Blue Bloods Recap 05/03/19: Season 9 Episode 21 “Identity”

Blue Bloods Recap 05/03/19: Season 9 Episode 21 "Identity"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama starring Tom Selleck Blue Bloods airs an all-new Friday, May 3, 2019, episode and we have your Blue Bloods recap below. On tonight’s Blue Blood Season 9 episode 21 “Identity” as per the CBS synopsis, “DNA evidence in a murder case leads Danny and Baez to identical twins with identical alibis. Also, Frank learns Nicky is interviewing for a job at the Justice Coalition, and Jamie visits Eddie’s father, Armin, in prison.”

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Blue Bloods begins tonight with Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) walking to a dead body scene, as Baez suggests Danny needs a vacation. They are brought up to speed on what NYPD knows about the victim, whose name is Jessica King, aged 29. There are no scratches nor signs of a struggle but she is laying among her art supplies with a screwdriver sticking out of her chest.

Meanwhile, Henry Reagan (Len Cariou) is attempting to fix the sink trap when Sean Reagan (Andrew Terraciano) walks in. Pops asks him to see if there is a package on the porch, a graduation present for Nicky Reagan-Boyle (Sami Gayle). Sean hands Pop his phone, asking him to help him up when he gets a notification that the package is being delivered but when they go outside it is gone; Sean suggesting it was a “porch pirate” and it was stolen.

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) receives a call from Eddie Janko’s (Vanessa Ray) father, Armin Janko (William Sadler) who is in prison. He needs to talk to Jamie, but not over the phone; Jamie agrees to come to see him, but he doesn’t want Eddie to know until Jamie hears him out.

Police Commissioner, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) is in his office with Garret Moore (Gregory Jbara) and Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy); neither one of them can imagine what Frank is thinking here. Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) arrives, saying this is his last chance to walk this back; Frank refuses and Professor Corey Vallejo (Juani Feliz) walks in.

They are looking at five alleged incidences of NYPD officers assaulting illegal immigrants, but she feels there could be more. She is claiming the exact same pattern in each assault. She claims to have no agenda here, even though she had falsely accused them of things before. She feels the only “known, unknown” is which cop is doing it. Frank wonders if all the crimes committed in this city, done by cops. Sid reminds her that anonymous accusations are difficult to investigate and prosecute. She produces names, addresses and phone numbers with Frank assuring her they will investigate it thoroughly. Before she leaves, she says his granddaughter Nicky is a lovely young woman who has applied at the Justice Coalition Board; something Frank did not know. Frank wonders why she is letting him know that.

Baez and Danny meet with someone who knew Jessica, as a painter and has her artwork hanging on their walls. He reveals she left when he was locking up so she could go paint the sunset, suddenly realizing he saw a man cycle into the park, someone they call “Central Perv.” Danny and Baez are forced to run after the man on the bike when he attempts to flee. Danny is able to tackle him down and arrest him.

Henry is on the phone, learning they guy definitely dropped off the box as Sean feels it was a scumbag and crook who stole the box. Sean suggests he asks the neighbors to see if they have surveillance, like a doorbell camera.

Danny and Baez interrogate Anderson Hardy, who claims his innocence saying he was simply riding through the park, minding his own business. He insists he wasn’t armed as he is a peaceful person, but Danny produces a knife, baton, and screwdriver he carries in his backpack. He claims to have them to defend himself against people who hate on him for being homeless. He says Jessica didn’t hate him, she was a nice but it was the other guy; someone Jessica was talking to. He can’t describe him because being homeless taught him to never stare at someone too long.

Baez is given a file, learning there were no prints on the screwdriver, but there were skin cells with the DNA and it doesn’t belong to the Central Perv but rather a man named Steve Rhodes (Matthew Dennis Lewis) who was collared 3 years earlier on a DUI; both frustrated that their guy is not the guy.

Jamie arrives at the prison, shaking hands with Armin, who wants to be able to walk his daughter down the aisle and he came to Jamie because he is higher up the ladder than Eddie. He reveals that Eddie really wants him to do this, as she has said so in her letters. He claims that there is a stack of letters in his cell from the moment they got engaged. He admits that Eddie comes to him for advice as Jamie would go to his own father. Armin asks if for one day they can set their differences aside and celebrate their day as a family.

Danny and Baez find Steven Rhodes at a building that is being renovated; saying they have questions about the murder of Jessica King and more precisely, how as his DNA on the murder weapon. Suddenly his twin brother, Seth walks in; surprising the detectives as they are identical and would have identical DNA; both insist they were together last night.

