Animal Kingdom Recap 07/16/19: Season 4 Episode 8 “Ambo”

Animal Kingdom Recap 07/16/19: Season 4 Episode 8 "Ambo"

Tonight on TNT Animal Kingdom returns with an all-new Tuesday, July 16, 2019 episode and we have your Animal Kingdom recap below. On tonight’s Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 8 as per the TNT synopsis, “The Codys head out for a big job, even though Smurf is nowhere to be found; all eyes are on J as he assumes a leadership position in a risky heist.”

Tonight’s episode of Animal Kingdom looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live Animal Kingdom recap at 9:00 PM ET! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of season 4 of Animal Kingdom.

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Animal Kingdom begins tonight with Adrian (Spencer Treat Clark) giving Deran Cody (Jake Weary) all the information he knows on the Agent who is trying to get him to snitch on the Codys. Adrian admits he doesn’t know anything about him, but Deran admits that he knows where he lives and Adrian needs to do some stuff he is uncomfortable with if he wants to get out of the legal mess he is in. Deran reminds him that the cops will say anything to manipulate him and it is perfectly legal for the police to lie to him; including blaming the Codys for killing Fox. Deran confesses that he would never kill anyone and they simply need to find out what kind of scumbag this cop is.

J Cody (Finn Cole) tracks Janine “Smurf” Cody’s (Ellen Barkin) car to the airport, but she is nowhere in sight. Meanwhile, Andrew “Pope” Cody (Shawn Hatosy) is searching the house for something when Angela (Emily Deschanel) shows him some video cassettes she found, suggesting they can act like they were 15 again. Angela informs Pope that Smurf left yesterday; Pope advises her to go out for a while but doesn’t know when he will be back. Angela says she knows what his family does and she is cool with it; offering to find a VCR so they can watch movies.

Deran meets with Craig Cody (Ben Robson) who reveals he found Brent rummaging through his garbage the other day; pulling a prank on him putting a rat’s trap in the garbage and causing Brent to break his finger or more. Deran asks how Renn Randall (Christina Ochoa) is doing, talking briefly about becoming parents. An ambulance arrives and Deran hops in it telling his brother he will meet him back at the shop.

A young Smurf (Leila George) works with her crew trying to find medicine for the sick kid. She is angry, saying they are wasting their time as they will not find one red cent in the house. She goes outside for a smoke, where she finds a few children playing, asking if one of them could tell her where Phoenix is, as it looks like they moved. She is quickly told that he is at his grandmother’s and she asks where that is.

All the Cody boys are at home, wondering where Smurf is; finding it odd until Deran reminds them that Smurf has done this before, running off just before a job with Pope’s karate instructor. J reviews everything with them what is going to happen at the venue. J wants Craig to be sure about what they are doing so there are no mistakes. Craig reminds them that everything is not good because they don’t know who is going to make the pie as it means something because it is made when the job is done and everyone made it home safely. Pope assures him he will stop at the store and pick up a pie for them.

Deran drives the ambulance to the venue, where he shows security their passes and informs him that he knows where he is supposed to park and takes the vehicle into the underground parking garage. He parks beside the tour buses as J walks with Olivia (Kelli Berglund) as her mother reviews the timing for the acts on the stage. J finds out there is a special forces guy working on security who also makes sure all the roadies do their thing. Deran gets the message and him, Craig and Pope unload the ambulance. J goes to talk to the Guard, distracting him from what is really going on.

Pope and Deran load the stretcher onto the equipment truck and begin to grab the soundboards; Craig, in the meantime, walks in on the party happening backstage while the others work on stealing all the equipment. Craig hooks up the nitrous oxide to the air vents as J continues to question the guard. Olivia joins them while he babbles about his first day in the Corps.

Deran and Pope hide as two roadies check the truck, feeling certain the equipment is all there, they lock up the padlock. Craig bangs on the door of the tour bus where everyone is passed out from the gas and robs them of all their jewelry. Deran and Pope return to the rig, where they lift the music equipment into the rig. Olivia’s momager gets a call that everyone is passed out on the bus and security rushes to their aid. J messages Deran, who tells Pope they need to get out of there, Craig hops in the back just as they are leaving; security shooshes them through and Deran tells security even though they are on lockdown, they have an overdose in the back and are released.

All of them are celebrating their score when a huge truck hits them from the side; they offload the goods and Mia’s (Sohvi Rodriguez) boyfriend points a gun at Pope and tells him to say “hi” to his nephew. They take off, leaving the Cody brothers injured in the crashed ambulance.

Deran and Craig stagger out of the rig, finding Pope who tells them to get the boards out of there before the police arrive. A man stops to check on them when Craig grabs him and forces him into the ambulance, so they can use his truck to transport the stolen goods; sirens sound and they rush off after they pour gasoline all over the ambulance.

