Blue Bloods Recap 03/15/19: Season 9 Episode 17 “Two-Faced”

Blue Bloods Recap 03/15/19: Season 9 Episode 17 "Two-Faced"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, March 15, 2019, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 9 episode 17 “Two-Faced” as per the CBS synopsis, “Lenny reveals to Frank that an upcoming exposé will air some of the NYPD’s dirty laundry. Also, Erin must decide how to charge a doctor whose experimental treatments led to the death of his terminally ill daughter.

Danny and Baez investigate the mysterious overdose of a promising artist, and Jamie follows a lead about a corrupt officer in his precinct.

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with Eddie Jankpo (Vanessa Ray) walking into the 29th Precinct, where she sees her partner Maya Thomas (Yasha Jackson) berating her younger brother about missing school. She says raising him has been a handful but worth it. Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) meets with Dr. Peterson, who admits he has no remorse for what he has done – giving his daughter drugs that killed her. He truly believed that he was the only one who had the chance to save Sarah and if she thinks he should go to jail for that; that is on Erin!

Eddie and Maya spot one of the worst drug dealers in the area, searching him and finding plenty of drugs on him. He says that he has some information on a dirty cop in their precinct; someone who is stealing money from crime scenes. Meanwhile, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) arrive at a murder scene, but her roommates is down in the living room; Danny and Baez go to question Gavin. He admits he had no clue who she was with but it wasn’t uncommon for them to party hard with drugs in their crowd, revealing they are artists, but he definitely didn’t think she would take it to this level.

PC Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) shares a drink with Lenny (Treat Williams) but is awfully suspicious about why he is back when he doesn’t act his usual self. He reveals he is there about a man who spent 20 years in prison and it could lead to an expose that will expose some of the nasty little secrets the New York Police Department has been hiding; including how when Lenny was an officer, he turned his head the other way and let the scumbags run with the drugs. Lenny confesses that he did give them his side of the story, but all of it is true and he simply wanted to give Frank a head’s up in order to get ahead of it.

Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy) and Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) sit with Frank, saying this could be a last ditch effort to destroy Lenny and although it’s reached the statute of limitations, it wills till tank his view in the eyes of the public. Frank learns Jeremy Green is writing the story and Frank wants to simply speak to him. He always knew that one day something would catch up to Lenny, but he never says this coming. He orders them to go over every file that involved Lenny.

Danny and Baez meet with the victim’s mother, who feels that she probably got the bad gene of drug use from her. She reveals that Julie just hit her big break as she sold some of her work, but isn’t sure who she sold it to other than someone who was very high profile. The ME (Leigh Ann Larkin) arrives, revealing there was cocaine and also fentanyl in Julie’s system; this wasn’t a normal speedball as there was enough fentanyl in it to kill an entire block, meaning it was meant to kill whoever was taking it.

Erin and Anthony Abetemarco (Steven Schirripa) meet with Dr. Peterson’s ex-wife, who felt he was a narcissist. She believes he only came to experiment on their daughter and the other doctor had no idea what David was doing. She refuses to stand by and watch as he was doing it, but that is between him and God. She knows 100% that it was David who killed their daughter and she wants them to punish him to the fullest extent of the law.

Eddie finds Jamie Reagan (Will Estes), revealing her most recent collar seemed to know a lot about what is happening in their precinct. He doesn’t think it is possible but she feels it is something they need to look into. He doesn’t want to have it out there that he is investigating his squad, but Eddie calls him out on his stance. He says he is going to leave this with the IAB, just like they are supposed to.

Baez and Danny come to Danielle’s art gallery, where her assistant says there is no way she overdosed on her own. Sure, she was a partier who occasionally used cocaine but she reveals with all of Danielle’s friends, she could have purchased it from anyone. She feels she is going to lose her job if she exposes who the buyer was; but when Danny reminds her that they are pretty powerful people too; she breaks, saying the buyer’s name is Milton Vance (Edward Hibbert). Apparently, now that Danielle is dead the value of her work went from a few hundred thousand to a fortune.

Garrett sits with Frank as they meet with JB, who hopes this meeting is in good faith. JB says they can read everything he said about Lenny when the piece is released next week. Frank simply wants to make sure he isn’t just taking the word of a convicted felon; but he assures him that he has a confession from Lenny, who confirmed everything that was said; including tipping off raids, arranging transport; something only the narcotic squad would know. Lenny voluntarily confessed, surprised it took someone that long to ask.

Erin and Anthony come to see the ME, who admits she is behind on the Sarah Peterson results because Danny has her running all over the city for him. She reveals that it is taking longer to get the results because the original cause of deal is a complication from taking too many medications resulting in heart attack, but it really is about the accolate – someone poisoned her and knew how to make sure it stays undetected in tox screens.

Danny and Baez look at Danielle’s art when they are finally called up to see Milton Vance. He feels it is tragic that Stephanie is dead, feeling it is absurd that he would kill an artist to increase the value of their work. They want to know who informed him to check out Danielle’s works as it seems to be a slumming area even for him. The person who turned him onto the art was someone by the name of “Slinger.”

Eddie talks to Maya about her brother, who wants to join a basketball team, but it will cost her over $4000.00 and she simply can’t afford it; but when Eddie suggests they raise money in the precinct, Maya insists she isn’t a charity case. She asks Eddie to forget she said anything; their conversation is interrupted when they are called into a possible armed robbery in the area.