Danny sits with Steven in one interrogation room, while Baez questions Seth. Steven says he and Jessica always had a lot of fun and he met her when she was hosting a drink and paint night at a bar. Steven suggests they ask any of his exes as he was a good boyfriend. Baez asks Seth, why one of them was seen with Jessica in Central Park last night if Steven broke up with her a month ago? Seth is positive they have it wrong because he and Steven were in Jersey. He suggests it could have been one of their workers. Danny wonders if there is any differences between Steven and Seth while Baez implies that Steven says such harsh things and that is why he is the face of the company and pretty much no one knows about Seth. They don’t want lawyers because they have each other.

Baez and Danny meet in the squad room, comparing notes. Danny thinks he can make his suspect a little meaner, but Baez feels that Seth is a bit shier. Danny says they need to find out if one or both of them are playing them and if so, which one.

Henry goes to his neighbor, Donna Duvall (Erika Slezak) wanting to know if her security camera caught the person running away with his stuff. She has 4 cameras, going back to the footage they find it is a girl named Alexis and she is Donna’s granddaughter and an addict. Henry apologizes but Donna can guarantee whatever is in that box was already sold for drugs. She admits Alexis was living with her until a month ago when she confronted her for stealing and lying; Alexis slapped her and took off, now living on the streets. She tells Henry if he isn’t going to report this, she will because her granddaughter belongs in jail; begging him to press charges.

Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) gives the “marching orders” to her staff before leaving the room and Danny tracking her down. He explains his situation with identical twins; she feels it’s amazing that he came to her with something solid. He needs help with subpoenas with Erin telling him this better give him something, or she isn’t sure her office could proceed with the case. She wants to know how a jury is going to decide which twin did it when their DNA is identical and any smart attorney would play it that way in court. Jamie joins them, saying he needs both of their help. He wants to get Eddie’s dad out of prison so he can come to the wedding. Danny says Jamie is a much better man than he is, wondering if they can help out. Jamie admits that he hasn’t told Eddie about this before he knows he can pull this off. Erin says it is not a very smart way to start off a marriage; suggesting he tells Eddie immediately. Danny tells him to run and not walk!

Abigail comes into Frank’s office with Nicky coming in to see him. He congratulates her, something she thought he was saying about her graduation. After a pause, Nicky figures out that Frank knows as he is the PC and hears things. Nicky said they called this morning and she is heading to her mom’s office next. Nicky defends her actions, implying the NYPD doesn’t have a spotless record hoping that when she works with Corey she can show that the NYPD, even with its flaws, is more of a friend than a foe. Frank feels that is a tall order and she can only do what she can do; thinking that Corey would use her as a spy. Frank reminds her that Corey is very smart with a very specific agenda; Nicky asks him to keep his eyes open.

Eddie is giving advice to one of her fellow officers when Jamie pulls her aside, saying her father reached out to him and he went to see Armin in prison. He reveals that he wants to get a furlough so he can walk her down the aisle. Eddie admits she has never written her dad; Jamie says he didn’t buy into the lie. Eddie feels it is always a scam when it comes to her dad; Jamie feels he is genuine and put the wheels in motion for him to be there; thinking that his whole family will be there, maybe hers could be too.

Danny know they are twins and they stick together, but this is nuts. The two live together, work together and even have joint bank accounts; GPS says they were both at the office when the murder happened; neither car traveling from Jersey to Central Park. Danny says he appreciates their apparent loyalty to one another but doesn’t admire them. Baez reveals she never covered for her brother, Javi when he broke the law, causing Danny to wonder if he would. He’d like to say he knows, but sometimes they do things with a family that doesn’t always make sense; the only thing that makes sense is they are screwed.

Baez spots that Seth had 3 hour long conversations with Jessica in the week leading up to the murder; making them both curious since Jessica was dating his brother, Steven. They are back to square one since the only girl who can tell them anything about the twins is too dead to tell them anything. Danny thinks there might have been someone else just like Steve told him.

Henry returns to Donna’s place, where Alexis is in the back of a squad car after she was caught stealing other packages a couple of miles from there. She was arrested, but Henry put a card on her, asking Donna if she wants to talk to her. Henry spoke to Alexis, who knows she did wrong; but Janice claims to know an addict will do whatever they can to squirm free and feels she is conning Henry. Henry got the truth from Alexis on where she pawned the necklace, suggesting she wants to change. He made calls and found the best rehab center somewhere is Brooklyn and if she runs away, they will go after her. Henry waves for Alexis to come to the house and Donna walks towards her, hugging her while Alexis cries.