Back in time, Manny (Rigo Sanchez) and Lou (Lucca De Oliveira) try to decide what they should do about Smurf and a physical fight ensues when they blame each other for bringing Smurf with them. Smurf tells them that she told them this would happen and her plan is to get drunk, saying she will see the boys back at the motel.

Deran, Pope, and Craig take care of their wounds at Deran’s bar; all realizing this is Raul and Frankie, who are probably pissed off at what they did to Raul. Pope believes they knew what they were up to, but Craig feels they need to tell Smurf, Pope disagrees. J finally arrives, learning the cash and jewelry are gone and two of the soundboards are damaged. J is furious about what transpired, saying if anyone needs to go to a hospital, they need to go to Mexico. They are advised to lay low for now as the Feds will be all over it. J learns what Pope was told and Pope reveals someone has been watching them and they both know who it is.

Pam walks into her mother’s house and finds a young Smurf there with a gun pointed at her. Mia is busy celebrating over the money and jewels they just scored. She reminds him they need to keep this on the low and shouldn’t be taking pictures. He calls her over to his lap and places a gorgeous chain around her neck, saying it looks good on her and the two begin to make out. J drives over to the mechanic shop, and after exchanging words with one of the guys, he is escorted inside.

Janine/Smurf sits down on the couch, asking Pam where her money is; saying it was her job and she doesn’t care what Jake (Joe Beavers) says. Smurf learns she didn’t sell the van as she wanted to keep it. Pam reminds her that the guys will never let her be one of them, but Smurf doesn’t want to be one of them, as she suggests Smurf sticks around and works with her. Smurf says she doesn’t like kids, but Pam questions her about the baby in her belly and wants to know if she is going to tell Colin (Grant Harvey) about it. She offers to give Smurf half of the money as long as she tells the guys she didn’t find them. Smurf wants the van too, which she agrees so Smurf won’t reveal her location. Pam tells her that kids are great, asking Smurf if she has anyone to love her as a child would. Smurf says that kids only slow them down, and has no idea what she would do with a baby. Pam tells her it isn’t that hard, she just needs to start thinking bigger; agreeing to get her money.

Pope comes home and Angela orders him to sit down, realizing how injured he is. Angela begins to remove the shards of glass in his belly, really take care of him. Craig and Deran take the truck to a shipping yard, placing a board on the gas pedal and releasing it to ram into a massive shipping bin; together they limp, saying they need to get a new van.

Mia and Raul arrive at the shop where they are ordered to answer questions about pulling a job; something they both deny but when they walk into the shop they find J. He spots the necklace on Raul’s neck and instantly shoots him; killing him. He turns to Mia, demanding her to tell him about the rest of the shit is in the truck. He lectures Mia about being with someone like Raul and tells J that she is his problem now.

J picks up the gun and faces Mia, who says she can do the dirty work for him, and they can be whatever they want as they are the same and understand each other. Raul’s bits of brain on the ground doesn’t bother her. She confesses that she is the one who killed Baz (Scott Speedman) under Pete’s orders. J looks at her stone-cold, saying he can’t trust Pete because the family doesn’t do that to family. J says maybe that’s true but the Codys are the only family he’s got. A gunshot goes off and you can hear the body fall!

Craig looks at the baby crib, calling Renn but doesn’t leave a message. He stands in the dark kitchen while Deran is at home with Adrain. Adrain updates him on everything Detective Andre (James Remar) did; admitting there was a kid’s seat in the back of his car.

Angela found a VCR in the closet, but can’t get the clock to stop blinking. She sits next to Pope, checking the wounds on his head; Pope lays his head down on Angela’s lap, quickly glancing at her before he takes her hand into his.

A young Smurf drives the van back to the motel where the guys are waiting; all of them shocked that she pulled it off. Colin demands to know where she was, she tells him that she found the van on the side of the road with the keys still in it. It looks like she probably panicked and ran. Manny says they are leaving town tomorrow, but she says they have to get her the money back that Pam stole from the next job. She grabs Colin’s hand and leads him up to the hotel room; in the bathroom, she hands him money as he says he will not tell anyone else.

Pete didn’t believe J had it in him and brings him to the front of the shop where the truck is. J offers 5 grand for Pete to take care of the bodies, but he will take care of the gun. J informs him that Smurf is dying from cancer and doesn’t have long; informing Pete that he will be dealing with J from now on and his uncles will know that too. J takes the bag of money and jewelry, returns to his own truck with the gun; he quickly changes his shirt, wiping the blood off his face and body. Takes a moment to catch his breath, before getting a solemn face to drive.