90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Recap 06/09/19: Season 4 Episode 7 “Into the Lion’s Den”

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance; Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, June 9, 2019 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 4 episode 7 “Into the Lion’s Den”, as per the TLC synopsis, “Debbie gives Colt heartbreaking news; Nicole’s stepfather reveals information about Azin; Jay’s sister discovers the truth; Chantel finally faces Pedro’s mother; Elizabeth is pushed too far; Pao realizes it’s time to say goodbye.”

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Larissa brought up Debbie to Colt. She couldn’t live with his mother anymore and she told her husband she wanted their own place. Larissa is always fighting with Debbie. She was sick of it and she said it annoys her when Colt doesn’t act as the mediator. He tends to take his mother side and that was just one more thing on a list that drove Larissa to confront. She reminded him of his promises. He once wrote her that living with his mother was temporary and now it’s like he changed his mind. Colt said that he and his mother was packaged deal. He couldn’t afford to live on his own and that’s why they have to live with his mother, but Larissa said that he wants to stay because he never wants to leave.

Larissa accused him of being afraid of his mother. He was too hesitant to make a decision without Debbie’s approval and so Larissa told him she couldn’t keep living like that, but Colt took her words to mean something else. He said that Larissa was reminding him of her behavior when she got arrested and he claimed he didn’t want that to happen again. Which sounded a bit like a lie. Larissa hadn’t called the cops on herself and so was Colt saying he’ll call the cops again if his wife has an attitude? Maybe he doesn’t hear how it sounds and if that really is it then he needs a wakeup call. Colt tells Larissa she has to put up with his family and it didn’t matter if it was his cousin cursing her out or his mother. He still expects Larissa play peacemaker because if she doesn’t she’s difficult.

Was it a guy thing? It certainly seems like it crosses cultures because Pedro did the same thing and he was somehow worse. Pedro was the one that left his wife for an undetermined amount of time, ok. He knows that he and his wife have been struggling and he still chose to leave. Pedro said he’ll come back when he feels like it and then he acts surprised when Chantel became frustrated with him. Pedro wants to move away from her family because he calls them toxic and meanwhile he’s visiting his family who he knows doesn’t like Chantel. Chantel was worried that if Pedro stayed away for too long that he wouldn’t want to come back and so she decided to fly out to the Dominican Republic. She wanted to fight for her marriage and Pedro was upset that she was coming out.

Pedro even fought with his family over it. They didn’t want to come to the house that he paid for and they said they didn’t want to talk to her. Pedro grew frustrated with them about their attitude yet he blames it on Chantel. He said that Chantel should have stayed away and he also went on to complain it about his friends. His friends were the ones getting him drunk and not saying anything when he was feeling upon a woman that was not his wife. Pedro knew he made a mistake once he sobered up and still he thinks Chantel shouldn’t have come. He went to his friends and told them that he couldn’t see them once his wife came and that too was such a crap thing to say. He basically gave them permission to badmouth his wife and of course, they took him up on the offer.

They were nothing like Russ. Russ was in panic mode because the birth of his first child was coming up and he wanted to be there for Paola. Paola went through a miscarriage. She was scared of being happy with this pregnancy because it felt like she betraying the child she lost. Paola also didn’t want to go back to the hospital because she felt it was too clinical and so she tried to find a different way to go through birth because she wanted it to help connect to the baby. Now, she was looking at birthing centers and was considering having a midwife. Paola explained her motives to Russ and he did his best to support her. Russ didn’t mention that he would feel more comfortable with doctors because his first priority was his wife.

They toured a couple of birthing centers and Russ even asked a midwife what would be best for his wife because she had a miscarriage. The midwife took one look at Paola and knew the best advice she could offer. She advised Paola to write a letter to her baby. The letter should include all the hopes and dreams that have for the baby and so the midwife suggested she writes a letter to the child she lost. What Paola needs is closure and being able to communicate with that child will help her to be happier about the child she has now. So Paola took her advice. She knew she was going to write a letter and, while she wasn’t sure about that birthing center, she was still glad to have talked to a woman that understood where she was coming from.

Then there was Jay. He and Ashley agreed to work on their marriage after the whole dating app thing and so they wanted to turn a chapter. Jay hasn’t seen his family since he left Jamaica and so his siblings flew up to see him. It was the first time that Jay was going to be meeting his niece Emily and both Jay and Ashley couldn’t wait to hold the baby. They’ve been happier lately and the inclusion of his sister Poochie was something they were both looking forward to. Jay wanted to talk to his sister about how bad it been and get her feedback, but he didn’t know that Ashley wanted the same thing. She wanted to talk to Poochie as well because she knew Poochie was the only one that could get through to Jay.

Jay really messed up when he betrayed Ashley’s trust. She wants to trust him again and it would be easier if he wasn’t still lying. Ashley first began to suspect when she noticed that Jay was in a funk. Its why she wanted his family there because she thought that it was homesickness and so she was happy to see him smiling again. Then they argued about a Christmas tree of all things. Ashley wanted to decorate it her way and so she got it into an argument with Jay about how to put the lights on. All they did was the lights because Ashley’s children were with their dad and she didn’t want to deprive her kids of decorating the tree. And so Poochie who witnessed this fight noticed that was off with the couple.

