Blue Bloods Recap 01/11/19: Season 9 Episode 12 “Milestones”

Blue Bloods Recap 01/11/19: Season 9 Episode 12 "Milestones"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, January 11, 2019, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 9 episode 12 “Milestones” as per the CBS synopsis, “A former officer waits on Frank at a restaurant, causing him to feel guilty about the circumstances surrounding why she was fired, and he tries to reinstate her.

Also, Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a star college basketball player linked to sports betting, Erin seeks justice in an apparent DUI, and Jamie and Eddie pick a wedding venue.

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with Abigail (Abigail Hawk) trying to find NYPD Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) in the offices but he is nowhere to be found. Garrett (Gregory Jbara) asks to see him as soon as he comes back; but as they talk, Abigail learns Frank ditched his detail. Erin (Bridget Moynahan) is busy in court when her victim’s mother wants to read an impact statement; who reveals her 4-year-old son was killed by Samantha Wright (Allison Winn) a reckless, partying teenager who drove. Erin asks for the maximum crime for what she has done, but both counsels are brought to the bench where Wright’s counsel (Julee Cerda) presents them a psych evaluation on her client. Judge calls a recess.

Danny (Donnie Walhberg) and Baez (Marisa Ramirez) greet Officer Walsh (Jeff Adler) at their crime scene of murder victim Wayne Brown who was found by the janitor when he was attacked; it looks like it was someone he knew. Walsh says he is a big fan of the team, revealing the team was set for the playoffs under the leadership of team captain Joshua Taylor (Jordan Donica).

Officer Long (Shaun O’Hagan) is not happy that he is driving with Jamie (Will Estes), saying he had an understanding with the former Sgt to ride it out on the desk; they receive a call of a disturbance and Jamie tells him to light it up. An officer is knocked down and Jamie tells Long to apprehend him, but he doesn’t and the man produces a knife. Jamie draws his gun and is able to arrest him, furious that Long did nothing.

Frank arrives at a restaurant where he says he doesn’t need a menu as he would like to talk to his waitress. She says it will never be a good time for him to talk to her, but she takes his order.

Back in the college locker room, Danny and Baez talk to Josh Taylor who believes Wayne got himself killed. He says Wayne messed around with a gang in the Bronx but now believes he might have been wrong and Wayne was still messed up in it.

Franks greets Abigail and Jimmy, asking her to join him in his PC office where Garrett and Sid (Robert Clohessy) are waiting. He reveals he went to a cafe where Officer Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten) is now a waitress. Sid and Garrett feel it was good she landed on her feet, but Frank feels he gave into the static as she was a good cop who made a good stop and wants her reinstated immediately. He feels it was his mistake and hopes she will give him a second chance, not caring how easy or hard it will be.

Erin doesn’t want to talk to Andrea Wright (Paula Jon DeRose), who is insistent that her daughter was struggling; initially thinking it was growing pains. She feels it was her fault as Samantha was self-medicating; she didn’t even party, she took the drugs alone in the car. Sam is so ashamed as she feels she is only a guilty murderer, but Andrea begs her to consider the evaluation before deciding her punishment.

Jamie and Long grab a coffee and walk through the rain as Long tells him not to blow his money on the wedding; but rather buy a house. Long doesn’t regret his wedding, as he did a small brunch and took plenty of photos. Long admits that Jamie isn’t as bad as they are saying he is.

Danny and Baez show a couple gang members a photo and they readily admit they know Wayne Brown, but there is nothing wrong with hanging out; Danny reminds them that dealing is a crime. They laugh and say they protect their own in the South Bronx and they would never allow for Brown to be caught out in the streets; both get really serious when Danny informs them that Wayne Brown is dead.

Erin shares the paperwork with Anthony (Steven R. Schirripa), revealing she knows and trusts the psychiatrist. Erin says she is considering the analysis as it changes everything, but Anthony feels she was still doing drugs. Erin also explains that up until a few months ago, Samantha would have had to turn to her parents for medication but now look what happened. Erin says she either sentences a young woman to nearly a decade in prison with no help or gets her the help she needs and recommends probation; Anthony strongly disagrees.

Frank returns to the cafe, telling Rachel he is torn between the humble pie and crow work. He reveals he is offering her the job back and made a big mistake firing her. She tells him this sounds like he is only doing this to make things right for him. She admits she made a mistake and regretted it immediately and until this day with Frank saying he did the same thing and it has taken him way too long to make amends. She reveals if she makes a mistake there, coffee gets spilled or a plate gets broken, and she is good with that!

Eddie (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie go to visit a location for their reception but he is agreeing with everything she is saying. She wants this to be his wedding too but he suggests they get married at the courthouse, have brunch at his dad’s and use the money to buy a house. He says nothing has gotten into him but feels it is a waste for spending tens of thousands of dollars on one day; she storms off, thanking him for finally telling her the truth.

Danny interrogates Josh, revealing that he knows Wayne took his spot on the rotation and that had to have hurt a little bit. Josh admits it wasn’t great but it has nothing to do with this, wondering how Danny would think he is so jealous that he would kill Wayne, saying he wouldn’t do something so petty. Josh insists he has no record, but Danny reminds him that is “yet!” Officer Walsh is tracking the case feeling it is insane that they would think Josh would kill Wayne and says if anyone knows this team it is him, but Danny tells him to do his job.

