Big Brother 21 Recap 08/01/19: Season 21 Episode 17 “Live Eviction and HoH”

Big Brother 21 Recap 08/01/19: Season 21 Episode 17 "Live Eviction and HoH"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 21 airs with an all-new Thursday, August 1, 2019, episode and we have your Big Brother 21 recap below! On tonight’s Big Brother season 21 episode 17 as per the CBS synopsis, “Tonight on BB21 we have a live eviction and either Sam or Kathryn is going home.  Once the eviction is over we will have the HoH competition.”

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It’s anyone’s guess who will be going home tonight, Kay or Sam. Nick is afraid that Sam is going to go home because the six have the majority. Kat things this move, offering to go on the block, is going to propel her in the game. Sam is campaigning hard, he starts with Sis; she says guilty by association got him on the block and if there was any way she could save him, she would.

Tommy is annoyed that his is pink, his skin is burning and itchy, he is over it. The poison ivy is cured, they two can shower and go outside; they are so thankful and head right to the outdoor shower.

Kat sits down with Holly, she needs to continue to plant seeds. She tells her that Christie and Tommy said last week that they were not going to the final six with couples. They are already plotting their next move. Christie already had her suspicions and plans on keeping her eye on Christie.

Holly doesn’t like that Christie feels like she is in control of the house. Christie is talking to Cliff, he says he knows she and Tommy are strong, but they are going to have to win some competitions and he hopes they know he is on board with them. Christie starts talking about the couples and says she doesn’t want to be in the final six with them. Christie thinks the couples are ticking time bomb and she needs to build an army to pick them apart. Holly tells Jackson that Christie doesn’t want to go far with couples.

She says it weirds her out that Christie is so cold. Jackson keeps hearing things about Christie, if he wins HOH, it just might be a good opportunity to take her out. Sam goes to see Jackson, he tells him that when Cliff was HOH he wanted to put up the Jacks and she was 100% on board. This just confirms all the doubts that Jackson was having about Christie. Sam asks Jackson wouldn’t it be beneficial to keep him in the game so he can align with them. They fist pump and make a deal.

Jackson then tells Holly everything; she still doesn’t want Kat to go home. Little does Jackson know that Holly has an alliance with Kat. Holly listened to Christie and put up Kat, she should have listened to her gut and put up Nicole.

Jackson goes to see Jack and tells him everything. Jack asks Jackson, if Christie gets HOH does he think she will put him up. Jackson says yes and she is forming people to do her dirty work. Jack thinks keeping Sam will kind of form a new alliance outside the six shooters.

Time for the live vote. Christie is up first, she votes to evict Sam, Nicole for Sam, Jackson for Sam, Jack for Sam, Nick for Sam, Sis for Sam, Jessica for Same, Cliff for Sam, and Tommy for Sam. Its official, all of the votes are in and everyone voted to evict Sam.

Sam sits in the hot seat with Julie, she tells him that this afternoon the house was going to turn on Kat and save him, then it switched again. Sam says he planted seeds since he was going out anyway. Julie asks how things flipped, he doesn’t know, maybe Kat cried more than him. Julie says they did see him cry in the diary room. Cliff says you feel all alone, and you miss your family so much. Julie asks him if the alliance of six will survive the night, he says no way. Sam thinks Jack will go after Jackson.

Time for America’s vote, for the next eight days you’ll get to vote to send three house guests on a field trip, to take part in a special competition. Voting ends on Friday, August 9th. The winner of the completion will be safe from eviction that week, the second runner up will get a punishment and the house guest who finishes last will be put on the block as a third nominee.

Time for the HOH competition. Julie announces that next week, the person evicted will be the first jury member. The power is once again up for grabs. This competition is called Camp Expo. Throughout the yard are themed kiosks, which contain advertisements from many different camps. They will be given a set amount of time to study those advertisements. Then they will head to their booths and asked a series of yes or no questions about what they saw. The last houseguest standing will be the new HOH.