Bachelor in Paradise Recap 08/27/19: Season 6 Episode 8

Tonight on ABC after weeks of drama, romance & more Bachelor in Paradise airs an all-new Wednesday, August 27, 2019, episode and we have your Bachelor in Paradise recap below.  On tonight Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 Episode 8 as per the ABC synopsis, “Emotions are running high between the men and women in Paradise. Everyone seems upset until a surprise package arrives with an invitation to the wedding of Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson, who got engaged at the end of last season.

All the new couples take hope that this could possibly be them in the future. However, Clay, a good friend of the happy couple, must face his ex-girlfriend Angela, who is a bridesmaid, for the first time since their breakup.”

We will be blogging tonight’s episode of the Bachelor in Paradise and because it is a new episode you just know there is going to be lots of drama, heartbreak & tears. So bookmark this spot and come back tonight at 8 PM – 10 PM for our Bachelor in Paradise recap. While you wait for the recap, make sure to check out all our Bachelor of Paradise, news, spoilers, recap & so much more!

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The last episode ended with Dean realizing that by giving Caelynn a rose he gave her the impression that he might be exclusive with her. When Dean takes her to the side, the look of horror on Caelynn’s face is priceless. Even though it’s her birthday, there is no way Dean is going to continue allowing her to think he is exclusive when there are other new women heading to paradise who he could have a potential fling with. Dean officially dumps her.

Jean-Paul Jones has a breakdown, he has been looking for his wife since he was 18 and this experience is just too much for him. Blake tries to calm him down. Tayshia has everything he is looking for and he lost her, he just can’t pretend that he is not into her. Blake tells him to let him out, its good for him and he will come out of this so much stronger.

Tayshia finds a pretty box, wrapped with a flower on top. Clay is hoping it is something happy, and not something dramatic. Tayshia opens it and it is a wedding invitation to Crystal and Chris’ wedding. Everyone is so happy to be able to go to the wedding, but Clay is worried that he will see Angela again, he hasn’t seen her since they broke up and Chris was the one who introduced them.

Everyone is at the wedding and enjoying themselves, but Caelynn is upset about what Dean did to her until Connor walks in and her whole attitude changes.

Meanwhile, Jean-Paul Jones cannot stop talking about his feelings for Tayshia. Jean-Paul Jones is sitting down and looking over at Derek with Tayshia. Jean-Paul Jones goes to sit beside her and she admits that she has a connection with him and Derek, but she needs to figure it out.

Chris H. is officiating the wedding. Crystal is beautiful, Chris handsome and whispers he loves her when she steps up to the alter. They both write their own vows. Each of them went on a beautiful transformation during their journey on Paradise Island, and now they are husband and wife.

Love is in the air, a lot of the couples are thinking, this could be them.

Tayshia is a little conflicted, Derek is old and has the experience, Jean-Paul Jones is younger. At this point, she is not taking advantage of anything.

Jean-Paul Jones goes to speak to Katie and tells her that Derek is full of crap, he is just looking for fame and he thinks that he is taking advantage of Tayshia. He goes on to speak to Demi and tells her that Derek is a fraud. Then he tells her he is going to speak to Derek and ask what his intentions are.

Jean-Paul Jones takes Derek aside and asks what his intentions are with Tayshia; is it because of his podcast? Jean-Paul Jones doesn’t give Derek a chance to say anything, he says he is in it for fame, not for the women, all for the wrong reasons. Derek tells him that if he is not allowed to speak then he is not going to have this conversation. Meanwhile, Tayshia overhears everything and she is around the corner crying. Jean-Paul Jones tells Derek that his manipulating Tayshia makes him sick. The bride and groom call everyone over.

The bride and groom thank everyone from paradise for being there and a part of their wedding. Chris announces that there is a special table and certain people are invited; Hannah, Dylan, Caelynn, Blake, Mike, Kristina, Tayshia and Clay. Everyone looks confused, most were not included. Nicole is upset, Angela and Clay will both be at the after-party, but she won’t be and she is so worried that Angela will try to take him back.