Erin brings in Maureen (Andrea Syglowski) to talk about Samantha’s new evidence, which begs the question on whether Sam was partying or self-medicating for mental health reasons. Maureen feels it is still murder but Eric says it is technically manslaughter. Erin says that Sam is still pleading guilty but the sentence could be just probation, causing Maureen to get upset that someone who would commit such a heinous crime could have such a small punishment. Maureen hopes Erin will represent the person who has lost the most and what more is there to lose than your life?

During family dinner, everyone eats in silence as Nicky (Sami Gayle) wants to know if anyone made a new years resolution. Pops (Len Cariou) says he gives up something at Lent as Danny jokes that God keeps little notes like him giving up bacon for 40 days. Frank bugs him about giving up specific things. Eddie says she made a resolution to prevent these dinners from becoming some cable news talk show; saying that everyone is always trying to prove each other wrong. Jamie defends the family, saying Eddie is wrong. Frank says he made two resolutions – to admit when he is right and then to move quickly and efficiently when he is wrong. Eddie mocks Jamie, saying she likes Frank and hopes he turns out like him.

Danny shows Baez a newspaper headline about gambling and how everything went down when Josh blew the biggest game of the year. Josh who always scores a lot of points every game, didn’t get a single point that game. A lot of people bet on the game as Baez questions whether Josh Taylor was convinced by some bookie to lose the game. Danny is certain the one thing he knows about bookies is they never go down without a fight and they go to take a ride.

Sgt Scott Witten (Mitch Poulos) meets with Frank, as they both talk about mistakes they have made but he feels Rachel got painted as a pariah and then got fired, which was the icing on the cake. He tells Frank that Rachel was shattered when he let her go, all her pride and place in this world was gone. He apologizes to Scott, but doesn’t think him being sorry will get his daughter back on the force. They discuss how Rachel is taking classes for a job in law enforcement that will never exist.

Jamie talks to Long about his issues with Eddie, learning that Long and his wife are living with his mother at her house. Once again, they are called to the same location, but this time someone was stabbed; Long doesn’t want to respond but Jamie says they are taking it. The ambulance is 15 minutes away and Jamie says they don’t have time at the hospital is 2 blocks away, but Long fears a lawsuit. Jamie gives him an order as his boss but he keeps shouting at Jamie that it is too risky so Jamie leaves Long behind.

Danny and Baez return to the gym where he confronts Josh about how a lot of people lost money when they started losing games. Josh denies throwing the game as Danny suggests a conspiracy is a lot less of a crime than murder, demanding he starts telling the truth. Josh says the school and bookies are making a profit off of them while his family lives in poverty, but he didn’t kill Wayne. He explains how he begged Wayne to get on board with the dealings. He is worried about his shot at going pro but Danny tells him he has a good chance of going to prison if he doesn’t help them find this Robbie (Ted Arcidi).

Back in court, Sam admits guilt but asks for a lighter sentence due to her medical situation; Erin believes her mental state played a role in what happened and it should also do that in sentencing. She recommends the minimum sentence of treatment program and probation. The judge apologizes to Maureen but will go along with Erin’s recommendation; once sentenced Maureen is out of control saying Sam killed her baby!

Danny and Baez arrive at Robbie’s house where Walsh has his gun pointing at Robbie. Walsh says Robbie ruined the game as he knew the team like the back of his hand. He stole every dime Walsh had and destroyed his favorite team. Baez and Danny order Walsh to put down the gun as he will leave by cuffs or body bag at this point. Baez arrests Walsh, while Danny arrests Robbie telling him gambling on college basketball and then having the hold out murdered is illegal.

Frank sits with Rachel revealing that her dad knew he was coming to meet her. Frank promises this is the last time he will come looking for her as he is trying to make amends, but he is trying to get her back on the job. She encourages him to stop beating himself up as once he leaves he has done everything he could, wondering if she has done the same. She denies thinking it, but Frank calls her on it. He says there is always a risk but that is the price to pay for the opportunity and makes things worth doing. He says he can promise her that this PC will personally have her back as he owes her personally.

Eddie and Jamie finish having dinner and she says they made the right call. Jamie brings her into an empty restaurant as she asks if anyone works there. Jamie says he loves that she is not afraid, takes risks and leads with her whole heart; challenging him to do the same. She won’t take credit for him taking the Sgt exam, but he insists that she makes him better. He is sorry for not coming to her sooner but he will always be the guy who is worried about their bills and how to take care of their family 10 years from now. She says she can live with that if she has to. He says this place is a compromise and she tells him it is perfect as the two kiss in the middle of the room.

Erin and Anthony sit with Andrea as Maureen walks in and verbally assaults her. She admits she would give any limb to bring him back. She begs Maureen to blame her as she made terrible mistakes as a parent and couldn’t see what was going on with Sam. Maureen blames herself as she turned her back on her son, but everyone says she cannot think like that for a second. Maureen stops before she leaves, accepting Andrea’s apology, but this is not even remotely okay and cannot forgive her daughter.

Frank finds Officer Rachel Witten back on the job and stops his motorcade. She says she is liking the 2-9 as Sgt Reagan has been especially supportive. He is happy to see her back in uniform, telling her she wears it well as she is proud to wear it. He reminds her to watch herself as she continues on her beat.


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