American Idol Recap 4/14/19: Season 17 Episode 12 “Top 14”

American Idol Recap 4/14/19: Season 17 Episode 12 "Top 14"

It’s Another exciting night of American Idol on ABC tonight with an all-new Sunday, April 14, 2019, season 17 episode 10 called “Top 14” and we have your weekly American Idol recap below. On tonight’s American Idol season 17 episode 12 as per the ABC synopsis, “Singers with dreams of superstardom audition and compete in a serious of challenging rounds in the hope of living their childhood and lifelong dream.”

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Tonight on American Idol the top 14 sing a song of their choosing to round it out tomorrow night to the top 10.

Laine Hardy is singing “That’s Alright,” by Elvis Presley. Judges Comments: Katy: “Oh my gosh Laine, you know your strengths and you are playing them well. It is so exciting to see you grow, to see a good looking man step into his shining personality. I love this Bayou boy.” Luke: “Laine continues to shake out, get a little looser, I wanted to see you see you let go as Elvis does. I didn’t want to critique you too much because you are learning this new thing. Your voice has come so far since last year, good job.” Lionel: “I’m watching you up there Lane and you are on fire. I want to say nothing, just do it some more.”

Evelyn Cormier is singing “The Middle,” by Jimmy Eat World.” Judges Comments: Luke: “One of the most important things to do on this show is to come out here and elevate the game. Was that a Van Halen leg kick I just saw?. And that’s what is critical in this show. Just when we think we have someone pegged, we like to see a whole new element. Great job.” Lionel: “I have to tell you, that’s what showbiz is all about and you giving us the left, the right and the center of you, congratulations.” Katy: “What a great song choice, that song was a crowd pleaser. It was so fun to see you relax and jump around and see that side of you. Thank you for taking a chance, it really paid off.”

Alyssa Raghu is singing, “She Used To Be Mine,” by Sara Bareilles. Judges Comments: Lionel: “The sauce is on fire, I have to stand up. Every time you come out you give us a little bit more of a peek at your growth. I cannot tell you how proud we are. You have gone to that next stage and I hope America understands the work you have put in. I applaud you.” Katie: “When you started singing I was like grab my camera, but I’m on a live show, not a concert. Then I looked over at your dad and he is crying. That was a great song, you gave it all to us, keep playing those dynamics.” Luke: “When you first started singing, it was very angelic and perfect. Make sure you keep the audience engaged like that through the whole song.”

Eddie Island is singing, “Bennie And The Jets,” by Elton John. Judges Comments: Katie: “Oh my gosh, Eddie when I saw you on the platform and you were coming down, I had tears in my eyes. I thought it was really good. This is so intense. I feel like you have those nerves, I just heard the Counting Crows in your voice.” Luke: “Eddie you are here because you make us smile, I mean look at your outfit, what the heck is all that. Did you break into Katy’s trailer? Vocally make sure you stay on top of that.” Lionel: “Eddie all I’m going to say to you is., isn’t it great being different. You are straight down your lane, stay there, rock it.”

Riley Thompson singing, “Suds In The Bucket,” by Sara Evans. Judges Comments: Luke: “How does it feel becoming a star? Great choice of song, that’s a high note on that song, great job.” Lionel: “Are you watching America, are you watching America? I am telling you from the first time we saw you, you were slowly drifting in, but now you are crushing it. I am telling you, keep it up, we love you.” Katie: “I mean you grew up. The only reason you keep going to the next level is that you keep growing to the next level. You are doing so well, it is so natural, you are owning the stage.”

Wade Cota is singing, “Trouble,” by Ray Lamontagne. Judges Comments: Lionel: “I am giving you the name Wade the Hammer. What you just did is you brought the hammer, I love it, love it.” Katie: “This is such a great example of a great song choice. You picked the right song, it was amazing and strong. I believe in your voice so much, wow.” Luke: “When you sing with your whole body to sing, it was spiritual, it fires up and the crowd can feel it too.”

