America’s Got Talent Recap 07/23/19: Season 14 Episode 7 “Judge Cuts 2”

America’s Got Talent Recap 07/23/19: Season 14 Episode 7 "Judge Cuts 2"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent begins with an all-new Tuesday, July 23, 2019, episode and we have your America’s Got Talent recap below! On tonight’s AGT season 14 episode 7 “Judge Cuts 2″, as per the NBC synopsis, “Jay Leno joins the panel as a guest judge and gets the opportunity to send an act to the live shows with a Golden Buzzer; contestants have one last chance to impress the judges before going live for America’s vote.

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Judge Gabrielle brought her husband, NBA all-star Dwayne Wade as a guest judge and he gets a golden buzzer tonight.

Bir Khalsa is a group of three men from India who do dangerous acts. The first, one man balances by his stomach on a sharped edged sword. Next, they place a large block of ice on another man and it hit with a hammer, then when the ice is gone, they hit him on the chest. Lastly, they place coconuts on another man’s head and hit them with a hammer.

Judges Comments: Simon: “You just turned up the heat.” Dwayne: “It is entertaining and unique. We went on an emotional rollercoaster. Can we travel together.” Gabrielle: “It was great in a freaky kind of way.” Julianne: “I don’t trust that you are not going to eventually get hurt.” Howie: “What is this? What are you?” Simon: “You have amazing personalities you three.”

GForce is an all-girl group singing, “Simon Says,” while they dance around and rock the stage.

Judges Comments: Gabriele: “The reason I wanted to be a judge is for this moment. I loved when you said you are your own bosses.” Dwayne: “You guys are incredible, whatever you are selling I am buying.” Howie: “You are incredible but I only heard Simon Says and Jump.” Simon: “I have a real hate for groups who are told what to do. Having said that, I think this is a way better audition than the first one.”

Olivia Calderon is singing in Spanish.

Judges Comments: Julianne: “You are meant to be on this stage.” Dwayne: “You have an amazing voice but it is not my thing.”

Dom Chambers is a magician that used beer for his first audition. Time for a cocktail and Julianne gets to decide which one, he gives her a list. He uses Siri as his assistant.

Judges Comments: Dwayne: “This was the best magic I have ever seen. Incredible, thank you for showing us something different.” Gabrielle: “I have no idea how you did that.” Simon: “Have you stepped up? It wasn’t as dynamic as the first audition.”

Mat Ricardo is a dangerous act, and he is really dangerous. He accidentally cuts his arm but doesn’t.

Judges Comments: Howie: “What I love about you is that you take a gamble and it paid off.”

Lamont Landers is a singer who survived Simon’s criticism last time, he told him he was cocky. Tonight he is looking to do something different.

Judges Comments: Julianne: “Your voice is so special and unique but it is not filling the space like I think it should.” Gabrielle: “Last time you gave us cockier and tonight you gave us more layers, I appreciate that.” Dwayne: “I believe you can give more you have an amazing voice.” Simon: “I am going to ge honest, I like your voice but it left me with nothing.” Gabrielle: “I think you have a lot of fans on this panel”

Adaline Bates performs as a man and a woman.

Julianne: “I loved your first audition but I don’t know how you can carry a whole Vegas show.” Howie: “Good luck tonight.”

Michael Paul is a ventriloquist and he is with Nadia, the oldest gymnast. Simon hits the buzzer and says it was not as good as the first audition.

Ginzilla is a drag queen that won the audience over in the first round. This time Howie says he is flat and not a step up.

Alex Dowis blew all the judges away in the first audition, except for Simon. He is a blacklight painter.

Judges Comments: Howie: “This is a story of exactly what this show is, chasing a dream and conquering it.” Dwayne: “You took to a place it was filled with deep emotion.” Simon: “The reason I critisized you the first time, I thought you would be better the second time and I was right. I felt goosebumps on my goosebumps, it was the best act today.”

V.Unbeatable is a group of dancers from India.

Judges Comments: Julianne: “Wow, wow, wow. I mean it was so much power. Some people are just dance crews, some are just acrobats, you are both.” Simon: “We have the best job in the world, these are times when we need each other.” Dwayne: “My heart is beating in a rapid pace that I haven’t felt before. I know the practice time it takes, the time it takes. This is your house today.” Dwayne hits the golden buzzer.

Izzy and Easton are talented dancers. Julianne says they are talented and deserve to be on the stage. Gabielle says the work that they put in they deserve to be on the show.

ADEM Crew is a hip hop dabce crew that do a play on Night of the Museum. Simon says it was incredible and a step up.

Verba Shadowis a shadow dancing group from Ukraine and will be something new that they have never done before.

Judges Comments: Howie: “I love what you do but I didn’t get the story.” Simon: “It was good versus evil. I didn’t understand why the horse came out of nowhere.” Julianne: “It was a unicorn.” Dwayne: “That was the greatest 3D movie, I appreciated the journey.” Gabrielle: “I look forward to the sequel.”

Robert Finley is a 65 year old blind Vietnam veteran who is singing an original song.

Judges Comments: Howie: “You moved us off our seats and you are authentic.” Gabrielle: “You came to go the finals, you put everyone on notice.” Dwayne: “Can we adopt you? Thank you for showing us not to give up on our dreams.” Simon: “I once left this show because people over 29 could not audition. I wish I could be as cool as you.”

Duo Fusion are a husband and wife team from Orlando, Florida. They are a balance act with a lot of strength.

Judges Comments: Gabrielle: “Just so know when we get home we are trying everything at home.” Julianne: “I have never seen anything like that before.”

Valerie Sassyfras is 66 years old, a comedy act. She is adding more energy and brought two backup dancers. Howie hits his buzzer, so does Howie. Simon hits Julianne’s buzzer.

Judges Comments: Gabrielle: “You had me at I’m horny and I’m lazy let’s get crazy, we are going to fight for you.” Dwayne: “I think that you are my wife’s spirit, you are like my wife.” Simon: “I thought your first audition was better. This one looked more energetic.” Howie: “It looks like you took an uber share and your two backup dancers are like, where are we.”

Ryan Niemiller is a comedian born without his hands.

Judges Comments: Dwayne: “You are one of a kind, I could listen to you all day.” Simon: “From the moment you walked up, it looked like you were having the time of your life.”

The judges have made their final decisions:

Going through: Dom Chambers, GForce, Robert Finley, Bir Khalsa, Ryan Niemiller and Alex Dowis.

Eliminated: Valerie Sassyfras, Adaline Bates, Olivia Calderon, Michael Paul, ADEM Crew, Izzy and Easton, Verba Shadow, Lamont Landers, Duo Fusion, GInzilla, Mat Ricardo, V. Unbeatable.