90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap 09/29/19: Season 3 Episode 9 “Out Of The Blue”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Recap 09/29/19: Season 3 Episode 9 "Out Of The Blue"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs with an all-new Sunday, September 29, 2019 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 3 episode 9 “Avery’s mom deals with some bad news; Benjamin sees a new side of Akinyi, and Rebecca is alarmed by a request from Zied.

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Avery finally fessed up. She told her mother that she wanted to move to Syria to be with Omar while his visa in America comes through. Not only is this one of the stupidest things said out loud, but Avery isn’t even considering what life will be like nor does she want to listen to reason. Syria is a war-torn country. It’s been years since Assad refused to step down and it has only gotten worse, not better. There were actual chemical attacks. Assad was gassing his own people and Avery wasn’t taking that into consideration.

Omar tried to warn her and it didn’t work. She said she wouldn’t mind if they didn’t have running water. She said she just wanted to be with him and that seems to be more important to her own life. However, Teri was considering everything. This was her daughter and her daughter wanted to go live in a civil war over a man. Teri pointed out all the things that could go wrong. She told Avery that she didn’t know the language, couldn’t go to the ATM by herself, and again there was chemical warfare happening.

Teri worked herself up imagining all the things that could go wrong. She eventually calmed down, but she only did so because she saw that nothing she said had changed Avery’s mind. Avery was set. She said she loved her husband more than her mother and that she didn’t want to wait years for him. She wanted to live as husband and wife and she wanted to do now. Avery was going to move to wherever she could be with Omar and right now that was looking like Syria. If that suddenly changes, Avery might just be too stubborn to admit the experiment failed, so who knows where this dumb idea will lead her.

Over in Nigeria, Angela and Michael were discussing what his mother said. His mother wanted Michael to have kids and she thought Michael should have a child with someone else if the fertility clinic didn’t work out. Michael translated what he said for Angela and she hated the idea. She didn’t want to share her man if she couldn’t have children. It offended her American sensibilities and it made her question her future with Michael. She later asked him if children were that important to him?

Michael, who remembered his pledge that he wouldn’t lie, had said that the children did matter. He said it was part of his culture that the man could have children outside of his marriage and he was willing to consider it. Michael was willing to do anything because he really wanted a baby. He didn’t know that would get Angela’s back up or that it would put her off having children altogether and she came close. Angela wanted Michael to love her for her. She didn’t want Michael to leave her if they couldn’t have a child together and that’s what his suggestion sounded like.

Angela was never going to let him have a child with someone else. She wasn’t going to love that child and she refused to even raise it if Michael tried bringing the child around her. Angela was never going to settle for that much disrespect. She loved Michael, but if it was either her or a baby, she wanted to know now rather than later. Angela told him she wasn’t sure if she wanted a baby anymore. She said everything he and his mother said put her right off it. Angela was testing Michael and he passed because he said that he still wanted to be with her – baby or no.

Michael was willing to tell Angela she was the most important thing to him and yet Tom couldn’t say the same to Darcey? Darcey heard mentioning how he could be in love with her and him never actually as far as just saying “I love you”. Tom sort of left her dangling in the wind. Darcey has been looking for some sign that he loved her and instead he played mind games. Tom told her that he might have proposed if they stuck to his plan. He wanted to go to the island getaway he booked for the two of them and, when that didn’t happen, he got bitter.

Tom made Darcey regret every moment of taking him to Albania. He kept most of the antics from her sister Stacey’s and Stacey’s Florian, but he was a jerk to Darcey. Darcey was never really sure where she stood with him. It wasn’t until he mentioned possible proposing that Darcey began questioning herself and then later her sister. She blamed Stacey for her not getting engaged. Darcey thought her sister led her down the wrong path with this trip to Albania and she never saw the strings that Tom was pulling.

Tom deliberately set her against her own sister. He was never going to propose and a story about possibly doing it is in no way true. If it was, then it wouldn’t have mattered where they were. He could just as easily have proposed to her in Albania than he could on some island and so his whole story was a lie. Tom then acted surprised when Darcey later picked a fight with Stacey. Darcey used any excuse to snap at her sister and at first Stacey’s fiancé tried to help smooth things over. Florian told Darcey that she loves Tom and Tom loves her. And Darcey broke down because she knew it wasn’t true.

Darcey did love Tom. He just didn’t love her. Tom was constantly critiquing her and he wasn’t even as understanding of her as Florian. Florian may have thought Darcey was a little on the needy side, but he didn’t say it to Darcey’s face. He was instead a gentleman while Tom was reprimanding her in public for being mean to her sister. Like he was her father or something! Tom was acting very much like Jesse nowadays and the faster Darcey realized it for herself, the happier she’ll be.