Eddie and Maya go into the trashed apartment, and it looks like a drug spot to them. Eddie goes to check the back when Maya sees a bag full of money, pocketing. Unfortunately, it is a sting operation to weed out the bad cops and they have it on video that Maya is stealing the money; something Jamie isn’t pleased about.

Jamie talks to his boss, who tells him he cannot reveal anything to Maya’s partner, Eddie; wanting her to keep her eyes out, but he is told they cannot risk having Maya tipped off. He orders Jamie to remain mum so he doesn’t regret bringing him into it. Eddie finds Jamie leaving the office, wondering what is going on since he was supposed to be working on the desk. Jamie abruptly and rudely leaves her side to get back to his office.

Erin and Anthony return to their meeting room with David, confronting him about how his daughter was poisoned, resulting in cardiac arrest. He openly admits that he did it and Erin says now it is murder, no longer manslaughter. He feels what he did was right, even though it was legal. He reminds her that he never gave up, he fought every day to keep her alive but it was Sarah who begged him to end it. He reveals in all his years of medicine, he never saw someone suffer like that. David says Elena is the one who gave up and walked away; shocked that Erin told him Elena is the one who wants him locked up. He is willing to accept whatever punishment she gives him as nothing will compare to the agony he feels.

Frank sits with Lenny, asking again why he is in New York, questioning on whether he is simply back to make his last rounds before the story comes out. Lenny feels Frank is giving him too much credit, but Frank begs to differ. He says everyone, including him, will believe the story is true; explaining how JB said Lenny confessed to everything in the story. Frank produces a newspaper article, along with at least another dozen more where there are some serious discrepancies in his story. Lenny begs for him to let this go before he walks out.

Baez and Danny bring in Gavin, revealing they know the drugs given to Danielle were poisoned and they also know that the sale of Danielle’s artwork was commissioned by him. He knows that whoever has the artwork has the opportunity to make a ton of money now. Gavin brings up Caroline, who is supposedly struggling to get by; the same assistant they met at the gallery who admitted she was parting with Danielle the night she died. Danny makes fun Danielle’s art, which Gavin says those were his ideas. Danny begins to piece it together when Gavin reveals that the cocaine was laced with fentanyl; Danny tells him he is definitely going to need a lawyer for the rest of this interview.

At Precinct 29, during roll call, Maya Thomas is called forward to present her firearm for inspection; once Jamie has it in hand, IAB arrests her for grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property for stealing cash. Jamie reveals to the rest of the squad that there was a warrant to search her home earlier today where they found the marked bills inside her place. Eddie is devastated that Jamie would do this; he continues to say that Maya was a stain on this department and anyone else caught breaking the law, without fail nor exception will face dire consequences.

Eddie confronts Jamie who says that it was IAB investigating and he couldn’t reveal anything to her. He says he couldn’t risk her tipping her off, even accidentally. Eddie is furious, feeling he doesn’t trust her but he reminds they agreed to keep state and church separate. He apologizes as Eddie explains how she offered to help her. He says she did the right thing by capturing a dirty cop in the precinct.

Anthony meets with Dr. David Peterson when his wife Elena arrives with Erin. She feels they need to discuss the next form of action together. Erin suggests they are probably more angry at the world than with each other as David says he tried everything he could to help their daughter; she reminds him that murdering her was not mercy. He reveals at their daughter begged her to kill her and he isn’t asking for forgiveness as this was the most horrible moment of his life and was glad she didn’t need to see it. Erin asks Elena if she truly wants her daughter’s father to be locked up for the rest of her life. Elena says that her daughter was too kind of a soul to want that; she cannot forgive him, but God does believe in mercy. Erin says she will be recommending manslaughter and probation to the judge; with no jail time.

NYPD escort Lenny to meet Frank for coffee and breakfast. Lenny feels that Frank is better off staying in the dark when it comes to his stories from his Narc days. Frank says he knows him and is certain he was not a dirty cop. Frank feels he isn’t blind when it comes to Lenny as Lenny says he was close to the family as well as Frank and it was tough when Susan was left alone to raise the boys alone. He knows it was wrong and that is why he ended it and moved to Florida.

When the reporter approached him, he couldn’t rat out Mike and had to protect Susan and the boys. He suggests Frank can remove the sign and isn’t a fallen hero but just another dirty cop, but he knows Frank won’t do it regardless of the truth. He knows the press is going to hound him and Lenny will probably lose his pension. Frank orders him he cannot come around anymore, but Lenny knows all of this and walks away saying he will see “Frankie” around. Frank responds by saying, “Not if I see you first!”

The Reagan family dinner is nice as Erin says it is nice to have this all the time; everyone feels she cannot say she is grateful just because. She explains her case that made her realize how strong her family stayed, in spite of all the losses they endured; everyone feels it is a great idea and they all feel the same way, even if they don’t always say it.

Eddie reveals the loss of her partner; Nicky feels it was harsh for him to do it during roll call but Frank calls it “necessary roughness” and Jamie did the exactly right thing. Eddie feels she could have done something, but Jamie says it is not on her. Frank says ratting out a dirty cop is not being a rat, it is protecting the other 35,000 officers. Pops says the only rule is never ratting out another Reagan. They all nod as they confirm their family tradition.


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