Blue Bloods Recap 02/15/19: Season 9 Episode 15 “Blues”

Blue Bloods Recap 02/15/19: Season 9 Episode 15 "Blues"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, February 15, 2019, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 9 episode 14 “Blues” as per the CBS synopsis, “While off duty, Danny encounters a gas station robbery in progress and is forced to use his weapon, leaving him shaken and his family and co-workers concerned.

Also, Eddie apprehends a turnstile jumper who pleads for leniency by offering information on a missing weapon that’s vital to one of Erin’s cases, and Frank learns that a top officer in his department has a dark past.

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Blue Bloods begins with Sid (Robert Clohessy) signing his bill, but stopped from leaving the bar, saying it would be worth his time. Shortly thereafter, Sid arrives at Frank’s (Tom Selleck) place saying they have a problem with Inspector Clifford (Robert Wisdom). He tells Frank that Clifford robbed a liquor store, as Frank thinks it is a joke; the robbery happened when he was 15.

Eddie (Vanessa Ray) sits with her partner Maya (Yasha Jackson) in a cramped space, looking out on the subway platform. They catch Angela (Heather Velazquez) trying to catch a free ride on the train, also find a bag of weed on her; they arrest her as she says her father will kill her and willing to tell them something big in exchange for her to be let free.

Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) tells Sean (Andrew Terraciano) he is 5 minutes away, getting gas, but the cashier comes out, comes out telling Danny that a guy just tried to rob him. Danny orders him to drop the screwdriver when he lunges at Danny he uses his service weapon to shoot him. Baez (Marisa Ramirez) arrives, as it looks like a justified shooting, but Danny is edgy. She tells him to get home and get some sleep.

Danny walks in, calling his sister, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) who is waiting inside his house after Anthony (Stephen R. Schirripa) told her what happened. Erin reminds him that Sean may be a big boy but he is not 18; she is there to check on Danny. He insists he is not messed up as this isn’t his first rodeo. She knows but doesn’t think it is crazy that this time is a little different than the others because his boys already lost one parent; Danny cuts her off, saying he can do this wishing her “good night!” She isn’t leaving, telling Danny to pick up the phone when their dad calls.

Sid sits with Frank, explaining the situation with Clifford, when he was 15, to both Frank and Abigail (Abigail Hawk). He was involved in a gang, but mostly on the sidelines. Garrett (Gregory Jbara) says he must have gotten involved at some point because Captain Wainright (Fulvio Cecere) arrested him. Frank pipes up into the conversation, saying they shouldn’t think he isn’t there because of the elephant in the room. He knows Danny will be okay, but they continue on with the conversation, revealing Clifford did a complete 180. Frank wants them to stop asking him questions and give him some time to think about the Clifford situation.

Eddie walks into Jamie’s (Will Estes) office, saying they have a collar who flipped information. He gloats about proving her wrong, but she quickly admits he was right. They have someone who can give them the location of the gun used in the Morales shooting, which is Erin’s case. He says if she isn’t giving him the collar, she needs to call his sister.

Anthony spots Eddie walking towards Erin’s office, but he says her appointment is with him instead of Erin now. He tells her to keep her yap closed out in the field as he knows she got a tip on the gun. The trial starts in a couple days which means they have no time to blow this up. She quickly agrees to go with him.

Danny and Baez arrive at a homicide scene, where they are no signs of forced entry. Danny pauses as he sees the guy is only 22. He wants to notify next of kin, but Baez suggests she take over. He insists he is fine and goes to knock on Mrs. Williams (Jenny Bacon) door, she tells him where he can stick his apology as Danny says he shouldn’t have come. She tells him he ought to be ashamed of himself for putting two bullets in her son one day and then coming to her door the next.

Frank comes to the 21st Precinct where it looks like party central. Inspector Clifford greets him, as Frank asks him if he has a minute. Clifford tells him this is a celebration for Hector, who just got accepted to the school. He believes in celebrating what needs to be celebrated but wouldn’t have done it had he knew Frank was coming. He believes this is a good thing and stands by it; Frank agrees. Frank likes that the precinct is a house, and if enough people come in, it is considered a “home.”

Danny goes to see Mrs. Jassem (Zenzi Williams), suggesting she take a seat while he tells her that Reginald is dead. Meanwhile, Anthony confronts Angela, calling her a liar; saying the gun was not where she said it was stashed. The deal she made is null and void. He says he is going to call her daddy and gives Eddie a death glare when she tries to interfere. Angela gets Anthony’s word as she tells him she believes her cousin took the gun.