Dimitrius Graham is singing, “Perfect,” by Ed Sheeran. Judges Comments: Katie: “You do look perfect, let me borrow that coat. Wow, you really have developed into an artist, I can really see the artist that you are. You are an exceptional singer, don’t forget to let the hairs on my arm raise up. You are a miraculous singer.” Luke: “Because you have grown up in an opera background, remember to work that microphone too, because if you really learn to use it with your voice, you can take us on a big-time ride.” Lionel: “You have a quality that we can’t teach you. You have the ability to be explosive. You take it in a quiet form and you take it to kaboom. You appear shy then you explode, give us that for the rest of your career.”

Madison Vandenburg is singing, “Fallin,” by Alicia Keys. Judges Comments; Luke: “That is how you put yourself in contention. You just really made a statement. Become a diva now, right.” Lionel: “We need security on the set. When you get to the point where the crowd goes crazy, that is the testament of what you did. You killed it.” Katie: “We love Kelly Clarkson, but you just carved out your own notch. You are your own person. I have not heard that match soul in your voice, please keep giving that and more.”

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon is singing, “We All Fall In Love Sometimes,” by Elton John. Judges Comments: Lionel: “Just let me say this. You took an Elton John song, you went past Freddy Mercury and you Jeremiahed the whole thing. There are notes that Elton can’t do, there are notes that Freddy can’t do, you did a z note somewhere between Pluto and Mars. It was amazing, and your voice is amazing and your career is going to be amazing.” Katy: “I/m a mess, I’m just so proud (she’s crying) you are such a gift and a light to the world. Your story is everything, your talent supersedes all, I am so proud of you.” Luke: “Katy has me in a mess over here. The whole time I am sitting here watching that, I am not worthy to be watching.”

Uche is singing, “Finesse,” by Bruno Mars. Judges Comments: Katy: “Are we allowed to show that performance on television. Whatever happens in this competition just keep swinging, you are going to hit it. You have come so far it is miraculous. Can you show me how to dance?” Luke: “That was like the greatest opening to an award show, ever.” Lionel: “You are wonderful. What you have managed to do every time is to be the show stopper.”

Alejandro Aranda is singing, “One Dance,” by Drake feat. Wizkid & Kyla. Judges Comments: Luke: “From the start of this competition, you can do no wrong. We sit up here and preach show us another element, you just became a Las Vegas sell out whichever casino you want DJ.” Lionel: “As far as I’m concerned you now are DJ Alejandro. Versatility is what you have to have to do a one hour show.” Katy: “I’m going to start following you on Instagram. I would have liked to see more you get into that rhythm. It was incredibly smooth. I love it so much, you are a true artist. There is a push and a pull, we want to keep to our art, but we still want to grow.”

Ashley Hess is singing, “Fix You,” by Coldplay. Judges Comments: Lionel: “Everybody is ruling tonight, I don’t know what is happening. Your performance was very, very strong.” Katy: “To me, you look like Diana Crawl and you sound like Carol King. You are a true singer/songwriter and it was amazing, you are growing so beautifully.” Luke: “We are getting so spoiled, what I loved about that is it is what you embody, great job.”

Laci Kaye Booth is singing, “I Miss You,” by Blink-182. Judges Comments: Katy: “You look gorgeous. You sing timelessly. You are the definition of an idol, I am your number one fan, you are amazing.” Luke: “So Lacy, one of the coolest thing about this ride is when you can call yourself out for your spray tan, that’s just fun. You could have been purple and nothing would have stopped you from getting to this point.” Lionel: “I am going to say, it’s like we are the parents and we watch the kids jump out of the nest. We could not be more proud of you right now, you blossomed.”

Walker Burroughs is singing, “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” from The Sound of Music. Judges Comments: Luke: “That was one of the most interesting performances I’ve seen you do. When you started, I was wondering where you were going with this, but it was fun to see you build tension and power. We heard you sing notes we haven’t heard you sing before and you brought the whole house down.” Lionel: “You are dressed for GQ. The most important thing is, you have grown so much. The confidence that you have tonight, is going to take you through your life, your career.” Katy: “I am exhausted from this rollercoaster of a show. You really climbed every step of the mountain of that song. It has been amazing to see you climb into this, it is your purpose.”


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