Nicole and Azan were also having problems. Azan canceled their trip to Grenada even though Nicole purchased his ticket and thought they would get married once they moved there together. It didn’t surprise anyone other than Nicole when Azan pulled out of that trip. He doesn’t want to get married because if he did he could have married her years ago and so Azan wasn’t interested. He just likes taking Nicole’s money and a part of Nicole must know. She dyed her hair and was trying to lose weight before she goes to visit him in Morocco. Nicole must have seen the footage in which Azan said he wasn’t physically attracted to Nicole and so now she’s trying to change that. Nicole lost a lot of money when he pulled out of a trip before and she only barely got some money back this time.

Nicole wants the next time she sees Azan to be it for them. She wants to get married and be a family with her daughter, but that’s not what Azan wants. He’s shown her family that’s not what he wants and they were trying to talk Nicole into giving up the dream. She has to get another job to support this constant flying out there and her family thinks it’s a waste. Her stepfather Joe received a message that stated that Azan was simply using Nicole and that had been enough for him. He couldn’t understand why it wasn’t for Nicole. Nicole said that these people don’t know them and that she will never give up on Azan. Her family, on the other hand, was hoping there would be a breaking point and only Joe thinks that will happen once Nicole runs out of money.

Chantel landed in the Dominican Republic. She was actually surprised when her husband picked her up from the airport because she didn’t think he would show or that he would bring flowers. Chantel was holding onto whatever glimmer of hope she can spot. She thought there was hope for them and then the doubts came creeping back when Pedro said he wants them both to go see his mom. His mother wasn’t interested before in seeing Chantel and then she changed her mind. She said she wants to see her and so Chantel said she’d go out of respect for her husband, but she wants his mother to treat her with respect as well. The woman has been saying the two needed to get a divorce and Chantel didn’t want to deal with it. Chantel wants them all to be respectful.

Andrei, who doesn’t necessarily have in-laws that hate him, still manages to find a way to argue with his father-in-law. The man was willing to hire him as a favor for his daughter and Andrei threw the offer back into his face. He said he didn’t want the man telling him what to do, but that’s the very definition of a job. He has to be willing to follow orders and he couldn’t let his pride get in the way. Andrei created this issue with his father-in-law. The man just wanted Andrei to get a job because Elizabeth couldn’t afford the rent and a new baby. He tried to tell Andrei as much and Andrei just started yelling at him about how his father-in-law was going to be calling him and telling him what to do.

Andrei threw the opportunity away. He treated it like he treated trucking and it was quite brazen of him because he’ll most likely be living off of what his wife gets from her dad. Elizabeth tried to talk about it with her sister and sister-in-law and they both thought Andrei was foolish. They also thought he was lazy and entitled. Andrei pretends he wants to work and then never follows through. He then complains about it to Elizabeth and she enables him. Her family tried to tell her that’s what she’s been doing and she got upset because she didn’t want them to think she and Andrei will never get their act together. She said it’ll happen and then stormed out when her family asked: “when?”.

Jay told his sister Poochie some of the stories, but not all of it and so Ashley had to explain. She said that Jay messaged sexual things to the young woman and that he invited her to Ashley’s house. Ashley also mentioned that Jay told her he was going one place and that she tracked his phone. He was at some unknown location and so Ashley has reason to believe that he met up with this girl. She was afraid to ask him and that made Poochie upset. Poochie thought Jay was happy and that he would make an effort with Ashley and she was wrong. She wished he hadn’t hurt Ashley and she feels for her. Poochie was the sort of sister to take him to the task and the fact things were worse than he said was reason enough.

Then following the fight between Larissa and Debbie, Debbie considered moving out. She talked to Colt and Colt tried to tell her that some of her things weren’t that big of a deal but Debbie wasn’t having it. She said Larissa was getting rid of her things in order to push her out and so she was ready to leave. Debbie told her son she doesn’t feel wanted and he quickly told her that he doesn’t want her to leave. Colt admitted that he’s always lived with his mom and he doesn’t want that change. He wants all of them to continue living together and so he never once considered what he told Larissa. Larissa was told one thing and Debbie was told another. Its why they can never reach an agreement and it was all Colt’s fault.

Chantel later went to go see Pedro’s family and she brought along a translator because sometimes his family speaks too fast for her. Chantel thinks they do it so that they could talk about her. She didn’t want that to happen again and so she tried to have the translator there as a facilitator. Things were fine in the beginning and Lidia wanted to talk about the fight. Chantel said she didn’t want to discuss the past though Lidia did and she said she has to get off her chest. She said that Chantel’s family were horrible and that she would have beaten them up if she had been there. She also said that she was glad to see Pedro after so long and that Chantel ruined the trip. Chantel said she wanted to spend time with her husband and so her main problem was the fight. No one was innocent when it came to the fight.

Chantel tried to explain that both Pedro and her family were at fault. She then got upset the longer Lidia kept arguing that it’s her family that’s the problem and so Chantel argued with her before ultimately saying they have to agree to disagree. Chantel and Pedro soon left after that but Lidia didn’t know that he wasn’t staying in the house and so he explained that he has to take his wife’s side. He finally said he didn’t want to do to her what her family does to him and that’s why he’s spending time with his wife.