America’s Got Talent Finale Recap 09/18/19: Season 14 Episode 23 “Winner Announced”

America’s Got Talent Finale Recap 09/18/19: Season 14 Episode 23 "Winner Announced"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent begins with an all-new Wednesday, September 18, 2019, episode and we have your America’s Got Talent recap below! On tonight’s AGT season 14 episode 23 “Live Finals″, as per the NBC synopsis, “Host Terry Crews reveals who America has chosen as the $1 million winner of season 14. The two-hour finale will feature special guest performers and not-to-be-missed surprises.

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One way or another, America has made it choice and tonight a new million-dollar winner was crowned. But, first, there was a celebration. A celebration just to honor the many competitors this year and so big names like Kygo and Macklemore were brought in to kick the night off. It was certainly a concert by the end what with both celebrities having a performance with the two youth choirs.

The kids were great. They reminded everyone how great they were with each and every performance. The show even had a look back to see how far many of these acts have come. The Ndlovu Youth Choir and the Detroit Youth Choir each had a great night yesterday. There were some that pointed out to Benicio that his latest performance was perhaps not his strongest. The crowd meanwhile had loved Kodi Lee who always gets the crowd in a concert mood.

Not that the others hadn’t kept up the same vibe. The Voices of Service was loved and so was Ryan Niemiller who left everyone laughing along with his self-deprecating humor. There were also even more performances from some of the remaining stars. Like Tyler Butler- Figueroa and Light Balance Kids who danced with the great Paula Abdul. She was a dancer herself and her petite frame helped her to fit right in with the kids.

It was also a nice surprise for Simon. He got to reunite with his American Idol co-judge and his current fellow judge got to see a lighter side of him. Then there was a performance from Emanne Beasha and she was accompanied by the great Lang Lang. Together they performed one of those songs that everyone remembers, but no one ever quite remembers the name of it. Which didn’t make it any less beautiful?

There was also time to check in with Ryan about his side project. He got involved with comedy and the humorous side because he always wanted to be a wrestler. Ryan wanted to be a wrestler when he was eleven because he thought they were real-life comic book heroes. They got to dress up and no one ever messed with them. That’s what Ryan wanted once upon a time and he finally got to live the dream when he met wrestler, Chris Jericho.

Together they even figured out a name for him. Ryan called himself the Cripple Threat and he catchphrase became “Never Turn Your Back on the Cripple Threat!”. Ryan even put catchphrase to use when he pretended to fall down only to get back on his feet and sneak up behind his competitor. So, the Cripple Threat was real! Ryan had fun and he gave the audience even more reasons to laugh. And the night was far from over.

The judges took some time just to appreciate Terry Crews. He was a new face this season and he brought with him great energy. The crowd was livelier. Plus, the judges were so happy with him as well. Everybody loves Terry and Terry was one of the best people in Hollywood. There really weren’t any doubts about it and their love for him remained even as they showed love towards the performers.

The next performance was Benicio. Benicio changed up his usual attire this time by letting his hair down and his Spanish flow as he sang “Taki Taki” with Ozuna. It was another great performance from the young singer. There was also an interesting transition from that to the next performance because first, they showed a conversation between Simon and Cher. They were talking about messenger pigeons and Simon was trying to deny he owned a cell phone.

Who knows if that’s one true? But it did its job by transitioning to a performance from Julianne Hough. She was coming out with a new song and she was joined on stage by her backup dancers otherwise known as V. Unbeatable. They brought in their universally loved dance moves with all those dangerous flips that entails. And it all created a great performance from the sitting judge, who has the next hit on her hands.

There was another performance from Voices of Service. They sang “Some Gave All” with the song’s writer Billy Ray Cyrus and that was a touching tribute. It was all about paying their respects. It also showed a new capability. The Voices of Service were able to take this seemingly country song and turn it into their own. Meaning there was that gospel feels that they bring to their music.

But a performance from Cher was always on the cards. Cher performed “Waterloo” and, like everything else, she made it her own. She really was a great singer so it was wonderful to have her around. She got to show some of these stars what they were aiming for. She also did in her Cher fashion and so that might just give them some ideas down the line. The performers all got to meet their heroes tonight.

This even went for Kodi Lee as well. He performed “You Are The Reason” with British star Leona Lewis. It was a beautiful rendition from both of them and it once again left everyone in awe of Kodi. He was an amazing artist. The fact he was able to understand it much less tap into it was something beautiful to see and he showed, actually they all showed, that just about anything is possible.

When there weren’t performances, Terry was checking in with the performers. They all were nervous about tonight. Wondering how well they did and if there was anything they would have changed, but for the most part, they were all happy to have made it this far. There were ten acts in all and it has to be whittled down to one. The first act to make it to the Top 5 was Voices of Service. They beat out Benicio Bryant.

Voices of Service were soon joined in the Top 5 by Ryan Niemiller. He beat out Emanne Beasha for his place and he was far from the last to gain a win with such fierce competition. V. Unbeatable beat out NDLOVU Youth Choir, Kodi Lee beat out Light Balance Kids, and Detroit Youth Choir beat out Tyler Butler-Figueroa. The Top 5 were, again, Voices of Service, Ryan Niemiller, V.Unbeatable, Kodi Lee, and Detroit Youth Choir.

There was a little bit of everything in the Top 5. They represented the different interest and there really no two of a kind in this group, but there could only be one winner. Voices of Service came in fifth. They were the last vocal group. They were different to a choir which was bigger in size and came with a director.

V. Unbeatable came in fourth. Their placement had everyone in shock just because no one thought they would place so low. And especially hurt because they had everything. They had flips and kicks and they were last dance group in the bunch.

Meanwhile, it was Ryan Niemiller that came in third. He was the comedian of the group and was another inspirational story. So, he will have offers after this.

And act that was taking first place was, of course, Kodi Lee!

The Detroit Youth Choir were very talented, but there was only one Kodi and he was always going to win!