Back at paradise, everyone heads to the bar and talk about the wedding. Demi thinks it is really suspicious that Clay was invited to the after-party and Nicole was not.

At the wedding, Angela makes a toast. Then, it is time for the first dance for the husband and wife. Blake loved seeing them together, and there are so many smiles in the room. Blake is stag at the wedding, and it just sucks. He feels like everyone is judging him. He feels like a dead man walking. He really thought paradise was going to be different and is finding it really hard.

Caelynn tells Analyse what happened with Dean. She asks if she is into anyone here at the wedding and Caelynn says maybe Connor, but she is still coping with Dean. Connor asks Caelynn to sit down to talk and she tells him that she was dumped last night. He tells her that everything happens for a reason; he has been hurt before and everything leads him to the right person. Caelynn leans in for a kiss, he has changed her attitude and she is having a great time – although it sucks that they only have the evening together.

Analyse then goes to speak with Angela and tells her that Clay is probably dying inside right now. Angela finally approaches Clay and asks to speak to him. Tayshia watches on and can’t believe it. Clay tells Angela that it was tough knowing that she would be there today. He goes on to say that he cares about her a lot, she is special to him and he just wants her to be happy. Angela says it just doesn’t make sense why he is there, he decided to end things, she didn’t. He says he never meant to her, it didn’t mean to do that. He says that coming there was selfish and he is sorry. She reminds him that he said he needed to figure things out and be alone. Angela says all she ever wanted was for him to be happy.

Back at paradise Nicole confides in Derek that she is upset Clay is with his ex Angela.

Demi asks Jean Paul Jones if he wants to talk about what happened with Derek, he says no. Meanwhile, Derek tells Wells what happened at the wedding; and he is ready to move on and past it. Just then, Jean Paul Jones shows up at the bar and tells Wells that he took the trash out and nothing he said at the wedding was not factual. Derek tells him it is not fair for him to say the things he does in front of everyone. Jean Paul Jones tells him that he is just there to increase the viewers on his podcast. Derek claims that he didn’t know that Jean Paul Jones was into Tayshia. Jean Paul jones says again to Derek, not to insult his intelligence and not to approach him anymore to speak to him.

The next morning, Caelynn is struggling with Dean; she did kiss Connor, but he is not there and she can’t get her hopes up. All of a sudden there is a new man in paradise, it is Connor and he has a date card. Caelynn couldn’t be happier; but Kristina has already got her sights on him. The wedding was a whirlwind for Connor, he asks to speak to Caelynn. He tells her that he went to bed smiling, she says she did as well. Connor then takes Kristina for a talk, asks her if she had fun the night before. Haley thinks if Connor asks Kristina on the date first, Caelynn is going to be miserable. In the end, Connor asks Caelynn to go on the date with him. Everyone is so happy for Caelynn after what Dean did to her. Meanwhile, Kristina has it in her head that Caelynn is purposely going after the guys that she is interested in.

Caeylynn and Connor are on their date, they have to pain each other’s bodies and roll around on a canvas. The two get washed up and enjoy a drink together.

Mike and Clay are talking, Clay tells him that he feels better because Angela is still very bitter about things. Clay said the relationship was going well and he thinks she was blindsided when he broke up with her.

Week 4 in paradise and Kristina has no clue who she is going to give her rose to. Demi tells her the problem is that she is completely out of these guy’s league.

Clay and Nicole take a walk on the beach and stop to talk. He tells her that Angela was there last night, they had a talk, it didn’t go as good as he had hoped. He says that Angela felt that he led her on in the relationship. He told her that he was seeing someone and doesn’t her to worry about it, he is going to sort things out. He says he still cares about her.

Tayshia is really worried about Nicole, she thinks that Nicole is in love with Clay. All of sudden, someone walks into paradise, it is Angela.