out nothing was done. There wasn’t even anyone to marry them. She and her mother had to handle that themselves,

They were also the ones that did everything else. They found the mosque and they got someone to marry the couple. It was so easy for Avery and Teri that it didn’t make sense why Omar couldn’t do it. This was Omar’s culture, after all. He should have known who to talk to and what to say. He instead followed Teri around because he said he wanted to make sure she didn’t offend anyone. Guess, What? She wouldn’t be in the position to offend anyone if he had just done his job. He shouldn’t have needed his mother-in-law to fix things for him.

Teri was out there handling this new problem while Darcey was forced to confront an ugly truth. Her relationship with her sister was competitive and it was beginning to grate on her new boyfriend Tom. Tom was still upset about canceling his trip. He didn’t want to give up a beach vacation for a trip to Albania and he only did so because Darcey said the trip was important to her. She wanted him to meet her twin sister Stacey. Darcey thought him meeting her sister would reassure her about the relationship and all the visit seems to do was annoy Tom.

Tom didn’t like how Darcey acted around Stacey. The two were constantly in competition with each other and this goes for their relationships as well. Stacey and her fiancé have been together for several years. They knew each other better and he was more on the affectionate side. It didn’t help that Tom wasn’t like this other guy. Tom was more composed. He didn’t want to make a fuss or put on some big show for Stacey and so he asked Darcey to tone it down. He didn’t want to turn their relationship into something else just so she could look good in front of her sister.

Darcey promised him she would stop. Then she later told her sister about the conversation and they both tried blaming it on Tom being too sensitive. Stacey said Tom simply didn’t get their relationship. They were super close and sometimes they didn’t get along. They both considered their fights to be a passing thing, but they soon got into another fight over whose relationship was doing better. Stacey said she liked to go slower and that’s why she’s been engaged for three years. And its clear that Darcey is desperate to catch up.

Over in Tunisia, Rebecca was hearing from her best friend. Her best friend was also a private investigator like she and she wanted to know why Rebecca hadn’t run a background check on Zied. Rebecca told her friend that she hadn’t want to take the chance. She didn’t want to start her relationship with her being suspicious of him and it turns out that was a mistake. She should have been mistrustful. Her friend did her a solid and ran a background search on Zied. He’s never been in trouble with the law. And so that’s good!

Zied, however, did lie about his job. He said he worked in television and so why is his work history completely blank? It appeared that Zied had never worked a day in his life. He doesn’t have the means to support himself and he did accept money from Rebecca in the past. Rebecca’s friend Melanie warned her against doing that again. She thought that Zied was using Rebecca as a meal ticket and his friends thought the same. Zied’s friends met Rebecca a while back. They had asked her how much her extensive tattoos cost, and she gave them a number that could more or less open a shop Tunisia.

It was only natural that his friends would think Zied was going to live a life of luxury now that he was with Rebecca. The friends all thought she was rich and some even believed it was a great thing seeing as she lied about her appearance. Remember, Rebecca, catfished Zied. She sent him videos and photos of herself after she filtered her looks into appearing younger. She then withheld the truth until they met in person. Which was inevitable and it still came to a surprise for her when Zied wasn’t all that angry about being played.

Rebecca probably thought he deserved the benefit of the doubt after that. It could explain why someone who has been cheated and used for a green card would then put her back into the same position by merely trusting a man by his word. But they were both liars now. Rebecca’s relationship has been struggling for a while and there might not be a fix for this. She didn’t really know what to do after her friend told her about his work history. She also didn’t know what to say when she was asked why she loved him and so maybe she was in this position because she was a little lost just overall.

Tim and Jeniffer were thankfully doing better. She took him to meet her dad and he got him to get a little dirty which was good for him. Tim was too clean. He did facials with Jeniffer on their first night together and he kept his nails pristine even as they were getting to know each other. So, Jeniffer had needed to dirty him up. She needed to know if he was willing to do so for her and it turns out he was. Tim may have bitched about climbing up a hill yet he still climbed it. Him doing that alone showed he cared.

The meeting her father thing, on the other hand, was the icing on the cake. Jeniffer was her father’s only child. She was everything to him and he was everything to her. She was very much a daddy’s girl. Jeniffer also wanted her father’s approval of Tim and so this trip to see her dad was essential. She got to see Tim that she started to have feelings for. She enjoyed herself as well by being on the farm and watching Tim try to reign in his freak-out. It made her appreciate him more.

Back with Darcey and Tom, the two talked about how the vacation has been going. Darcey thought everything was great and it did come as a minor surprise when Tom said he hated being in Albania. He really did. He didn’t like seeing how Darcey was around her sister and he said it made him feel like he was on a trip with a friend. He also told Darcey that he regretted not going to Gran Canaria. It was where his parents got engaged. It was also somewhere he always thought he’d get engaged as well and so Darcey really blew things with this Albania trip.

Darcey only switched things up on Tom because her sister convinced her it was a good idea. She now believes Stacey had led her down the wrong path and it hurts knowing she could have gotten engaged if she went to Gran Canaria with Tom. The moment passed her by before she even had a chance to grab it. Darcey also doubts herself and maybe this was shades of Jesse. He was one of the few people that ever made Darcey feel this bad on a consistent basis. And Tom was giving him a run for his money.

Also, Benjamin finally got to meet Akinyi’s father. Her father was the pastor at her church and so she brought Benjamin to a church service. It was a tad different than what he was used because her father brought in a lot of energy through Benjamin didn’t embarrass himself. He held on to the end. He even met with Akinyi once service wrapped up. She told him that he would be meeting her father and then she sprung on him how he was also going to be meeting the church elders. It was the church elders that would decide if they get married or not.

Except Benjamin was getting tired of the way Akinyi kept springing things on him. She would never just tell him the full plan and so he was constantly having to play catch up. Benjamin hated that. He also wanted to speak to someone who was willing to share with him if she was hurt and she didn’t do that either. Akinyi did almost everything to push him away. Benjamin did know why she sometimes do that and he did question the relationship after a while. He had had his doubts. He should have left when he doubted so much and surprisingly he didn’t.

Benjamin chose to stay. He stayed because he still loves her and so he met with her father and the church elders. They had grilled him about his life. They asked him if he had ever been married before or serious about anyone and he has. He confessed as much. He also added that he was there in Kenya because he believes God put Akinyi in his path and that was the perfect thing to say. It won over the church elders because it showed how serious he was. Benjamin wanted to marry Akinyi and all that was left was the bride price.

Akinyi’s wanted to bleed Benjamin over this bride price. He thought money and expensive jewelry would show how serious Benjamin truly was about marrying Akinyi, but he also admitted in his confessional that he never expected his daughter to marry a white person. That had come as a surprise for Akinyi’s father and maybe that’s why he’s making this whole thing so much harder than it has to be.

Angela, in the meantime, decided to take Michael back. She was still in love with him and so she didn’t mind that he got caught out in another lie. Angela said she was willing to move past it because of her feelings for Michael. She also was willing to discuss having a child with him so Michael brought her around his relatives. He wanted his loved ones to know that he was getting married and one person questioned if Angela was still capable of having children. Angela was a lot older than Michael.

It’s not like she had any fertile years left after sixty. Angela’s time was running out and so someone proposed that Michael sleep with someone else to have a baby. This was a mere suggestion. Just someone trying to look out for Michael’s interest and so there was no reason for Angela to flip out. She could have simply had said, “no, I don’t think so”. She didn’t need to go into the hell no(s) or blame Michael for what a relative said.

And then there’s poor Caesar who wanted to save up his money to buy a ticket to Ukraine. See, he believes he can convince Maria to take him back if they saw each other in person.