Baez runs into Danny, asking how it went telling the victim’s mother. He reveals the mother said the victim had an intense relationship with his girlfriend. There were text messages, where the girlfriend was rough on him and he looks through his notes finding her name is Rebecca. His notes are a disaster but he blames it on the mother being a mess.

Henry “Pops” (Lou Cariou) comes to see Danny, who says he isn’t an idiot and a jerk knowing that enough people say he is upset so he needs to consider it. Pops says he is not upside down, just a little sideways. He sees that Danny’s house is empty, but it is not just the house. Danny defends himself saying it hasn’t been two years, but Henry is more concerned about his future. Danny reminds him that he never saw his grandfather with another woman since his grandmother died over 20 years ago. Danny says it is the same thing with his father, who stays single since his mom died. Henry says they live with each other for the last 15 years; making Danny think.

Eddie and Anthony eat pizza, where he says if she puts pineapple on the pizza she is dead to him. Eddie is unclear on how Anthony does things, wondering what will happen if it turns out Angela wasn’t lying to them. He is 100% sure she is lying to him, making her want to know how he knew. He says “they always lie!”

Danny apologizes to Baez, saying he tied one on with his grandfather last night. Baez says there is no way the girlfriend did this, but they need to go back to the victim’s mother to get what he missed the first time. Just as they are leaving, Mrs. Williams arrives, causing Baez to go alone. She doesn’t have a lot to say to Danny, feeling he knows what he did was wrong as he took her son’s life and there is no way that is right. She insists he doesn’t know how she feels, as no one shot his kid dead and ripped his soul out. She spitefully says she will never forgive him, but she will give him this… She knows he has been carrying the weight of this and he knows she is speaking the truth as she can see it in his eyes. That meant something to her and for what that is worth, he can have that! Danny tears up after she leaves.

Anthony questions Bobby (Moises Acevedo), who keeps asking for a lawyer. He demands to know where the gun is as Eddie says she texted legal aid and he no longer needs to speak to them. She does want his parole officer’s name, questioning him if he has a unique parole agreement that allows him to be connected with known felons. He thinks this isn’t right, as she knew the guy he was talking to since she collared him earlier that year. He agrees to tell them where the hammer is. Anthony nods at Eddie.

In Frank’s office, they all debate on whether Clifford should stay or go. Wainright gave an ultimatum of either firing him, or he will reveal the story to the press on the news later that day. Frank decides not to call Wainright into the office because this is can they are not going to open because he has been looked over for promotion several times, including with Clifford. He has no idea what to do.

Danny watches Baez come out from her meeting with Mrs. Jassem. She doesn’t think there is a good vibe with the mother. Danny says when he met her, she walked with a limp but today she doesn’t have one. She comes into the Precinct, where they show her medical records of her having a wound that required 20 stitches and wants to know why she went out of town to get it fixed. Danny tells her that he knows it is no easy thing to take a life and it is something no one gets over; explaining exactly how he feels.

She breaks down, as Danny says she doesn’t have to say anything but if she does, she will feel better. He believes she never would have intentionally hurt her baby boy, wanting to help her. She takes a seat, ready to tell Danny and Baez what happened.

Eddie doesn’t seem happy, but Jamie says she found the gun and made an impossible case a slam dunk for Erin. He knows she will tell him when she is ready. Anthony brings a pineapple pizza for Eddie as Jamie leaves to prepare for roll call. Anthony knows that Eddie loves the results, but isn’t keen on how they got there. He tells her this is his way, she doesn’t have to as his way is not the only way. He encourages her to be a sponge and learn from everyone. She thanks him for the words and understanding.

Abigail brings in Inspector Clifford, as Frank tells him to take the Police Commissioner’s seat. Clifford says the chair is uncomfortable as Frank explains he is struggling with the knowledge of what is in the file in front of him. Frank tells Clifford to read it and decide what he would do as the PC. Clifford wants to explain, but Frank says no explanation, he needs to decide what is going to happen to him. He can’t plead the fifth nor pass the buck. Clifford admits that he should go, according to the file presented in front of him. At the end of the day, everything he has done shouldn’t matter as he is a felon and needs to go. Frank sighs deeply saying he doesn’t believe Clifford would make a good Commissioner after all, but a cop like that – he is keeping him!

At family dinner, Danny says Erin owes him twenty bucks as Frank didn’t call him. Erin is shocked that he didn’t but Pops says he is the patriarch and it was his job. Frank says one day they will learn when to cess out their children’s problems. Erin was 18 when she threatened him with a restraining order, where Jamie always made the knock feel welcome. Danny was 8 when he got suspended from school and when Frank asks him what happened. Danny tells him, “trust me, you don’t want to freaking know!” What 8 year old tells you that? Everyone laughs.


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