Eddie is looking through photo albums when Jamie comes home; thinking she could do a digital slide show so everyone can see the two families united. She found a photo of a young Jamie with his father and mother when he graduated. Eddie feels his mom would have been so proud of him, but he says she would have loved Eddie too. Eddie shows him the photos from her mother, a bunch of her and Armin; showing better days. Her mom thinks it is a good idea for her dad to come to the wedding, feeling maybe it is time to make some new memories.

Henry proposes a toast to Nicky’s graduation at the family dinner; quoting Teddy Roosevelt, altering the pronouns to fit the modern times. Nicky thanks him for the beautiful necklace, Sean piping in that he helped too. Sean reveals when he graduates high school he doesn’t want a necklace but rather just a car; Danny mocks him, saying IF he graduates. Eddie asks about job prospects, everyone goes silent. Nicky says she has one, as Erin tells everyone she would have had a lot more if she asked any one of them for help. Nicky doesn’t think it is wrong for her wanting to stand on her own two feet. Everyone takes a deep breath when Erin reveals the job is for the Justice Coalition. Henry reminds her that Corey tried to frame her own grandfather with a fake hit n’ run job.

Henry asks Frank if he thinks this is a good idea, but he says he sees Nicky and sees the same person who is always sitting there because for two decades around this table she stood up to all of them; giving as good as she has gotten. He says he is extremely proud, telling her to go forth and set the world on fire.

Later that night, Nicky sits with Frank, thanking him for today but she is a little worried because she doesn’t know why Corey would have told Frank about this in the first place. Frank doesn’t buy the olive branch because he believes Corey is working an angle he hasn’t figured out yet. He tells her the advice his Pops told him, “a good person pays back favors but a smart one pays them forward!” He questions her about the chit chat during their interview, Nicky saying they spoke about their respective families.

Eddie and Jamie return to the prison together to see her dad, Armin. Eddie asks him in person if he wants to come to their wedding. Jamie says it is just 12 hours, there and back as Eddie says this is her wedding and even the Jankos should be able to pull this off. He tells Eddie he doesn’t deserve this, saying she is his angel always looking out for him. Eddie’s face grows solemn as she asks him to repeat what he just said. Eddie pulls back saying they made a mistake because the only time he calls her an “angel” is when he needed help squirming out of a scam. She remembers when she would swear to the cops, lying about alibis or when he was having an affair. She wants to know the con this time, wondering if he is planning to make a break for it when he gets out; Eddie walks away with Jamie right behind her.

A model talks to Baez and Danny, saying they had a great time until the last time when he was gentler and a different guy. They reveal that Steve as a twin brother, shocking her that she slept with Steve’s twin brother. She reveals it ended when Steve ghosted her, so it surprised her when he showed up to borrow her car, saying his was in the shop and needed to talk to someone who was trying to ruin his life. She is sure it was Steve because when they kissed, everything lit up again.

Donna pats Alexis’ hair, sobbing as the ME takes away her body. Henry watches Donna as the whole neighborhood watching. Donna says Alexis was really excited and wanted to get clean but when she came to get her this morning, she OD’d. Henry feels he screwed up because if she went to jail like Donna wanted, she would never have gotten those drugs. Donna says he helped her have even for one minute, that little girl back. Henry tells her that they now go on with God’s help, and his if she wants. She thinks it is nice to have neighbors she can count on.

Corey sits with Frank in his PC office, who gives her a file on who committed all the assaults. He says she can schedule the press conference but he won’t be attending because he wasn’t a cop, never was; the badge and ID were fake. She should tell the press so they know this man is off the street and she definitely deserves the credit for lighting the fire. She thanks him as he thanks her for hiring Nicky because she will make a great addition to her Coalition, just like Carlos, her brother will in the NYPD. He reminds her that he is the “string”, saying they should just call this insurance.

The Rhodes twins are working when Danny and Baez order everyone out of the room. They threaten to call their lawyer, but Danny tells them that is a good idea and they should tell the lawyer they have photos of them driving Carla’s car through a tollbooth; there are several other women willing to testify how they swapped each other’s place. Steve orders Seth to shut up, after they badger Seth, saying Steve couldn’t handle that someone would choose Seth over him; so he killed Jessica and made him cover for him as nothing will come between them. Danny says they are going to make sure they serve time in different states, but the brothers say “Come Hell or High Water!” When Danny tells them to turn around, the brothers shoot each other.