Bachelor in Paradise Recap 08/13/19: Season 6 Episode 4

Bachelor in Paradise Recap 08/13/19: Season 6 Episode 4

Tonight on ABC after weeks of drama, romance & more Bachelor in Paradise airs an all-new Tuesday, August 13, 2019, episode and we have your Bachelor in Paradise recap below.  On tonight Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 Episode 4 as per the ABC synopsis, “Hannah G shares a revelation that may topple her relationship with one of her suitors. Demi finds it challenging to move forward with Derek.

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of the Bachelor in Paradise and because it is a new episode you just know there is going to be lots of drama, heartbreak & tears. So bookmark this spot and come back tonight at 8 PM – 10 PM for our Bachelor in Paradise recap. While you wait for the recap, make sure to check out all our Bachelor of Paradise, news, spoilers, recap & so much more!

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Hannah wasn’t innocent in all of this. She knew what she was doing when she was flirting with Dylan and making out with Blake. Hannah was leading both of these men on, but at least with Blake, it was understandable. He was the lothario of this season. He tried to hook up with as many women as humanly possible and so screwing him over is fine. It was when she did it to Dylan was when everyone took exception. Dylan was a nice guy and he wasn’t interested in anyone else. He even told people that he would turn down a date if he was asked. And that’s how committed he was to Hannah.

It was the Hannah that was the problem. She’s been speaking to Blake from before they came on the show and so it’s not like she didn’t know she was interested in him. If she hadn’t been, she wouldn’t have sought him out in paradise and she wouldn’t make out with him in full view of everyone on the beach. Which, sadly. included Dylan. Dylan didn’t need to get his heart broken by someone that’s been stringing him along and so that what’s turned most of the women off of Hannah. They saw her hurt a good guy when she didn’t have to. She could have told Dylan that she wasn’t interested in him and he could possibly have opened the door for someone else.

It would’ve also saved Dylan from pinning after a woman that clearly doesn’t respect him. He was left hell-a confused that next morning and he didn’t know that the rest of the cast were talking about. It seems everyone thought Dylan and Hannah would be it, but if they weren’t a set, then the next best thing was Derek and Demi. The same Demi already in a relationship with someone else. She was dating a woman back home and she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about her girlfriend even as she was kissing Derek. There was no about Derek’s interest in her. He pursued her from that first day and she seemed to be interesting in him.

Meaning the only thing holding them back is her relationship with this third person. Demi talked about it with Katie and she told her friend how afraid she was about being judged, which luckily didn’t have to worry about Katie. Katie was very understanding of Demi having feelings for two people. It didn’t matter to Katie what sex they were and so she was a great person to be there for Demi. Demi felt better having discussed. She seems to have come to a decision and of course right before she could talk to Derek – he talked to Dylan. Dylan, who has got the full story from Hannah, was naturally upset.

Dylan found out that Blake had gone to see Hannah. Hannah said all they did was a kiss, but they could explain why Blake was so deadest on pursuing her now. He’s made it clear that he loses interest in women once he’s slept with them and so truth being out there now did not help either Blake or Hannah’s case. It actually just made Tayshia angrier. She felt like Hannah should have said something when Blake asked Tayshia out and the fact she didn’t just proved that Hannah was two-faced. She watches all the drama unfold around her like she’s not involved when she is. She should have said something and anything less than the truth were mere excuses.

Tayshia confronted Hannah. She wanted to know why out of everyone that Hannah didn’t say a word about this situation and she even explained how she didn’t think Hannah would do that to her after the Colton thing. Tayhia put her guard up afterward because she hadn’t wanted to get hurt. Then she tried to be open in paradise and this happens. Tayhia wanted to be open to love and so Hannah should’ve known better. Hannah walked away from the encounter feeling attacked. So you know Tayshia must have been doing it right and so now Tayshia can move on. She was still looking for love and luckily a new guy came to the beach.

Dean was back. He’s been through it all before last season and this season he grew a mustache to show his newfound maturity. He didn’t have a job but sure he was mature now. He came with a date card and it wasn’t long before he began talking to a few of the women. He practically flirted with all of them. He was going to flirt with Caelynn as well when he noticed she was crying and tried to be there for her. They talked if not about what was upsetting her. And he ended up asking out on a date because he was interested in her and she accepted because she found him hot, so that makes a good three people that like Caelynn.

Mike had literally asked her out the other day. They seemed to hit it off back then and so it was a surprise when she accepted Dean’s date. It had blindsided Mike. He now realizes that he should still be looking and he has one thing going in his favor. He wasn’t poor Cam. No one noticed Cam and this was the case even if he was standing in a group with them. He was with Kristina and Jordan when Kristina called them a twosome. She completely overlooked him and the rest of the women were doing the same. The women were always interested in the next guy coming to the beach that didn’t focus on the guys there.

They even coined the phrase “ABC” to mean “anyone but Cam”. Cam was just that guy that walks to the beach by himself and his way of doing it looked much worse than when someone like Clay does it. Clay didn’t seem to worry about Nicole. She went out with one other guy and that had been it. Then Christian came. Christian left on the first night with his season and so he tried to make a name for himself at the tell-all when he came for Jordan. Jordan never forgot when he did that. He said that Christian has a bad attitude and he didn’t think he was here for the right reasons. Only Christian is here now.

And he went straight for Nicole. Nicole told Clay that she worked whatever it is out her system with Jordan and not that surprisingly she lied. She quickly agreed to that date with Christian. They didn’t even wait around to walk off together and, frankly, the chemistry between them was palpable. Like they were soon making out because they were that interested in each other. They didn’t even want to pull apart when they went back to the beach and that’s when Christian decided to be a jerk. He rubbed his date in Jordan’s face. He must have thought that Jordan was interested in her and he really wasn’t.

Jordan moved on a while ago. So if Christian thought he was hurting Jordan by asking out Nicole, he wasn’t and unfortunately he was also manipulating Nicole. Nicole was over Clay because she found him to be too passive. She wanted someone more assertive and she thought she was going to get that with Christian. Christian “the jerk” however was doing his own thing and he didn’t care who he hurt because he was just another Blake. He also didn’t leave Nicole alone with Clay. Christian walked over to where they were seated and he was completely unnecessary. He tried to pull Nicole away and he got confrontational out of nowhere.

Clay didn’t even get up. He had this man hovering over him and trying to act smug as he pulls Nicole away, but to stay seated was to look weak. Nicole had to send Christian away herself. She later confronted Clay about how he should have been more assertive and Clay said he had nothing to prove. Which is true. He was going to let his relationship with Nicole to change who he is nor should he. He was a good guy and its okay if he wants to continue being a good guy.

There were several men on the beach that were feeling the pressure. They had to make some kind of connection with a woman in order to stay and it couldn’t be forced. They couldn’t romanticize a woman just for a rose. JPJ was interested in Tayshia and she seems to be interested in him. JPJ also wrote her a poem. He forgot some parts of it, so she really kissed him because of the sentiment behind the words and now they were a couple in paradise.

Tayshia’s choice was easy now, but Nicole was still struggling. She couldn’t decided between the bad boy or the kind-hearted guy and so they helped her decision along.

Christian told Nicole he had a surprise for her and it wasn’t until they were alone together that Clay intervened.

Clay thought it was only fair to do the same thing to Christian as Christian did to him, but Nicole shut him down and then he walked away because he was too much of a gentleman.

And Jordan felt like he had to back his boy, so he went over there, and he got into a fight with Christian.