Then there was another relationship with warning signs. Benjamin and Akinyi first dealt with issues from her family. They needed her family approval to see each other and first Benjamin had to jump through several hoops. Which, you know, would have been fine if he had some kind of warning beforehand. Benjamin didn’t know he had to live with Akinyi’s brother until she told moments before and she didn’t tell him he would be meeting the church elders till moments before. Akinyi tends to keep things to herself until he has no other choice but to go along with it.

After that, it was back to Benjamin’s living situation. He rented an apartment and he soon moved in after he won over the elders’ approval. Benjamin thought he could now date Akinyi according to the parameters they both set up and in actuality she had moved in with him. Akinyi told her father she was staying with a friend and really she was going to be staying at Benjamin’s apartment with him. Nevermind that they were both waiting for marriage before they had sex. Benjamin thought the living situation would be too much temptation and his stance had annoyed Akinyi.

Akinyi said he was the only guy that didn’t try to have sex with her. Only none of that mattered when they later talked about his son Grayson. Grayson was five and Akinyi might possible become a stepmother to him. Or at least that’s what Benjamin. Benjamin thought she was just nervous when she said she didn’t know how to be a mother and he thought things will be different once she got used to his son. And truthfully, Akinyi didn’t want to be anyone’s stepmother nor she didn’t want to be left alone with his kid because she still considers herself a kid.

Of course, the last warning sign had to be when they had dinner together. Benjamin’s first date with Akinyi didn’t go as planned because she said she didn’t want to be a stepmother to his son and, while he tried ignoring what she said, there was also an issue with their second date. The second date was the dinner. They went to a nice restaurant and Akinyi decided to try alcohol for the first time. It wasn’t a surprise when she got drunk. It did come as a shock however when Akinyi turned into a messy drunk and wanted to keep going.

It was this drunk side to her that put off Benjamin. He worried about leaving a possibly drunk Akinyi with his five-year-old and he personally didn’t want to be around someone that didn’t know their limits. Akinyi fell apart after one drink. She also kept demanding a second margarita and Benjamin had to cut her off. Its like she didn’t realize she was swaying in her seat. She just kept demanding more alcohol and turned into an all-out mess. And so that dinner date could be the last straw for Benjamin.

Next, as the show comes close to an end, there was the usual checking in with Caesar. Nothing has changed with him since he last broke down in tears and so the only difference now is that Caesar thinks he can win Maria back. He thinks they were in love. They’ve been “dating” for five years and everything went wrong when they were supposed to meet up for the first time. Maria initially claimed she couldn’t come because of a prior commitment and then she needed money to buy ticket and then she spent two thousand dollars on something she never named. And then she found out the ticket Caesar bought her had fallen through.

Every other guy in the world would have see this all as red flags, but not Caesar. He swears they’re in love and he talking about saving up his money to go to Ukraine. Where he thinks he can fight for Maria in person. But it will be a massive waste of time. Maria doesn’t love him and its highly possible that she never did. Maria cared about the money he was sending her, not him. She also could have made the effort to see him and she never did because, again, she didn’t care for him. Just his money.

Caesar was off living in Dreamworld while everyone else was facing off with reality. Jeniffer and Tim both realized they weren’t meant for each other. It happened when they were about to have sex. Tim said his mind wondered if he’d live up to the Latin lover and that it ruined the mood when Jeniffer noticed he wasn’t paying attention to her. She then got upset wit him because take it from her point of view. His mind wandered off in the middle of sex and so that must have made her question if he was even attracted to her.

Both of them tried to move past what happened and they couldn’t. Jeniffer took him to the zoo, but he didn’t like it and he was too scared to go on a giant swing off the mountain with her. It was something she liked and he couldn’t do it. It even led to a confrontation. They both weren’t happy with each other after the swing thing and secretly Jeniffer never moved past the whole sex fiasco. She wanted a man to want her. She didn’t need a guy so wrapped up in himself that he didn’t let himself be happy and she threw the sex thing back in his face.

Jeniffer and Tim were done with each other and they were getting close to admitting it out loud. Another couple in jeopardy is Zied and Rebecca. Rebecca was worried that Zied was using her for her money. He borrowed hundred of dollars from her and he didn’t give her a real reason. Rebecca tried to get answers about it and again he didn’t want to tell her what he was doing with the money because it turns out he brought an engagement ring for her with her own money. And that wasn’t romantic in the slightest.

Who the hell buys an engagement ring for someone with borrowed money?